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Lost all my money to a scam

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Lost all my money to a scam

Postby Sfalconer2001 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 1:15 am

I am new as I have just recently been cleaned out and I have taken on debt thanks to my scammer. I have filed reports with local pd the ftc and the fbi. I am looking at bankruptcy and I am emotionally destroyed. Any advice would be appriecated.

Lost all my money to a scam


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Re: Lost all my money to a scam

Postby Igulinka » Fri Aug 31, 2018 1:28 am

We are very sorry for the scam :( Unfortunately there is not much you can do besides filing report with FBI and deducting a portion of your loss from tax return if you are American citizen.
Please know we all here went through this terrible ordeal and we know how it feels. It takes time to heal and you will be in better place too. Contact your bank's fraud dept and ask about lowering your rates due to the crime committed against you.
First of all you must take control over in your hands and BLOCK and IGNORE scammer from further fraud.

Please kindly post all info you can such: fake profile, email address, phone numbers, stolen photos, money request info, bank transfers etc.

Please BLOCK scammers, they for sure will come for more. Be very careful whom you trust online.
Confronting the scammer is WRONG!!! DON'T enlighten criminals with your wisdom. REPORT & BLOCK.
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Re: Lost all my money to a scam

Postby Julia2016 » Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:17 am

Hi Sfalconer2001,
I’m also very, very sorry that it happened to you. The most important thing for you to do now is to technically cut these scumbags off. If possible, change your e-mail, phone, bank account, etc. I was scammed two years ago and you won’t believe me if I wrote you what these African rats are still doing to contact me. The only way to win against these parasites is not to respond.
Don’t try to figure out how they can be emotionally okay with themselves knowing that they destroy the life of innocent people. These rats have no brain, they are emotionally empty. Period.
For a very long time I was beating myself and it was no good. I went through some stages of my healing like depression, anger. One day, looking in the mirror, I just started saying to myself loudly that “okay, I made mistake but I can make it”. I did it every day for some months and do it until today whenever I have a flashback. It took me some time, but eventually I succeeded. It was not easy but every day I gave myself a goal (I started from a very tiny one) to be achieved no matter what. And it worked. We can heal a wound only if we stop touching it, right? Do every day as much as you can, keep your thoughts busy with the presence but not with what happened to you. Since unfortunately we don’t have a delete button to remove our memories, try to focus on the lesson because if you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. S*** happens every day to everyone so you need to learn how to respond it, therefore try to challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what happened to you … just start.
Reading all the sections here like the Victim Support, the Healing Process, etc. helped me a lot because I found there answers to my questions. I also started educating myself from reading these sections to ensure that nobody will ever scam me. People here are very helpful because they were there themselves so everyone here will understand you … just post your issues here and somebody will reply.
Take care.

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