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How are romance scammers able to know so much about true love in order to fake it?

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How are romance scammers able to know so much about true love in order to fake it?

Postby LisaT » Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:41 am

Does anyone know how these romance scammers are able to so convincingly FAKE true love when they are sociopaths?

For instance, how would they know what to say, how to act, and what true love feels like, looks like, etc. in order to fake it?

I find this very perplexing and baffling and my mind has been screaming at me for answers for such a strange and awful experience.

How are romance scammers able to know so much about true love in order to fake it?


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Re: How are romance scammers able to know so much about true love in order to fake it?

Postby FrumpyBB » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:30 am

I know it is and decent people can not understand it - scammers are experts in lying and exploring their targets´ interests and feelings. I think they are just...well-practised. This IS disgusting but this is the only way I could imagine how they do it, in their twisted money-orientated minds. :(
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Re: How are romance scammers able to know so much about true love in order to fake it?

Postby Julia2016 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:48 pm

I also think that it is just a matter of practice. They know nothing about love or any human feelings, they don't even pretend to feel anything because they are empty, deprived of ANY emotions. They go by scripts (love letters, wordpress, etc.) available on the Internet. Their technique is "copy and paste". Mine was also using such script which I found on the Internet when I was doing my own investigation. If you still have any of your conversations accessible somewhere, you can check it by yourself. Just type in Google his favourite expressions or any part of his love sentence and you will see the place they took it from. They use also expressions which suit to many situations. It’s like drawing up speeches for any occasion using only one basic glossary. If they don’t know how to reply (meaning cannot find a suitable answer in their script), they tell you BRB or “I’ve just got some work”, etc. and consult their leader. They work in groups on shifts. Most probably you were talking to at least two scammers. The first one or the second one is usually the most skilful one – he is the leader who has only practice and long experience, but knows nothing about any human feelings .... like each and every sociopath.

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Re: How are romance scammers able to know so much about true love in order to fake it?

Postby mariko » Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:29 pm

The scammers use psychological approaches to let the victims believe that the scammers love him/her.

The copy and paste love poems and love letters will input the victims that they are being loved.

They use gaslighting to let the victims rely on the scammers. They say something that contradict from what they say before. This could be intentional occurrence or could be by accident that the shift member do not give details to their peer scammers.

The methods of mind controls are being used. No skill for true love is really needed, I think.

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Re: How are romance scammers able to know so much about true love in order to fake it?

Postby Pinky » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:13 pm

This is an interesting question, I think I have an answer for based on many years of experience with the love rats.

The simple and direct answer is, they're human. They do have feelings, like any human. That said, there are people of any race, gender, religion or nationality, that don't have feelings of love and compassion. They are called sociopaths. And there are a few scammers that are true sociopaths. But I believe they are few.

A sociopath is often intelligent and skilled at manipulating the emotions of others. The sociopath considers those feelings as weaknesses and probably even resents their victims for having them. This makes it easy for the sociopath to enjoy the pain and harm they bring to their victims. It makes them feel powerful.

Keep in mind however, true sociopaths are rare. Over my many years of scam baiting, I outed several scammers and got to know them very well on a personal level, through email, chat and Skype. I never met a true sociopathic scammer.

I met several young men who were insecure and usually struggling financially and wanting love, respect and fast easy money. They were all being manipulated and taught to scam by gang leaders who were probably the true sociopaths.

I believe I may have had some contact with actual sociopaths on rare occasions, but they were impervious to my attempts to reason with and manipulate them into revealing themselves. I was only able to communicate with their worker bees with consciences.

All scammers are trained. Some have more skills than others. The sociopath gang leaders organize them as a team with different responsibilities at each stage of the scam. There's are some independents but most are teams. They have scripts to follow. But having the capability to feel love themselves, gives them insight to human emotions that allows them to better manipulate their victim's emotions.

They bury their compassion under resentment for those they perceive as wealthy oppressors. There is rampant prejudice for people of other races and religions, too. Most justify their behaviors by telling themselves that their victims deserve what they get.

I have managed to turn the tables on several scammers over the years and I have seen them beaten, robbed and thrown out from their gang. I have been able to reverse scam a few into following my instructions as I lied to them and sent them on trips far away from their homes, with their intentions to meet me. On most of these scam baits, my own conscience bothered me so badly that I had to retire my baiting persona and dump the former scammer flat.

Only one scammer I baited, was close to being a sociopath (but not quite or I never would have been able to manipulate him in the first place). Him I sent on a safari, making him rent a hotel room and wait for me with champagne, chocolates and condoms. When I didn't show up I got him to appear naked on Skype where I recorded our final conversation of me mocking him for being so stupid and berating him for being a bad scammer. I did not feel good about me judging and punishing him and I never did that again, even though I consoled myself by reminding myself he stole $5,000 from someone I still consider a dear friend to this day. What I did was revenge and revenge does not feel good to me. I have a conscience.
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