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My friend purchased items from the CC of the guy she's in contact with. Is she in great danger? Please help

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 2:50 am
by Merabanlos
Hi guys . I am posting this in behalf of my best friend. Thank you for taking your time to read our concern .

Back Story . My friend joined Christian Mingle dating site a couple of months ago , then one of the members messaged him that his friend saw my friend's profile and interested to be in contact with her , and gave him his email address. My friend emailed him , & that's where the correspondences started ( He, according to my friend sent long sweet messages) .

The subject goes by the name Brandon Wenzel , a widow with 1 teenage son , he owns a company (oil rig) , always traveling overseas. Early this January, he said he will be on Mexico for a contract job . A week later , he messaged my friend that he had a problem and that he had no one to trust with, except my friend. To make the story short . He was able to convinced my friend to do 2 purchases ( a $56,000 & a $15,000 worth of machines to be delivered to Mexico, where he said he's at the moment) My friend used his card with 7 figures on it. When my friend told me about this , I right away told her that he is a scammer ( or whatever politically correct word I can attach to his identity) .

Is my friend in great danger ? She would like to know the IP address of the guy but we both aren't tech savvy 😐 , maybe someone here can guide her on what to do, that would be gold .

His email address is
Phone # +1(805)3211303
She has the copy of the CC she used to purchase online which we can post here when needed, but for now , I'll just post his pics

Thank you so much

Kind Regards ,



Re: My friend purchased items from the CC of the guy she's in contact with. Is she in great danger? Please help

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:17 am
by Igulinka
Hi Merabanlos

Thank you for your concern. Actually I believe your friend got caught in big troubles. Scammers use her as a mule which in light of low is a crime and if convicted my face years in prison. She purchased merchandises using stolen credit cards and unfortunately had to register herself to the websites where she purchased those with her address, phone number, email address. I believe a receiver in Mexico is another victim, which most likely is promised to keep a few things and reship rest to West Africa. That's how scam works. Soon FBI may knock on the door as the victims most likely notified the cc fraud dept. about cards being lost of stolen. I am surprise that she was able to spent so much money without bank's interfering in such a high volume of spending.

Online criminal groups have gone to great lengths to recruit mules in recent years. Social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have all been used to recruit individuals willing to let their bank account be used to receive a transfer from an illegal account, then forward it along. In turn, the FBI has said that it was going to be stepping up efforts to crack down on money mules.
Alternatively the ‘mule’ may be asked to receive goods, purchased online through fraudulently obtained funds, and requested to forward these on to an overseas address. A promised payment may sometimes be arranged, however in most romance scam related cases, promises of a new life together often substitute any monetary gain for the victim.
Have you met someone online that has asked you to receive funds or goods on their behalf? Quite simply, this is money laundering and any individual assisting these criminals can be prosecuted and have their whole bank account frozen. A conviction for an offence of money laundering may carry a penalty of up to 20 years imprisonment.
If you have received money in your bank account, or have received and/or forwarded goods under these circumstances, please immediately report the incident to your bank and your local police station.
· For more information about reshipping
and other fraud, visit our website at (Safe Link)

Re: My friend purchased items from the CC of the guy she's in contact with. Is she in great danger? Please help

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:06 am
by Merabanlos
Hi Igulinka, Thank you for taking your time to respond, greatly appreciated.

I knew a few who got jailed due to receiving money ( scumbags let them open a bank account and transfer the funds ) and heard some , left with nothing after scammers dry their bank accounts. I really feel sorry for their naivety . That 2 I know very well from reading here , but what my friend is dealing right now is something "new" to me

Over 9 years ago, I was here "loitering " , reading posts after posts as I reckon ,it was the peak of love scam. Now I am back because of my friend .

If what you've telling me is true, that's very scary . I kept asking her, if he still sending emails,she said , last was on Saturday but she didn't reply him back .

Do you know how to track the IP address? As I think the result will prove my point to my friend.

Thank you


Re: My friend purchased items from the CC of the guy she's in contact with. Is she in great danger? Please help

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:16 am
by Igulinka
You cannot track email send by Gmail host. They all come with same IP which is a Headquarters. Only law enforcement can do it. You can post the address where she sent merchandise if you can, it could save other people. Unfortunately I don't know how to help your friend. If she became an accomplice that may be a hard to overwhelm without investigation from FBI.