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86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

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86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby FrumpyBB » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:38 pm

English summary

Hula-Girl is from Germany and she has written a scam-journal, during the scam and on her way out, that includes her work with a local TV magazine talking about the scam experience (WISO on ZDF from Oct. 2013).

So, it is from day 1 of her scam over to finding out on RS and her own baiting of other scammers as a consequence and her recovery scam "flashback" this spring til working with the WISO magazin people on getting the story out on a Central European TV station in autumn 2013. Writing a diary-like book about the scam was the idea of a journalist from the WISO magazine; Hula-Girl has then worked it over during the Christmas holidays and now considers it finished (if such a book is ever "finished")
The bad news is that it is not in English.... ;)

That´s why I have read it over this weekend and tried a summary, which is necessarily bent by my own perspective on this, I hope Hula-Girl will join in a bit and clarify the bits that I tend to overlook.

In a nutshell, the actual scam was a military scam: Fake US military met on Friendscout24, demanding money for himself and later for a trunk box. Fake Ghana police were involved and later the scammer "confessed" and showed his black mug on cam, all was posted in the relevant section in Military Scams over a year ago, thankfully.

Now the impressions that I got. The outstanding thing IMO is that Hula-Girl has a great ability to express herself in writing when all was still "live". It is full with reflections and anger and sadness and hope and also shows that despite many flashbacks, life goes on and the scam ultimately ends but it takes long and it is hard work :(

Her journal proves a few thoughts that I have always been having, both good and bad and very "foreseeable", assuming I can take her story as a "typcial" military scam that happens thousands of times every day:

- victims look for the man in the pictures like mad. skimming other dating sites´ picture galleries and even registering there just to find out. I wish this were different...
- victims do not ignore their scammer. When they block them on Skype, they still read their mails or answer the "hotel manager". Much heartbreak that followed after the scam could have been prevented if...
- victims cry while reading through the healing process topic because they recognize themselves by 90%
- they also cry during their first post - that´s why it is so hard squeezing info and facts out off them, NOT because they are indifferent. I totally underestimated that.
- victims "naturally" carry on with online dating and get to know and meet new people besides, which may help them out a bit easier, or not. Hula-Girl has not at all lost her faith in people and never generalizes the scam experience and she continues being interested in meeting new people.
- vcitims who have friends, colleagues and grown up kids right after they realize the scam are LUCKY. Wish the doctor could prescribe friends who understand.

She has written this very well. Very graphic and almost "live", the other side of the forum posts and PMs, how they perceive what they or we, for them, have found here and what we reply to them. All short and easy sentences and her anger comes through every page. It´s many swear words actually but it´s "authentic".

She writes a lot about the real men she met for dinner or for going out over friendscout and on the same level still talks about her scammer, as if he had been real and someone to meet. A typical passage is " yesterday I went out with X. (a local man) but i still think of Y. (mugu), he is the man of my dreams and I want him so much".

Sometimes the diary gets pretty graphic. Four-letterwords etc. She was really very angry. And there are many flashbacks when suddenly everything comes back again after months, unfortunately. The sentences get very short and staccato when she writes in an angry state.

She has written everything to RS, the Canadian anti fraud center and the fbi and only one of them has ever replied.

The good thing is, she continues to use the internet what it was meant for (not giving up hope) and she reports all obvious mugus who contacted her on RS. But she still talks to her old mugu, adds him on Skype again etc. after months. I always get the shiveries at these points :( because they are usually the start of a flashback and suddenly, the old dreams and feeling of betrayal are back again.

I guess I have understimated that in the victims´ minds, "X" is the scammer but the "hotel manager" and the "Ghana police" and other obvious associates are not - so they are not ignored, no matter how often I say "ignore the scammer", because for them they are not the scammer = the message writer. :disagree: :sigh:

This mindset makes much more sense to me now after having read Hula-Girl´s long scam diary.

Her motivation for writing all down in a journal is, I think, because the time spent with chatting with him must be filled. Many have reported this in Support+Advice, that they are missing the chat time and the (fake) attention.

The RPO search and dreams about RPO are a recurring subject even after more than half a year. Almost daily journal entries and the RPO is mentioned almost on every page. For me, a proof of the routine how well the scammer and his pals have exectued the scam :( Also how good he is after switching the storyline from military scam (busted) to poor black boy with money needs who wishes to marry into a Western country.

Only very very gradually, meeting real men in her town becomes more important to her. In the latter dozen of pages, this is about 80% what she writes about. A real progress and a good sign IMO. She has always stayed open to getting to know new people and never generalizes the scam towards something like "All Africa scams!"

And progress in other RL matters (job, son´s degree etc, perspectives) helped her a lot, too. Plus, she takes lots of care for her appearance and sports so many people do not believe her real age and she has quite a few younger friends. All these things seem to have helped her self-esteem a lot. [Hula-Girl surely can word this better :D]

The page where she describes the instructions on how to behave during the TV shoot are very good. A great 1 page description on what is important for TV vs. what is important for victims vs. for RS.


- In hindsight, she is irritated that the TV team has left the money pickup boy escape. On TV they showed seconds of footage with pixillated face, she asked the journalist for the original footage, she sent her a DVD but it was just the TV movie again. Now she feels that somehow, the media might have taken advantage of her somewhat, she does not see her as helpful in this but is glad to have done it in order to help raise public awareness a bit and considers everything worth the trouble.

There were a few more interesting aspects but most important to me are her honest description of the long-time effects of the "deceit with stolen pictures" aspect of these love scams, and how much ignoring is ignored :D Well the TV guys are also to blame a lot for that.

Maybe you can add some actual pages of it here in a bit. I understand it is too much to translate 295 pages. Up to you :)
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The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

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86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary



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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby FrumpyBB » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:12 pm

And here is, in her own words, how the TV shooting for the German WISO magazine on ZDF actually went: ... 27#p361427" onclick=";return false;
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

What is all this? => The FAQ

The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby minerva » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:32 pm

nice :) :) :applause: :party:
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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:53 pm

Thanks to frumpy for the summary and for your help and understanding. I am glad you liked my journal.
Her motivation for writing all down in a journal is, I think, because the time spent with chatting with him must be filled. Many have reported this in Support+Advice, that they are missing the chat time and the (fake) attention.

It's right that I was missing the chat time and the (fake) attention. But this was not the only reason I wrote this journal. I started writing, because at the beginning I didn't dare to talk to anybody, much less when I sent the money to the scammer. Writing helped me to see the things clearer, everything was more bearable, my diary didn't judge me for my actions. Only after some time, I started telling 2 or 3 very good friends what happened to me. But by then, writing had become a habit already and I didn't want to stop.
- victims look for the man in the pictures like mad. skimming other dating sites´ picture galleries and even registering there just to find out. I wish this were different...
- victims do not ignore their scammer. When they block them on Skype, they still read their mails or answer the "hotel manager". Much heartbreak that followed after the scam could have been prevented if...
I looked for the man, because he was the love of my life after all, at least thats what I thought. It is almost impossible and very hard work to ignore the scammer. There are too many feelings involved in it. And I don't think it can be done right away. At least I couldn't, even when I knew he was a black guy from Ghana.
She has written everything to RS, the Canadian anti fraud center and the fbi and only one of them has ever replied.
Guess, who replied? :) You wonderful people from And I only can thank you again for helping me during this very difficult time in my life.

More will follow later

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:21 pm

As promised, here is part 1 of my scam diary. I have not changed or corrected the emails from my scammer, so everybody can read the way he wrote. And excuse me for any mistakes I eventually made, but I am German and not a native english speaker :), but I am trying to do my best.

86 % likelihood, Accra, Ghana

Divorce before the Marriage

November 2012

Everything began in October 2012. I had registered myself at, a German dating site, to see if somebody would be out there for me and if I could fall in love again. I don’t know if I would have registered there, if I would have known, what was going to happen.

After I have chatted with some guys, even met one in person, I searched on my dream dates on Oct 28. I found one interesting profile of a man, dressed in a snow suit, sunglasses and a cap. Not much to see.

His motto was: I am really in need of a partner who will be with me forever.

He was a widower with one daughter, living in Zurich, Switzerland.

As he had made me curious about him, I sent him a message. It would have been better, if I would not have done this.

On October 30, I received an answer, that his name is Phillip M. and that his German is not very good. On Oct. 31, I replied in English. I gave him my E-mail address and asked if he could send me some of his pictures without sunglasses, as I wanted to see his eyes. He replied the same day sending me pictures of him and his daughter.

That is, how everything started. And have no idea how it will end.

It turned out pretty quickly that he was not a widower, but divorced, his ex-wife sitting at the moment in prison for drug offenses, his daughter living with his father in Canada, and he stationed at the moment in Afghanistan for the U.S. Army. Of all things Afghanistan, at the moment the worst country in the world for me, where I would never go, under any circumstances.

But he told me soon, he would end his service for the U.S. Army on Dec. 5, 2012 and would be “Civilian” after that.

Up to Nov. 06, we have only exchanged Emails. But what kind of mails! Every day, morning and night, he sent me messages with poems, with declarations of love, which I thought at the beginning as unrealistic, since we didn’t know each other personally and we should get to know each other in person before we can speak of love. But his messages were so beautiful and he had started calling me "Honey", as I now was his great love, and I was looking forward more and more every day to his messages. On Nov. 06, I set up a Skype account so we could chat directly. On that day he told me he wanted to live with me, his daughter Petra and my son together in Munich. I should buy a house for this. I refused to buy a house, since I didn’t had the money. He told me that he could send me some money and I should look for a 4-bedroom-house. I told him, we could do this together after his arrival here. And that evening I told him that I love him, what has made him probably very happy (haha). At that time I was already very much in love with him and so worried that nothing would happen to him in this terrible country. I couldn’t eat anymore, could only think about him the whole time and I was only waiting for my chats with him on Skype. Even dancing, my hobby wasn’t fun for me anymore, as I could only think of him. Of course, we still exchanged mails every day. He always sent me wonderful love poems that would easily win the heart of every woman.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, we had the next longer chat and this day changed everything.

We started chatting already in the afternoon, for several hours. My son had made muffins, for which I didn’t have time then.

That day, Phillip was not very talkative, spoke only of the many soldiers who have died in this terrible country. I asked him what was going on and he told me, I should not tell anyone about this, nobody should know what he wants to tell me now. He informed me that a year ago, he and his boys found a suitcase with a lot of money in a destroyed house of a minister in Kandahar (where the minister and his daughter had died). They took the money and divided it among themselves and kept everything a secret. His share would be for a year now under his bed. I asked how much this was. 1.5 million $. He told me that he wanted to send this money to me. I was shocked. Should I hide this money under my bed, or what I should do with it? Phillip also sent me a picture of the money. He said that he would go on Monday to the UN office, get a suitcase, put the money in there plus gifts for me and my son, then find a Diplomat who would bring me the suitcase to Munich. We continued chatting for some more time, where he assured me his love and I also told him that I love him more than anything and wanted to be with him.

After the chat, my son was angry that I didn’t have time for him and his muffins. He wanted to know what was so important that I had time for nothing else.

(Update on Mar. 03, 2013) I will write down what happened until January 23, when I started to write regularly. As everybody can see in this text, I was convinced at that time to be chatting with the man from the pictures. And I was so much in love, even I had never seen him personally, never talked to him personally, only written on Skype.

Where should I start? Well, I better continue with Saturday, the 10th of November 2012. I asked my son if he could guess with whom I had been chatting on Skype. He told me, with an impostor (how right he was). I told him it was a Canadian who is somewhere in the east at the moment, for a peace keeping mission. After a while, my son guessed Afghanistan, didn’t find anything fraudulent in this, but said he would not be interested in that "random guy" from Afghanistan.

Since, at first, I assumed that everything was true what Phillip told me, I was thinking what to do with the money and how this should work out. I panicked and had nightmares, thinking, that I could not bring the money to the bank just like this. I then wrote Phillip, that I couldn’t take the suitcase with the money. In the evening I had met with my girlfriend and told her everything about it. She also said not to take the money, even though she liked the guy on the pictures. Phillip replied, if I had no confidence in him, he could delete his account and this would not be illegal, bloody money (like I said), but it would be his money and he would deserve it. I begged him not to delete his account (if only I would not have begged him), but to stay with me (which was on Monday night). On Tuesday, the 13th of November, we continued sending emails to each other back and forth. I finally agreed to take the money and store it in a locker until Phillip would come to Munich. I did not want to have the suitcase stored under my bed. Phillip found a Chinese Diplomat, sent me his ID card as proof and this Diplomat should then fly from Kabul via Cairo and Accra in Ghana to Munich. This seemed very strange to me, also because Phillip told me, the Diplomat would be in Munich on November, the 15th and that would have been very fast for such a detour. The next day, the Diplomat called me from Ghana. At first, I asked him unsuspectingly when he would arrive in Munich. But then he told me to send him € 5,000, because the authorities in Ghana would need an Anti-Terrorist-Certificate. I was shocked, told Phillip M. that he had put me in an impossible situation, because I didn’t have the money and what he was thinking about. I told the Diplomat that he should go to the next bank and get the money with his credit card. He would get the money back from Phillip M. who is a General, as Phillip told me. For the next few days, emails went back and forth, the Diplomat repeatedly with incomprehension why I could not send the money; I would be Mrs. M., the wife of a General. After a few days of email-exchange, the Diplomat said that he had € 1,000, which he could spare, I should send the rest, which would be 4.000 €.
I went to my bank and renewed my loan. I received 4.000 € from them, which I tried to send via Western Union to Ghana. They refused. I went to Money Gram, they refused as well. And every time I told Phillip M. that this doesn’t work, he was angry that I would not trust him that I should try to do my best for him, as he couldn’t do it himself, as he was not able to send any money out of Afghanistan.
I then put the money in a parcel, along with a book, and sent the package via UPS to Ghana. I wrote Phillip: “I just kissed my money good bye." No great reply came. Two days later, the money arrived in Ghana. During these 2 days, I had several phone calls with this Diplomat. I thought that everything would be ok now but the Diplomat told me that the Minister of Interior does not want to sign the documents, unless he is receiving another € 2.000. I was so stupid again and tried to raise the money. My friend R. gave me € 1,000 and another friend also 1.000. I took 500 € from my bank account and sent the 2.000 € via Western Union to a different address in Ghana. By then, it was already November, the 28th, 2012. After that, the Diplomat sent me a copy of the Anti-Terrorist-Certificate and the receipt by email, all two documents issued in my name. When I held these documents in my hands, I had something like a nervous breakdown. I cried and laughed at the same time, I felt so sick. I sent a short message to Phillip M.: “I have the documents in my hands. I love you so much.” My two colleagues tried to help me, closed the door, so nobody would notice the condition I was in. Especially K. took me in her arms and I showed her Phillips “Looking-good-picture”. She told me she had a good feeling about this, that it would end well and her feelings had never betrayed her until now. If only she would be right!
The Diplomat wanted to take the next morning a flight to Munich. I had checked when the flights leave and they were only going in the evening, either via Lisbon or Frankfort. He would have been in Munich on Nov. the 30th. He told me he would take the Lufthansa-Flight via Frankfort and would arrive in Munich at 7 a.m., on Friday, Nov. 30th. I took the day off. On Nov 29, I waited the whole day for the Diplomat to call me, telling me when he arrives so I could pick him up at the airport. Sometimes in the afternoon he finally called, telling me that the Anti-Terrorist-Certificate was no longer valid and the authorities at the airport wanted a new certificate. Cost: € 7000. This was the end for me, for the moment. The Diplomat told me he would get € 2,000 from his wife and I should still pay € 5,000. On Monday, Dec. the 3rd, I wanted the go to a bank again to ask for a loan. On Saturday, Phillip M. and I had a chat on Skype. He sent me per email his Canadian passport and his Military ID card. I noticed that on his passport was written in French "Canadienne" and not "Canadien". He would not be a woman after all. His birthplace was also Ottawa and not Dublin, as he had told me. But I didn’t pay attention.

On Sunday, Dec. the 2nd, I did some research and found the passport of the Diplomat. This “Diplomat” Li Y., whose passport already expired in 2004, was a Chinese refugee who escaped together with his wife to their son in Australia. He was harassed by the Chinese Government because of a special treatment he undertook for his diabetes. It was the exact same passport with the exact same picture. Only in the copy I had, the expiry date was 2014. In the original passport was written UNEMPLOYED, in the copy I had EMPLOYED. Of course the Chinese letters hadn’t been changed and still showed UNEMPLOYED. The same day, I asked Phillip M. who he really was. I don’t know nor can’t I explain how he managed to convince me that he is in fact the man from the pictures and I should not believe everything written in Google. But my doubts were there.

On Monday, I went to a bank to ask for a loan of another € 5,000. But they would have given me only € 3,000. I told Phillip M. that I would not get any money. The Diplomat left during the week from Ghana, because he wanted to return to his family. The box with the money stayed with the airport police in Accra. During this time, Phillip and I only argued, he only repeated himself "Honey, I do not know what to do", what I hated to hear all the time. I could not and did not want to understand how this man from the pictures could be so stupid. He just didn’t look like it. Besides, I thought that there must be a way for a Major General of the U.S. Army to get some money. Most of the time Phillip M. only chatted with me for a while then he stopped talking to me. On Thursday, Dec. 06th I was on the phone with my friend R. while I was online on Skype, Phillip was online too, but did not contact me. I didn’t go to my dance class this evening, as it was quite late. I had just hung up, when Phillip contacted me all of a sudden, asking me how I am doing, that he misses me and loves me. I thought he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. He told me that of course he would still love me and he would now fly to Accra himself, get the box and then come to Munich. I was once again happy, thought he is the man from the pictures. I asked him to call me when he would be in Ghana, what he promised.

I didn’t hear from him on Friday.

December 08, 2012
Saturday afternoon I finally received his call – from Ghana. But this was never the voice of an American or Canadian! This was the voice of a black guy who didn’t even speak English very well. He pronounced his last name in such a strange way, he had no American accent. I was totally confused. We didn’t talk very long. He told me on Skype that the connection was bad, as always. I replied that I didn’t understand the whole thing and when he would finally come to Munich. He started talking again about the money he would need, in order to get his box from the police. They wanted 7.000 € from him. After a while we were only fighting with each other, because I told him that I didn’t had this money and he only repeated his standard sentences like: „Do you really love me?“ „Do you really care about me? “. „Please, you have to help me one more time!“ I got so angry and told him to start by giving me back my 6.000 €. He replied: „You will get your f.cking 6.000.“

December 09, 2012
On December 09 the same game continued. I will get my f.cking 6.000, but I will get it by surprise. He stopped talking to me after this. Three hours later he was back online again. No more talk about my f.cking 6.000. I was his honey again. He wanted another 3.000 € from me, as he had received 1.000 € from his friend Oliver. He had paid 6.000 $ to the police already. I asked him how much he had left. He told me 750 $ which he would need for the Hotel and the internet. He still wanted to come on Dec. 10th to Munich, but was still in that shitty country. He told me the whole time that he wanted to come to me, but only after he received the money for the police, which I should send him as “his wife to be”. I told him that I didn’t had the money and no possibility to get more. It was his money he would have to find a solution, not me. After that he told me he was feeling sick and weak.

December 11, 2012
On the 11th of December we chatted the next time. The same discussion as always. At first, Phillip told me how much he loves me and that of course he needed money for his damn box. In the meantime we had arrived at 3.000 € which he wanted from me. But I refused every time because I didn’t have the money. Every time he told me: “We have to do this together. Send me the money and I will be with you tomorrow evening. “I told him that I am heartbroken and that I didn’t know who he really was, a black guy from Ghana or the man from the pictures. His next standard sentence was: „You don’t trust me, honey. Why? “

December 12, 2012
On December 12, we chatted again. He greeted me with „Hi honey”, I only with „Hi“. He asked me right away: “Why only Hi and not Hi honey?” After that we more or less continued arguing. In the meantime we had arrived at 2.000 € he still wanted from me. But I told him that he was a black guy from Ghana. He got angry and told me that he was not looking like a monkey. At the end he only threw words at me like “Bullsh.t” or “your f.cking money”. I was at the end, I was devastated, and I couldn’t believe how awful I felt, that this man was such a nightmare, a never ending nightmare. The whole time I looked at the pictures I had and told to myself that this is never the man with whom I am chatting. Already a t that time I didn’t think of that man being such a weirdo. This man looked so proud and sure of himself. My doubts grew. Phillip told me he would come to Germany, give me my f.cking money and then go back to his daughter Petra. I only told him: “So be it. “

December 15, 2012
Then, he changed his tactics, asked me why I send money to other men. I didn’t understand that at first but his feelings told him that I had found another man. Several times he told me he is the only one who loves me and he would like to come to Munich and he would show himself to me and my son. I told him he should leave my son out of this because my son had seen my crying many times. I asked him if he would need a visa for Germany. He thought he wouldn’t need one if he gets an invitation from me. Of course, as a Ghanaian man he would need an invitation, but a Canadian would never need such an invitation. Of course, this dumba.s didn’t know this.
I asked him what kind of a General he is, Brigadier General or Major General? He told me he is a Major General. I replied that he would have Payroll O-8 then. He said that I would know a lot. I told him that I know a lot more and that I am not so dumb.
Of course we were talking again about the damn box and the money he needed. When I told him that I didn’t have any money he replied with his stereotype sentence: „I really don’t know what to do“. This proud and self-confident man not knowing what to do? I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t hear it anymore.
On December, 16th, we chatted almost the whole day. In principle of the same thing the whole time. When I wanted to know something about him, he only told me he is in love with me so he would not have to give me an answer which would have betrayed him. He also told me that he feels week, probably because of the food and the water in Ghana. I told him I was going to look if I can get the remaining 2.000 € for him, but I never had the intention to do so. I was just tired about these endless discussions.

December 17, 2012
This was a Monday. Phillip asked me if I had been to a bank, which I denied, because I didn’t had time for it. I told him I would go on Tuesday and try to get the money.

December 18, 2012
Just the same discussions as always on this day. I told him that I would not get any loan, which I had never applied for it anyway. On December, the 19th, I sent him an email telling him that I didn’t want to spend Christmas with him, because I had to recover from everything that happened to me the last 2 months.

December 21, 2012
This day, Phillip told me that he was in hospital because he had Malaria. And he also told me that the Ghanaian doctors were stupid and Africa would be a stupid country. I told him, Africa is not a country, but a continent. But for now, only his health was important. We didn’t talk about the box and the money anymore. He told me that I would be the only person he had in his life, his lover. I replied that I would still be without lover and alone at home. I went dancing afterwards. Phillip wanted to wait for me. When I came back home, he wasn’t online anymore.

December 23, 2012
He was still in hospital, but felt better already. He told me he would be able to go home on the 24th. He wanted to ask me something but didn’t dare. I told him to give it a try. He asked me if I could send him 450 € so he could pay the hospital. The hospital bill would cost 850 €, but he had only 400 € with him and I should send him the rest. This was 450 € too much for me. I told him that I had received a Christmas gratification and I was glad that I was able to pay back my friends and I would not spend 450 € for nothing. He became angry, told me, his health was not “nothing”. I said that I would not have any proof if he is telling me the truth. I could ask the doctor tomorrow, he replied. I only said then, is the doctor the same as the Diplomat, only he could „play“ doctor tomorrow. Come on, honey, was his only reaction. I wanted to have proof I wanted to see him on cam. But of course, he didn’t have any cam. But he wanted to see me on cam.

I told him per email that on the website of the US-Army they were warning the people about scammers, stealing pictures of other people and pretending to be that person and wanting money from their victims. And I also wrote him that I couldn’t believe that he is the man from the pictures. This man from the pictures would never act like this, would never abase himself, to beg a strange woman to send him money. Phillip replied to me then, he knew now what I meant. His pictures had been stolen and were found on, a site for sexual adventures. I asked him, how he knew? The hotel manager had found out.
On the 24th of December, he sent me this email:

Hi Honey,

Another year is coming to an end... It’s a time to renew your hope, to try and hear the birds singing, to thank God for every ray of sun he sends to lighten up our days.
The time has come to think everything that has happened to think what will be better next year, certainly! May our difficulties in the past inspire us to move on firmly, may our problems help us to find solutions and to fight for better ideals, without losing our care.
May love be stronger than anything...
Merry Christmas to you my LOVE!!

With a lot of care and sincere hope,

December 26, 2012

On this day I told him that I would feel lonely. He said he wanted to come to Germany, but I would not have wanted. Yes, and what would I have gotten? The man from the pictures or somebody else? He said again that he is in fact the man from the pictures. But I did not want to believe him anymore, I wanted proof. In the meantime I had found the website" onclick=";return false; and had already read some stories. The scales fell from my eyes and I realized that I had fallen just for such a scammer and a liar. My world collapsed.

December 27, 2012
I registered at, posted everything, all pictures, the fake passports and certificates. I also reported everything to the IC3 and then later by mail to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. I didn’t tell this Phillip M. of course.
The next email came on Jan. 1st, 2013
HI Honey,
I have been so happy by your side that my biggest desire this new year is that this remains. Of course it depends on someone up above, so we can have health and force to find prosperity.
My love, if the beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to renew our hopes, I will renew my wish to god, to have you always by my side, offering me attention, your care, because it’s fundamental to my physical and spiritual comfort.
On the other hand, I don’t want you to feel responsible for me. I don’t want you to think I’m always depending on you. I just want you to know how important you are in my life and in my day – by – day routine, and I wish that your company ireal and present for years, and years… 2013, 2014, 2015, always, always, always, because "I will always love you".
My dear, may this year begin again and bring you great things, and in the hardest situations, may you have strength to fight. Count on me always and have my sweet kiss. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LOVE.

I replied
When have you been by my side the last year? You are still in that stupid country and how long will you remain there? For the rest of your live? If you are from Canada, why don't you go home? This does not make any sense to me. You are right; I don't feel responsible for you. You are supposed to be a grown up person who should be able to take care of himself and not abuse other people.

Thanks for your wishes, this year will in fact bring me great things, joy and happiness and love and also great change. This was my fondest wish for 2013 and it will come true.

That's nice of you to say that I can count on you, but how do you think this should work? What did you do until now to earn my trust? Not much, I am afraid. You only brought me tears and sorrow, humiliation, an empty account, a broken heart and 10 kg less weight (which is the only positive thing).

A happy new year to you as well, may everything turn out for the best.

On the 05th of January 2013, he asked me per mail how I feel. I answered that I am not feeling well at all and that everything is getting worse, that I miss him and I didn’t not know how to continue.

January 06, 2013
I let myself be persuaded again to chat with him on Skype.
We talked for a while, why I did not send him the money, since I was his only true love. But I would only listen to my son who was just a little boy. I became very angry and told him that my son was 23 years on that day and no little boy. My son saw me chatting with Phillip M. and became very angry. He told me to stop before I would ruin our lives.

January 08, 2013
The next time Phillip was very friendly with me, I was his honey. He told me about a boy (14 years), whom he had met, a son of the Hotel manager who would help him getting around in Accra (haha). I meant, since he had no cam so I could see him, he should at least send me a picture of him with that boy and some more pictures as well. He agreed to send me the pictures. He wanted to see me on webcam and stupid me turned the cam on so he could see me. I started crying again. I felt so desperate, even reading this right now (Mar. 30) makes me cry. But it was important for me to get more pictures of the man so I could post them at romancescam. Thereupon, Phillip sent me several pictures. One of them was called "Trave and Katelyn "; I knew then that the man must be called Travis and his daughter Katelyn. On one photo he was standing in the Louvre in front of a lion's head made of stone. The title on this picture said “showing who the real BAMF is in the Louve ". I had to check first what BAMF means and found out that it describes a man who knows his effect on women, a very confident man and sure of himself.
The next time we chatted on January 11. I asked Phillip where the photo had been taken who showed him in front of the lion's head. Phillip said in a Gym Centre in Ottawa, and BAMF would be the name of a large square in Ottawa (dumbass). I urged him to send me the picture with his new friend. He promised me to send it soon. And I should help him to finally get out of this stupid country, because he would love me so much. Since it was clear for me that he was never, ever the man from the photos, I didn’t tell him anymore that I loved him, but that I loved the man from the pictures and that I wanted to be with this man.

On January, the 13th, he sent me the picture with the 14- year-old boy. A horrible fabrication, which I immediately identified as a fraud. Even a blind man would have seen this. He wanted to see me on webcam again. I asked him if he could send me a picture in his uniform, he would definitely look good in it. I wanted this picture, because I was hoping to figure out the last name of Travis.
On January the 14th I wanted to go to the bank so I could send Phillip the remaining 2.000 € (at least that’s what I had told him). Then he didn’t hear anything from me anymore. I posted all the pictures I had at romancescam and also that I wanted to know Travis' last name. Fr. replied immediately, that I should not contact Travis. I never wanted nor will I do this, but I just wanted to know how he is, if he is alright, maybe to find out about him a little bit more. Fr. also warned me that these a**holes would be trying to scam me in a different way, if I didn’t send any money.
The next days I was not online on Skype, I didn’t send any emails, Phillip did not know what was wrong with me.
The next few days I received several emails

January 18, 2013
Hi Honey, I'm very worried about you now please let me hear from you if you are alive ok?
or is it because of the money? I love you not money ok? I really love you with all my heart if you listen to someone, you will end up losing someone you love so much. I love you and you will always remain in my mind honey Kisses.

January 19, 2013
Hi honey,
My love is a journey that starts with forever and ends at never. I will always love you my sweetheart. Remember you promise to love me forever why now honey?
You have to understand that your Son or your friends can't make you happy they can tell you anything they want but you remember that I'm the only man who can make you happy and also love to you. I love you and still do.kisses

Hi Honey, How are you doing my love? I will still called you Sweetheart because we where meant together, but I don't really know what's wrong with you my love, why do you want listen those they don't really even understand the meaning of love, let me tell something today and if you continue like this, you will lose the one you love so much in your whole life,
If you love someone, you have understand the person, respect, trust,care and also he the only one you share your Ideas with ok? I love you so much and I can't live without you ok, please respond, I'm the ONLY ONE for and not anyone. I LOVE YOU HONEY. I MISS YOU KISSES.

Hi honey, how are you this morning? are you doing well? I hope so honey. I missed you so very much.Honey I don't think you are with your mind now, and don't care what you or your son will think about me But all what I know is that I LOVE YOU

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 09:17:07 +0000
Subject: Re: RE: hi honey

Hi Honey
Good morning and how are you doing sweetheart? I want you to know that nothing can stop me from loving you ok? I love you so very much honey. Please let me hear from you even if you dont have the money ok? I missed you honey.

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

As I didn’t reply, he changed his tactics again:
January 22, 2013

Hi honey, how are you doing today honey? I wish you good luck with your new man Okay? I know you are doing all this because of him so I want to give you the chance to go ahead and do whatever you want to do, I think I'm also very nice and strong enough to another woman to make my good life with. BYE

Another goodbye out of many in two and a half months. But at that time I didn’t care anymore, because I knew that he was not the man from the pictures.

Now I'm finally through the missing days (March 30, 2013). Sometimes, the pain to go through this again, was almost unbearable. There are times when I can’t stop crying and I am so sad, although it is slowly diminishing. From now on, I will continue with the new date, when I started to write regularly.

January 23, 2013:

It still hurts and I do not know how long this will last. I am not giving up hope that I will meet Travis one day. I will not give up and keep trying to find out Travis’ last name. I'll find him.

But after that, I don’t know. The worst part is that Travis does not even know I exist; he has no idea that his pictures were stolen. He's probably married and the chance to meet him is close to zero. I do not even know if he's still alive. He is or was in any case in Afghanistan or Iraq, in one of these countries.

After I did some more research, I found some unbelievable facts. The man, who told me his name would be Phillip M. and into whom I had fallen in love with, was nothing but a black idiot from Ghana, a scammer, a liar, a bastard. Sending me wonderful words, love poems and declarations of love plus stolen photos of Travis, he tried to tell me that he is that man. But he is not the only one making money this way. Hundreds or even thousands are doing this every day, telling their victims beautiful words of love, breaking their hearts because it’s mostly women, but also men who are only looking for one thing: a new partner they can love and are very vulnerable because they are honest and believe the wonderful words of love.
The same thing happened to me. I fell in love with the pictures of this man, I believed the beautiful words, and I thought that he is the man with whom I chat on Skype. Couldn’t believe my luck that this man was interested in me, I dreamed and hoped he would come to me on the 05th of December and we would have a future together. Even when he wanted money, I tried everything to get the money to help him, was so naive and blinded by love that I did not realize who he really was. The signs were often there, how many times did I ask him about more details, his Division, the Department he was working for, where he was stationed and much more. Always only vague hints, which should have made me suspicious, made me in fact suspicious, but I didn’t want to admit it, because I had fallen in love with him and wanted nothing more than to be with him. Son of a bitch !

I have sent € 6000 to that dumbass, fool that I was, until I started doing some research.

On the Facebook-site of the U.S. Army I found a chapter, where they were warning about such scammers. I had filed a complaint with the IC3, found the website, where I posted everything, all photos and documents I had. I also sent an email to the Canadian Anti-Fraud center, as they are doing the research when it comes to fraud with Canadian passports. And Phillip M. has sent me "his" passport saying that he is a Canadian citizen and born in Ottawa. At first he had told me that he was born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in Ottawa. My gut tells me, however, that the real Travis is an American.

I am constantly surfing in the Internet, in the office, at home, with my cellphone. I start getting problems because my boss notices that something is wrong. I cannot tell him why. Never in my life have I been in such a situation. I was in love many times in my life, but it has never been so bad, I had never been so desperate, I had never cried so many times. Why? Is it my age? Because of my age, everything is not so simple anymore? Because I realize that I still have feelings? So many years I didn’t want any men. Was hurt too often by them that I could not imagine being in bed with one or for that matter have one in my life. And now, I imagine day and night nothing else than to be with Travis, to be loved by him, everything! I look at his pictures for hours, listen to music, I've heard the last 2 months over and over again and cry every time I hear it. And yet I cannot do otherwise at the moment. I'm trying to get support from romancescam. There's a forum page, the "healing process", where I read often, write and weep while I am writing. How long will this continue? Never in my life I was hurt this bad, I have never felt so awful and so desperate. And until now no prospect of improvement.

From November 2012 until now I have lost at least 10 kg. Especially from November 2012 just before Christmas (6 weeks), I lost already at least 8 kg, because I could not eat anything, I could not sleep. Now I am starting to eat at some extent, my appetite is coming back, although there are always days where I'm just in despair and those days are still in the majority. The good thing is that I am getting slimmer and I start feeling more comfortable, I need new clothes, because nothing fits me anymore. My chances with other men are increasing, but I want only One person!

In the meantime I have found also real men at Friendscout and I have met two of them. J. is a nice guy who has such a sweet smile and I like him as well, but he is shorter than me (well, only his appearance). D. is also very nice and good looking, but a bit boring, something is missing. I have invited him to dinner on Sunday. He looks like he has fallen in love with me. But if today Travis would contact me, I would just want to see him. Travis is the embodiment of a man, a man with power and passion; I would do anything for him. When I look at his body and his face, my heart skips a beat, I just want this body, want to be kissed by those lips, and cannot imagine ever wanting another man. With this man I could let go completely, I would go for him to the end of the world and back.

I have one picture of Travis which is my favorite. His daughter is looking over his shoulders and Travis looks with so much love into the camera so that on one side it hurts me to see this, because he is probably looking at his wife taking the picture, on the other hand, I imagine, he would look at me like that.

I also have a picture with a date; January 11th, 2012, taken a year ago. On that picture he is at some kind of reception, dressed in a suit and looks at the camera without smiling, but his lips are so sensual that I want to kiss them day and night. This is the first photo I got from this scammer, one without sunglasses. Travis eyes and lips have fascinated me already then.

Phillip M., this scammer does not resign to contact me by email. I have removed him from my contacts on Skype, so he can no longer see when I'm online. Today, he has not contacted me yet. Yesterday, I have sent him an email with the lyrics from Cher's song "strong enough". Maybe he understands now. But I don’t think so.
Now I'm strong enough to live without you
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough now I'm strong enough
To know you've gotta go

There's no more to say
So save your breath and walk away
No matter what I hear you say
I'm strong enough to know you've gotta go

I have been warned at romancescam that he or his gang will maybe try again to contact me under a different name. I have taken my precautions. People contacting me at Friendscout in English, will have their emails checked where they really come from. I'm going to be a Scambaiter. I also collect the photos I receive and post them at romancescam and the morons never hear from me again.
What I also need to watch out for is that the Ghanaians do not attempt to impersonate the FBI, that they have taken the scammer into custody and that I would get my money back, but only by paying a fee. This is also scam and I will post it immediately at romancescam. I have to continue to be extremely careful. And I should no longer stay in contact with Phillip M., neither by email nor via Skype. Sometimes this is very difficult; it is somehow a connection to Travis, even if it is unreal. But Phillip M. knows Travis’ real name and where the pictures come from. And I would like so much to know more about Travis and where these scammers have found the pictures.
But I have to try to find this without Phillip M. I am already heartbroken by this whole event. I continue to look on hundreds of pages, dating sites, Facebook and my space to find pictures of Travis, but so far only with limited success. Only on mingle2 I have found a photo where he is registered as a single parent in Canberra under the name " Sumtinspecial ", but has not been active for quite some time, just like at Friendscout. Who knows, maybe this is just a scammer as well, maybe even the same. Maybe I should also register at mingle2, you can find people worldwide. I could look for a partner in Australia, Canada or America. This is actually THE idea.
I don’t know what 's wrong with me , but my hormones are going completely haywire and my son is right telling me that I am in the mid-life crisis . Why am I so eager to finally have a partner in my life, to have someone again who loves me?

sweet Trinigirl
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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby sweet Trinigirl » Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:08 pm

Today I sat down and read this story from beginning to end. The similarities between this and my own are astounding. All the old hurts were awakened and I felt as raw and reeling as when I discovered I was scammed late last year.
How wonderful it is to have someone understand. How comforting that I am not alone in this misery. I always write that I am getting better and soon I will be whole again. I have never mentioned how often I am crippled by shame, hurt, self loathing and bitterness.
Hula girl, you are a far better person for your horrible experience. Your emotional journey can be clearly traced in your entries. You have endured the all encompassing love for another Human, the agony of betrayal, the anger and righteous indignation of finding yourself duped. And you have allowed yourself to grieve for someone who never existed except in your mind, heart and the imagination of a scammer. Yet you still have the tenacity to hope that there is still someone out there for you. I have accepted that I will never experience that kind of love again. I will not even bother to try.
You certainly are a shining example of the strength of the human spirit. You make me wish I had started a journal myself but in my anger and grief I destroyed everything that linked me to my scammer. I have written several stories about it and may be soon, as part of the healing, I would put them up here. I don't paint myself in a good light and they might give readers a few laughs.
You are victorious, simply inspirational and an example to us all. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:54 pm

Hi sweet Trinigirl,

Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Right now, I am at loss for words and tears are running down my cheeks.

I know how you feel and believe me, you are also a wonderful person and soon you will feel whole again. Don't give up hope, with time it will get better and you will get over this horrible experience, just like I did.

Right now, I am translating part 2 of my diary and I will post it here as soon as possible. I hope you will read it, because it also shows, that despite some setbacks and a lot of tears, life continued for me, got better and now I am stronger than before.

I wish you joy and happiness, sweet Trinigirl, from the bottom of my heart.

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby spanky » Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:11 am

:applause: Great work, Hula Girl.

I felt an instant bond with you reading your background that Frumpy BB prefaced before reading your diary. Like you, I have friends, family and colleagues who care about me a great deal, yet my only confidantes in this matter are the members of this site. Here we are free to be ourselves, poke fun at the scammers and talk openly about our experience.

What happens to us in the scam experience is that we experience the very real and very genuine feelings of falling in love. In truth we are really just falling in love with love, but because the feeling is so powerful and so compelling, it registers in our brains as a real experience, just as all emotions are registered as being real. I think it is for this reason that shaking off the scammer if so difficult. Once a belief is formed in our brains that is backed up by the very real and powerful emotion of love, it is a very difficult thing to convince the brain that this person never existed or the love the scammer expressed was a lie. Even now that my brain knows the scammer is a twenty something African, I cannot bring myself to loathe him (or them)...My internal self still remembers and can still "feel" the fondness of him that I felt before. 90% of the time I laugh at what a knucklehead he was and is, but it is that small 10% of me that still retains those fond feelings.

In any event, I admire your courage to come forward with this and you have written it all down so well for others who have not had the misfortune to have this happen to them can understand. For those of us who have experienced what you have, it brings us even closer as a community of individuals caught up in this evil and cruel deception. Like you, I have stayed on the dating sites mostly for the fun of baiting, but I now am at the point where I am meeting real men face to face. After all, it was my intention in the first place when I joined online dating so I intend to see it through!

Once again, well done and a great big thank you for sharing your experience... :applause:
We were not foolish to fall in love with them. Our mistake was not knowing that we fell in love with fools.

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:26 am

Here is part 2 of my journal:

January 24, 2013
Phillip M. constantly sends emails and I answer him, stupid me. Now he begins to insult me, that his friend "Oliver" (does he even exist, probably not) has told him that the German women are not to be trusted and I would be one of those. And what I want to do with his photos he sent me. I 'm not going to tell him, that I have already posted them on romancescam and also sent them to the Canadian Anti- Fraud Center and will send them on request to the IC3. No, I told him that I will keep them forever, as a reminder of a love that has never existed, only in my imagination. Even writing this, tears are coming to my eyes. I will see what he replies. But I must stop to answer him. It doesn’t help me and my heartache will never stop if I continue like this. He is not the man from the photos, I know that perfectly well. Why do I always answer him then? At least, I have resisted adding him on Skype again. I have to concentrate on finding the man from the photos, at least find out his real name. Phillip M. will definitely not tell me this. He keeps continuing with his lies. Eventually, Travis will contact me, this is my fondest wish, I hope that will be soon. Every night I cry into my pillow, imagine that he calls me and we meet, we kiss and we make love. Just the idea alone to meet him, makes me go crazy. How will I react, if this would be really the case?

This new scammer with the strange name Micheal keeps contacting me. Maybe it’s the same scammer as Phillip M.? I have to notify Friendscout that this is a scammer from Ghana and they should delete his account. I am going on a little “Scammer hunt” at Friendscout and every scammer who contacts me will be finked on. Slowly I'm really feeling a lot of hatred for these scumbags.

January 25, 2013
I have received another notification of romancescam concerning pictures of St. J. Poor guy, his photos are abused constantly. I feel sorry for him. I also had such a friend at Friendscout, who sent me pictures of St. J., only he called himself J. G. But he has made the mistake of sending me a picture in his uniform with his last name on it and thought I am not realizing this. I had already had a scammer with pictures of St. J., but at that time I had no idea of these scumbags. I was only surprised, when I received similar pictures. But I was not sure that this was the same man. I had already deleted his pictures. But both men are no longer registered at Friendscout. I am only waiting that someone is coming again with pictures of St. J. He is such a sweet and cute man. Yesterday, someone has posted pictures of General Petraeus. Those stupid mugus in Ghana or Nigeria, don’t they read the news! They are probably only occupied with scamming and not realizing what is going on around them.

I checked also if Phillip M. is online. Of course he is. If he knew that I can check this at any time, this idiot! I know so much more than he can imagine. But he didn’t send an email until now. I have saved his last mail and then deleted all emails from my account. But I will probably receive another email from him. He will certainly not give up and return, like the flu or the plague. They are all scum, these bastards!

I only need to think of the photo that he sent me from Ghana. I have never seen such a horrible forgery. And I am not familiar with fake pictures like this, is not my profession, but even I recognize that crap. How stupid does he think I am? So blinded by love? Not anymore; I have learned a lot.

But to write everything down is doing me good, I am not that desperate anymore, even though I am still longing for Travis and every night lying in my bed, I let my imagination run wild, dream of Travis contacting me, coming to Munich to meet me. Of course, he is not married and free for me. And we immediately fall in love with each other and spend even the whole night together. But at the moment I have so little time to look for Travis and its like searching for a needle in a haystack, because I don’t know where to start looking. There are indeed hundreds of thousands of photos. If only I knew his last name. But sometimes I think how unrealistic it is that I'll ever meet Travis. Even if I find out his last name, I will not contact him, I don’t want to be a pain in the a**. The only hope I have is that he gets contacted by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center or by the IC3 and gets in touch with me. Maybe his photos have not been stolen yet, so maybe he wants to know what happened. Phillip M. is online the most time, also tonight, with the Trave and K. photo is his avatar. So he is indeed looking for more victims under the name of Phillip M. and with Travis’ photos. Oh, I feel so awful and heartbroken. But I can’t and I won’t let go of Travis, or everything will be over. As long as I have a spark of hope, I can’t just give up.

Slowly I begin to suspect that this idiot Micheal and Phillip M. are one and the same person. This Micheal constantly sends me emails, he just wants to be a friend now and not a lover, he doesn’t want to lose me and he is already in love with my picture. I have told him to give up, that he is too far away and will never come to Germany. He told me he would come to Germany next month and at the moment he would be in United Kingdom. Of course this dumbass is sitting in Ghana and nowhere else. He always writes from his Hotmail-account and that’s unfortunate as I can’t track his IP-address.

A while ago I got contacted at Friendscout by a 60 -year-old man from Britain! He sent me a message in a fairly good German that he is at the moment in Kabul (where else). I gave him my email address and asked him to send me his pictures. I am curious what kind of mugu that is. He called himself Alexander Howard.

January 26, 2013
At the moment I feel very sad. I am constantly listening to a song of Foreigner: "I wanna know what loving is", a song I have heard a hundred times the last few weeks. And each time I hear it, I feel so desperate and lonely. I am looking at Travis pictures over and over again, feeling even more desperate and in despair, but I am still not a step further. At the moment I can’t see the wood for the trees. I am running after this scumbag Phillip M., rather than to concentrate on my search for Travis. I just now registered at Spokeo, because you can also start search operations with Spokeo. Until now, I was just looking for my scammer. If only I knew Travis last name. Damn!!

January 27, 2013
I started laughing when I received the pictures of this Alexander Howard. Such an a**hole. He has taken photos of Sir J. St., a well-known British officer, with hundreds of photos and reports in the Internet. I posted him immediately at romancescam. What an idiot, using pictures of such a well-known man! Phillip M. made it much more difficult for me :cry: .
And I have again found a site with reports about scammers and their stories. And I fell prey to exactly one of these stories. Why have I been so stupid and naïve? Somebody speaks to me about love, is choosing the right pictures and I am over the moon. When I look in the calendar of last year and I see a date before October, I think to myself, this was before October / November 2012, everything was still alright before that date. Since then, I am going more or less through hell. I feel so much hatred for this dumbass Phillip M. or whoever he is, I could even kill him, this a**hole. He better does not show up here. Thanks God, he had never any intention to do so.

Later, D. is coming for a visit. I have invited him for dinner. I am curious what my son will say about him. D. is a nice man, but at the moment my heart is so saddened, I don’t know if and when it will get better.

January 28, 2013
Yesterday D. was here for dinner; we had a nice evening, but he is so diffident. I don’t know if he is in love with me. Maybe he needs time, I have no idea. I myself, I don’t know what I want. If he would be more passionate, it would help me maybe. But right now I think he is a bit boring. I need a man, I need Travis!

After D. was gone, I sat on my computer and started reading some threads at romancescam about the healing process. I read 5 pages, starting from 2009 and was in tears after this. 90 % of these reports could have been from me. Mostly women, but also some men, have written how much they suffer, how much they long for the person in the pictures; that they really want to find that person; that they do not know how to proceed, or how long it will take to get over this experience. Definitely, this experience will leave some big scars, as well for me. At the moment I only want one thing, to find Travis. But I have put him on such a high pedestal; he is the embodiment of a man for me. Maybe the real Travis could not meet these expectations. Who knows, maybe he is only a brainless bragger and proud that no woman can resist him. But I can hardly imagine this at the moment. He looks so cute on his picture with his daughter looking over his shoulder.

Now I feel really in despair. I am constantly in tears. I have a headache; I am really in a bad mood, not hungry, I just want to crawl in my bed and stay there and dream of Travis. At the moment, my goal to get married again to the love of my life is still so far away, I am right in the middle of the dark and no light ahead.

I only get contacted the whole time by this Micheal. This is getting suspicious. Is this the same scammer as Phillip M., or is he simply the opinion that I am a suitable victim? But I delete all his emails right away. Now he has given me a phone number (with English area code) that have posted at romancescam. I have been warned immediately by Fr. that these are ridiculously expensive fake UK numbers, which I will not call anyway. I deleted the number.

I also continue to receive mails from "Sir J. S.". This scammer is such an idiot. How can he use pictures from such a well-known person? But this has not been done the first time; I found a thread at romancescam about this man. If I am in this "business", I would first look how well known a person is and how easy something can be found of him (there is even a Wikipedia entry about him!). Such as my scammer did with Travis, where I simply can’t find anything so far :( . But right now I am still too busy with my heartache than actually looking for Travis. Whenever I find a link and follow it, I am shocked how many people get scammed and how big this “business” is. Every time I find something like that, my hope, to find Travis one day is diminishing, the hope for a happy end gets smaller. But I still have hope that this time I will be on the sunny side and I will reach my goal.

But I don’t want to think how many women and men just do nothing, do not investigate, are just lost in their despair, perhaps even give up because of these a**holes. Yesterday, I have read the desperate posts from people who don’t know how to go on. This is a terrible kind of scam to get money. These scammers play with the feelings of innocent people, manipulate and brainwash them. These idiots are "THE“ dream partner that a person has been waiting for his whole life, is promising to fulfill the only wish, just to have a partner again, be the perfect partner. And this what it is making it so perfidious. Only somebody going through the same ordeal can really comprehend everything. Just like it happened to me. The heartache of those affected is worse than after the first love, worse than anything you have ever experienced in life. And it is not really comforting to know that you are a special person, a person with feelings, a sincere, loving, worthy to be loved person and not such a scumbag like these idiots in Ghana, Nigeria or elsewhere.

I feel like every person who got scammed. I am devastated, cannot imagine that I'll ever find my love (unless it is Travis). At night before falling asleep, I think of Travis, in the morning when I wake up, my first thought is of Travis and during daytime I think of him anyway. Sometimes, when I am busy, I am distracted and it’s getting better, but then it’s coming back, I am in tears, and I can hardly breathe. I don’t remember who, but somebody has written at romancescam that you should see it this way: You have been happy for some time, the scammer told you he had feelings for you (even if untrue), was the perfect partner you had been dreaming of all your life, you were happy and unhappy at the same time, because you couldn’t be with him. The future seemed so bright and happy (I even looked for a house because Phillip wanted to buy a house here). How often did I imagine picking him up at the airport, to be taken in his arms and be kissed by him. Phillip described everything to me, he even wanted to meet my friends and I saw myself being the happiest woman at his side and everybody being envious because I was so lucky. He proposed to marry me and I said yes. Only the divorce came before the marriage, a costly divorce that cost me 6000 € and broke my heart.

January 29, 2013
I don’t know if I feel better today. Sometimes, I think so, but then everything is coming back. Yesterday, this Micheal sent me an email telling me that he would be now in Ghana and I should not call him on his UK number. Dumbass, I had never the intention to do so and I will definitely not call him in Ghana. We chatted some time on Skype and he also called me from his cellphone. His English is horrible, definitely not a British accent, but written it is better. He is probably not older than 20 years, hardly out of school. He wanted to see me on webcam, I told him to turn on his cam as well, so I could see him. Of course this didn’t work. I told him he should buy one. He told me he has not enough money right now, he would need a new laptop and other things. I told him to go to the next bank in Accra and get money with his credit card. Of course, it was not possible to get cash from the banks in Accra and they are not trustworthy either. I really wanted to tell him, you damn scammer, go yourself. But I didn’t do it. Maybe I’ll do it tonight and then I will block him on Skype.

It's always funny, how quickly the guys ask to delete my account at Friendscout, because they did it already and they only want to focus only on their "new found love ". Blah blah blah. He can wait long for that. On the contrary, I will register on other dating sites as well. Probably their account is deleted, because Friendscout is also looking for scammers.

"Sir JS " has not contacted me again. Neither will I contact him. Wasted time.

D. has sent me an email yesterday, thanking me for the dinner and the nice evening. On Saturday, we will go see Holiday on Ice and I am looking forward to it. I always wanted to see Holiday on Ice, but never made it somehow.
I don’t know why I am so excited, but I will apply for my passport today. I have everything with me and I will go this afternoon after work. I can’t wait. Maybe it’s just "wishful thinking", but nevertheless, I have to do it.

I just did some every day work and let my mind wandering around. About what? Of course about Travis and me. How should I ever get over it? I read some stories at romancescam. I found a story called: "Where is my Harry?” The tears came to my eyes while reading this story. I sympathize so much with that woman. At romancescam they recommend to destroy and delete everything you have from the scammer. But first, I am not ready yet and I need the documents in case the IC3 or the Canadian Anti-Fraud-Centre wants to know something. If the IC3 will ask me, I have to give them everything. I am no longer in contact with Phillip M., so I should get over it slowly. Although I am not sure about Phillip M. He will probably contact me again.

I have now blocked this Micheal, I told him directly that he is never, ever a British guy, but a Ghanaian man. He tried to insult me, told me I make him feel so bad and expects that I reply immediately to his emails. I told him he cannot dictate me what to do.

Somebody called Wilson Smith contacted me at Friendscout, wanted to send me photos. I am sure that’s another mugu. In the meantime I have read “his” text a hundreds time at romancescam. Typical West-African grammar and definitely not from the States as he claims to come from.

I will go to bed now and dream about Travis coming to see me. How long will it take to issue my new passport? Probably four to five weeks, so I have plenty of time. Travis will not knock on my door tomorrow (oh, if only he would). No one really knows what I am going through right now, only the people at romancescam do. They all went through the same ordeal, f.cked but not kissed, as somebody said.

January 30, 2013
Yesterday I applied for my passport. It will take several weeks before I will receive it. But I am not planning a trip at the moment, maybe later this year.

I am not interested in Phillip M. anymore. I don’t even care if he is online or not. But he's an a**hole, a scammer. I should not have any feelings for him, this son of a bitch. I am just so angry right now. May he rot in hell.
But I do sleep very poorly still. First, I don’t go to bed, and when I am finally in bed, I only imagine being together with Travis and every time tears are coming to my eyes. I can only fall asleep when I imagine being in his arms after making love to me. What has this idiot Phillip M. done to me? I can only think about sex with Travis. But probably I was ready for it, otherwise I would not have reacted like this; would not have fallen prey to this scumbag. If he had just taken a picture with a guy less attractive, I would have never fallen in love. But Travis is everything I am dreaming about, exactly the kind of man I like. Tall, muscular (but not too much), strong and masculine, a man that I can lean on.

Oh I could just cry out loud in my despair that I am still alone, that Travis is out there somewhere and knows nothing about me (not yet) and that I am still looking for a man. I want to have feelings for this man; want to be with this man and want to make him happy, have sex with him, just want to love and be loved. I don’t want to wait for the next life; I want to have it right now, in THIS life, this year.

I just got a call from the Ghanaian so-called police. They have informed me that they have arrested Phillip M., opened the box and found a lot of money and jewels in there. I told them to send me an email. Phillip M. would have my email-address. Just as I have been warned at romancescam and that I should not believe it. They are now trying to scam me again. I should probably send money to Ghana to get the stuff in the box. But the box and the money do not exist and has never existed. Everything was a lie right from the beginning. Even of Interpol this guy has spoken. I will wait what will come from this so-called police and then post everything at romancescam and send it as well to the IC3 and the Canadian Anti-Fraud-Centre.

I just received an email by the "Ghanaian police". Within 14 working days I have to procure three different documents: an Anti-Terrorist Certificate, a Certificate of Ownership and an Anti-Money Laundry Clearance Certificate. This guy from the “police” called again and asked me if I have received his message. I told him that I had nothing to do with this. They should deal with Phillip M. He told me if I would not procure the documents, Interpol would be informed and I would be arrested as my name was written on the documents. I had posted this already at romancescam and received only a short reply with “Ignore it”.

January 31, 2013
Yesterday I told my friend A. a bit about my story. She is such a wonderful person, understood everything, my feelings, my despair. She tried to comfort me, wishing me a nice man because I would be such a wonderful woman, I would get a nice guy. Now I am crying again. Who could that be? Only Travis is that man.

Somehow I am just in the "hopeless mood" I feel miserable. I have to keep myself busy all the time, otherwise I am thinking too much. After the phone call from the “police” yesterday, I am checking again if Phillip M. is online. Yesterday, I have sent him an email with readnotify. I have written him that my poor baby is in jail, and if I could help him. The poor "jail bird ". I told him I had warned him about this money, that it was doomed. He would have better listened to me. He has opened the mail after 40 minutes, but did not reply. Of course he can’t since he is “in prison” and cannot receive any mails. But he is “invisible” already the whole day and this evening he is online. So he does not know that I can see when he is online or invisible. I could tell him all bad words I know in the English language (and there are a lot), angry is not the right word right now what I am. But I will not tell him anything I know; he will only become a better scammer. But sometime it’s not really that easy and probably not over yet. The "police" will certainly call again as I should provide the necessary documents within 14 working days for this stupid box. My A**! I will not do such a thing. How could I anyway? But should they call again, I will insist that I want to talk to Phillip M. I want to hear him talk again with his horrible English. But maybe the next time, somebody with better English can make the phone call. But otherwise I will ignore everything completely.

More will follow

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:40 pm

Next part, February 01 to February 06, 2013

February 01, 2013
Ha, Phillip M. is online, no matter when I looked throughout the day. He probably already triumphed that he would get me or my money. But for him, I mean nothing, he is certainly busy with scamming, spreading pictures of Travis on the Internet and thus finding new victims, where he tells the story of the great love and all this with Travis pictures! But if only one is prevented by my story to fall for this crime, I have reached my goal.

Tonight again the "police from Ghana" called, but apparently the link didn't work. They sent me a mail that Phillip M. due to his high rank was released from custody and as the documents are issued on my name, I would have to handle the situation, otherwise I would be arrested. I have then (he was of course online) sent an email to Phillip M. and informed him that I expect his immediate reply. He replied actually. We talked on Skype then. He has informed me, that according to the "authorities in Ghana"; I would have to pay $11,000 to get the money out of the box. He told me he had taken the jewels out of the box and the money would now be on the bank and when I would send the $11,000, the whole money would be refunded to me. Then he gave me a strange link that would be the website of the Bank. I have not clicked on that, of course, probably would have been some virus to spy on my PC. Man, wish I could wring his neck, this son of a b.tch. I told him to send me already the jewels. He said their worth was around €4,500. He didn’t want to send them but "bring them with him".

In the course of the conversation he asked if I didn't love him anymore and if I had another man. I said yes. He did not believe me, and then asked who this man was. I meant, the man from the photos he sent me and I would want to know his name. But he has not played along this game. Next he said he would have to go now, because he hadn't much money left for his Internet. He said that he would be back on Skype tomorrow if I want. But at midnight, he was still online.

Today, an email from Ghana arrived and as an attachment was that Anti-Terrorist-Certificate, only it has curiously changed a bit to November 2012. Now all of a sudden I have become a "Mr.", the document was now signed by some 'Director', while previously it was the Minister of Interior. The "one metallic trunk box" has now slipped into the line left, before it was pretty much in the center of the document. München, Germany was written before, now it says "Munich Germany". Actually I find it funny, how they try to get my money. On the other side, however, my hatred for these idiots is growing; it is increasingly difficult not to tell anything to Phillip M. But I am not doing me a favor as well as other women, whom they are trying to exploit. But I can’t tell Phillip M. that I can track him anytime, and that I told everything the IC3 as well. If only some reply would come from them or the Anti-fraud-Centre and not just only a noreply-email! With the troubles I have had today with Phillip M., I didn’t have time to think about Travis. At the moment, my heartache has shrunk to a minimum. Poor Travis, I am also sorry for him what is done with his photos and that this dumbass from Ghana insists that he is in fact this man. He is using the photo of Trave and K. as Yahoo avatar.

Now, I will better go to bed. Tomorrow, I'm going with D. to Holiday on Ice. This is certainly going to be nice. Monday night I have a date with J. Have to send him a text message.

February 02, 2013
Was today with D. at Holiday on Ice. The performance was very good, I liked it. Only I was slightly annoyed and restless. I feel I´m missing life and I have no part in it, can only watch while the others live. I have such wanderlust; have such longing for Travis - why? During the show, everything came back, I was close to tears. D. is nice, but he is boring, something's missing in him, also he is closefisted. Thus I don’t dare asking to do anything that could cost money. It is nice that he saves, but I feel somehow life passes by him as well. Instead of living, he whines about that he will be 60 next month.

But he told me that I don't look like 56. Other women who have contacted him at Friendscout, some of them younger than me, are looking much older than me. It felt good to hear this, and it will stay this way. I am glad that I have kept myself in such good shape. I don’t want to be an old hag by the face, nor by the body. I already look very critically at the women who are my age. And I can be very satisfied with myself. Saw it this week with my old friends E. and H. again. H. is really, really old now, she is actually looking like that already for quite some time, she's also quite cranky as well; it’s difficult to put this into words. Both women are miles away from me. E. is just 4 years older than me. But she's really a granny now. She doesn’t take care of her appearance, wears old clothes, her body looks old. I now have the body like a woman in her thirties, a small waist, beautiful hands, and beautiful face with almost no wrinkles. I prefer also being together with younger people.

The one good thing about Phillip M. was that I lost so much weight and now panic not to gain weight again; I should rather continue on my weight loss program. I haven´t had so much appetite anyway. Next week I am going to continue with my Herbalife-program.

Have chatted with Phillip M. today shortly. I know, I shouldn't do it. But maybe I can get anything out of him. E.g. what Travis's last name is, or that he could be sending me some more photos. Now that the box is "open", he has “taken out” all the pictures (ha-ha), and can send them to me via E-Mail. I will then send him a photo of me as well. I must try to be diplomatic. Today he told me again that he loves me, sent me a kiss smiley. He has also asked me if I love him. I am always avoiding a direct answer. I just tell him I love the man from the pictures, the man with his hazel brown eyes and sensual lips. But I really want to know the age of Travis. He is maybe in his early forties, if anything, but definitely not older and not 47, such as Phillip M. has told me. Phillip M. probably is some kind of youngster, still wet behind his ears.

Oh, when I think of Travis and what lies ahead, I feel so desperate. Where is the great love of my life?

I wrote your name in the sky
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart
and forever it will stay!

My favorite poem. Phillip M. sent it to me. And in my heart you'll always be, Travis, for the rest of my life. No matter what comes, you will always have a place in my heart. You will be forever in my heart, Travis. I’ll better stop now; otherwise I am going to start crying. I will make myself a cup of tea and try to relax.

February 04, 2013
Last night I collapsed.
I showed my son some of the pages on romancescam, whose photos these mugus are stealing, such as pictures of Gen. Petraeus. I told my son, I couldn't find anything about Travis. We looked together. He said it could be likely that Travis has been killed and his family had deleted his photos, otherwise I would find them because the scammer has also found the photos. The idea that I can't find anything because Travis is dead was too much for me. So far I have always thought about Travis being alive and not dead. I could not stop crying, I cried all night, slept only for 2 hours. I am up already since 5:30 and now it's 6:20 in the morning. I posted my despair at romancescam; frumpy replied that I should not try to contact Travis. I don't want to do this. I had just the feeling of having lost him a second time. To imagine that he is dead doesn’t feel right. He should be alive, healthy and happy, that's all I want. Pinky has comforted me then after I posted again. Frumpy replied, that I should not assume that someone is dead just because you can´t find their photos on the net. It may be that Travis has found out about scammers stealing his pictures and he deleted everything. I hope, I pray, that it happened like this.

My "down-to-earth son" also told me that I'll never get over it if I don't let him go, this means absolutely no contact any more to Phillip M. I have deleted all photos of Travis on my cellphone, have taken away all the photos of Travis I had hanging in my picture frames and threw them in the trash.

It has torn me apart to throw away the photos of Travis, but I've never had him and I cannot lose what I've never had. He exists only in my illusion, no matter whether he's still alive, or if he is dead. But why is it so hard, why is it tearing me apart? Because I fell for his photos, thought for a while that I chatted with this man, that this man also loves me and that he would come to me before my illusions were destroyed.

I must now just try to wait for what will come in the next future. If Travis is still alive and we are meant to be together, then he will show up. If he doesn't, then I'll find another, somebody I can love and who will love me as well, even if my despair is still huge. Have to fight back tears, I put a gel pack on my eyes so that they swell off somewhat. God help me through this day.

I will now take a shower and wash my hair. Maybe tonight I will continue writing. I am meeting J. tonight.

February 05, 2013
Today I am at home, I am sick, I have a terrible headache and I feel pretty weak. Yesterday I went dancing with J. and it was really nice. J. also danced, although at first he didn't want to. But he liked it. But for me it was probably too much, because I had not slept the night before. That’s why I feel so weak today.

But it is good, that I threw away all photos of Travis.

Well, I am proud of me. Just one of these Ghanaian a**holes called, the so-called "police". He was asking me, why he has not heard anything from me yet. I only told him very unladylike: "You will never get anything from me and you know what?F.CK YOU!" And then I hang up. Let’s wait and see how this continues. They will not abandon that fast, I am afraid, but neither will I! They don't know me! Don’t know how strong I am and that I never give up.
But I will not give up either my goals for this year. I must take care of it further, continue with my life and not just live in an illusion.

I am afraid to go to bed now, it’s already half past twelve, but I have fear that I cannot sleep, that my wishes and ideas are coming back and that I start thinking again of Travis. All day today I resisted the urge, to look at his pictures, or even to think about him. But at the moment the desire is coming back. I want to travel, go to the States and Canada. Have the feeling that my Mr. Right is waiting there for me.

February 06, 2013
This morning there was a response to my desperate post on romancescam (from Stealth). Stealth meant that I'm on the right path to get over all this. She even wrote that she bets $500 that Travis is still alive. If he would have fallen, there would have been a memorial service by the U.S. Army and then I would find pictures on the Internet. So, this means that he is alive and has probably deleted all his photos from the Internet. And I post all the photos that I have at romancescam. This maybe wasn’t such a good idea after all? But how should I have known this? The other people must indeed be warned and this can’t be done without photos. And Phillip M. continues to scam with Travis´ photos.

But when I read that he is very probably still alive, I felt so relieved, so happy, even if I can't have him. But my hopes are back again. I still don't know how this affects me; I don’t want to think about it. I try not to think too much about Travis. It’s not good that I continue, where I was before, to imagine that he would contact me. Why should he? If it is meant to be, he will do it, if not, well then I'm going to find someone else. Who will be as good as Travis is in my imagination, except that this man will be real for me. And I will continue my search for a new partner and I will find him and my long time without somebody in my life will come to an end. This year my life will change, I am sure. I just have to keep up and move on. I will never forget Travis, because this was a very traumatic experience just to go away like this. My lovesickness is still there, but not that bad anymore.

I am strong and I can reach my goals. I will make my life a better one, get over this experience and be stronger afterwards, that´s my plan. The man at my side has still no face at the moment, but this will soon change. Within the next year, he will have a face, I will know who he is, and this is something I am looking forward to. No more lonely nights.

I just hope that these Ghanaian idiots have finally understood that they will not get anything from me anymore, because at the moment I am receiving some strange emails, coming from a Frank Williams. Some weeks ago, I have been in contact at Friendscout with somebody with that name, this was probably a scammer, I didn't know at that time yet. But he sent also funny emails, sometimes twice the same email, just as Phillip M. did one time, also full of poetry and strange things. But hopefully, the Ghanaians will not call again. I will definitely not be very friendly.

Now, speaking of the devil, this guy from Ghana has called again. He was very angry with me, because I had said " You", told me that I didn’t know him and why I would tell him names like this, and I would go to jail if I didn´t get the necessary documents. I just replied that I want to talk to Phillip M. and that he should call me. And moreover, everything of this would be just a lie anyway. They just want to wear me down. They can try this as long as they want. They will not succeed. On one hand it is very funny, the troubles they are going through just to make money. It must probably be worthwhile; otherwise they would not continue with the whole scenario. On the other hand, this is getting on my nerves. Crap! But, I don´t want to go to the police here, they can´t help me anyway except leaving stupid comments, and second, nothing will be coming from Ghana anyway.

More will come in the next days

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby sweet Trinigirl » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:29 pm

Hula Girl,
As I read through this part of your journal, I started to cry. I began to feel hurt again. And then I saw that poem, it was the very same poem that dirt bag sent to me. I remember being so impressed that he could write something so beautiful for me. I remember thinking how lucky I was that my "man" wrote such lovely lines. I acted smug for days because I had a wonderful "boyfriend" and my friends did not.
How ridiculous this all seems to me now. All the indicators were there and It's easy to see it in your journal entries but the need to believe was just so strong. Just like you, I needed to believe in the love I was feeling for that rat bastard. If anyone had warned me I would have listened politely and then completely ignored them because I knew my "man" and they did not. I was such an a#*hole.
I feel every bit of your pain and confusion recorded in your journal. By the way I have now come to hate the word "confused." My scammer went from being a strong, confident business man to someone who was so easily "confused." I remember "he" would constantly call and tell me how "confused" he was by his circumstances and I was the only one who could help him.
Hula girl, you might be on to some thing here, the more I write about the experience and cry and laugh about it, the better I feel. I think it is time to post up those stories I've written. I think it will be some kind of catharsis for me. You have certainly given me a bit of courage, things don't look so bad in hind sight. Thanks for letting us see this ugly side of life and for showing us how you saved yourself. You really are an inspiration.

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:45 pm

Next part, February 07 to February 15, 2013

February 07, 2013
I noticed something completely new for me. Until now I always thought, men want only one thing, are driven only by their lust, incapable of real feelings. There are in fact many men like this but there are some who also have feelings, who want to find a sincere partner, and are not looking for an adventure. A whole new experience for me. Quite a few of them I have met at Friendscout are like this. Some of them told me, they don’t want to meet me, because they had met a nice woman, or because they fell in love with another, but the feeling wasn’t mutual and they had to get over it. Just like W., who just wants to have his head free, before having another relationship. Let's see if he's going to contact me again. He was a nice guy.

I am just curious, if the Ghanaian idiots will call again. If so, I don't know whether I should hang up, or whether I should ask, that I need more information, such as address, telephone number, names of the superiors, what do they actually expect from me (they get nothing from me anyway, I will only post the whole thing at romancescam and the IC3). Let's see, I will decide spontaneously. I don’t care anymore about Phillip M. this a..hole from Ghana. Man, how I hate it that I have wasted my time with him and that I believed this a..hole. Well, this is over. At least I learned something from it. I will not fall as quickly for such sweet words and nobody will get any money from me anyway.

But it is a strange feeling. Today I deleted old mails. And every time when I looked at the date where I sent the emails I've looked whether that was before or after November 2012. How I felt at the beginning when I thought I am chatting with the man from the pictures and later, when Phillip M. told me about this stupid box and I descended into a maelstrom of events, which nearly destroyed me. Beginning of November, my world was in order still and later in December it wasn't anymore; in January, it was getting better, now in February, it is still improving, but honestly, I would have rather missed such a terrible experience. What had I done to deserve this? The only real positive thing is that I lost so much weight, even if it was only because of my grief.

February 09, 2013
Well, I am not quite over it yet. My fantasies of Travis are still there. Thursday we were dancing to my favorite song again, like in November when I was listening to it all the time, and thus my training is linked with all things that have happened in November. Every time I hear this song everything is coming back. And I will (or have to) listen more often to this song. Because I realize again just as Dalida once sang: "Il y a toujours une chanson accrochée a nos souvenirs, il y a toujours une raison, qu'elle nous fasse pleurer ou sourir", (there is always a song attached to our souvenirs, there is always a reason why this song makes us cry or smile). How right she was with this song. When I hear this song during my workout, I dance like crazy, practice the steps until I am exhausted and can’t continue. And this song makes me cry even more, everything becomes so painful. I also downloaded another song: “Good bye my almost lover”. I listen to that song and I look at my favorite picture of Travis and can almost feel Travis looking at me, his eyes are so intense on this picture, a picture taken in January 2012. I should really stop now; otherwise I get more heartache again.

On Thursday Phillip M. has sent me 2 emails, I deleted them already. That I should calm down, that he misses me and still loves me. I answered him that I am not crazy and if I will be contacted by his "so called police", then I will say again "go yourself". He sent me the mail during my dancing classes and that I should contact him now on skype. I wrote from my cellphone that I was not at home and why he wants to meet me on skype? He had only lies for me, he wanted only my money and I had enough of this whole crap. I didn’t get any reply from him yet. But this was just 2 days ago. I don’t think that he or his gang has given up already. He is online every day. Makes me sick when I think about it, he is trying to find new victims, probably with the same story he told me, and all this with pictures of Travis. This a..hole! And how many women will fall for it and will perhaps again send him money? How gladly would I like to tell him everything I know. But that would not help. He would not listen anyway; he would just become a better scammer. So I'm writing down everything in my diary.
In my last email, I told him that I wish him good luck in his new home. I don't know what he has in mind? He probably only sees the money he wants to get from his victims. I don’t understand what he wants to do to convince me, so that I believe he is still stuck in Ghana, just because of this stupid box? If he were a Canadian or American citizen and a Major General in the U.S. Army, he would be at home by now. They wouldn´t leave a Major General lost in the middle of nowhere. He probably thinks that all white people and especially women are stupid. Maybe this black a.s has never come out of his f.cking country. Who knows?

This funny Daniel B. has contacted me well over a month ago on Friendscout, and he is quite persistent. I gave him my cell phone number and now he's calling nonstop. He sent me two different photos of him. One shows probably a man from Switzerland, the other photo shows a U. from Germany. There are several pictures in the net of this guy. I added Daniel on Skype, and then we chatted yesterday. He told me he is from Delta in Colorado, but has a terrible English. Also he would be at the moment in Ghana, to buy gold and diamonds, ha-ha. I told him that I had the impression that nowadays everybody would be in this damn country. He asked me if I had a cam which I denied. He then showed “himself” with his cam. There was this U. sitting bare-chested in front of his computer while he was writing and reading. After some time, the whole thing repeated itself, and also he sat in daylight in front of his cam and we have chatted at 10 pm Ghana time. So, this is night time, even in Ghana! But how do they do it? Where did these scammers get these movies?

I have just had a disturbing thought. Phillip M. once saw me on cam and he has 3 photos of me. Is he using them for scamming? But there are only 3 photos, there is not much he can do with it, can he? He wanted to have even more pictures of me. Thank God I did not send him more. There are not so many photos of me on the net anyway, I hope at least. Not on Facebook, I have always the same picture published. Have to search with Google to see which pictures can be found of me. Really a troubling thought that photos can be stolen and be misused for criminal purposes. How does this feel for people whose photos were really stolen, such as for Travis, and thousand others who find out about this? The bad thing is, there is nothing you can do, absolutely nothing, only take all photos from the web and from Facebook or put everything on private so no one can contact you, unless you invite someone. I am only waiting that someday somebody will come with photos of St. J.; his photos are constantly abused, unbelievable.

February 10, 2013
Another scammer has contacted me with photos that I have already seen somewhere. But I don’t know not where that was and if this is the same. Posted him at romancescam and told Friendscout about it.
Last evening, I was quite occupied. I chatted with this scammer named Mike and this affectionate fool named Daniel and also with a German guy. And all three at the same time! I have now removed Daniel and Mike from Skype. I have enough of this crap; they are only stealing my time!

Today, I am really missing Travis. Yesterday and early today in bed I made the error, once again, to let my imagination run wild. And every song that I listen to (no matter whether sad or funny), is connected with Travis. I have to look at his pictures, over and over again. And I can't help it, I just have to. I hope one day, I will get to know him; I still have hope. I will not give up, not just yet. I can only repeat, when I look at the picture of last year, it seems to me as if he would look right into my heart. I can’t forget these eyes. Oh, my heart is still so saddened.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I was very proud. Pants 2 sizes smaller as well as the sweater, everything fits perfectly. I have a body like a young woman, almost. I don't have to hide myself. And I can still make another size smaller! I want to lose more weight.

A guy from India contacted me; he is 33 years old. I have already asked him if I'm not a bit too old for him. He wants to meet me, but wanted to meet me at home, which I refused. We meet now tomorrow at 5 p.m. in front of the pub. Something to drink and then I have to go home anyway.
He asked me if I was ready for a sexual relationship with a younger man. Basically I don't mind now, I'm just not that specially attracted to Indians. But let's wait and see; his is looking very nice on his photo. I better go to bed now, it´s after midnight. The longing comes back at night. It is always particularly bad then. I don’t want to be alone anymore, would like to have someone by my side, to enjoy life with him. Oh, why does it still hurt? Why can't I let go, why do I always have him on my mind? Why can’t I let him go? Why is my heart still full of hope? I know, when I'm lying in bed, the pictures are coming back, my illusions, my dreams, wishes and desires. That's why I stay up as long as I can, so when I finally go to bed, I fall asleep quickly, without dreaming only of Travis.

February 11, 2013
This evening I went to the pub with C., the guy from India. He is really cute, does not really look like an Indian, plus his English is perfect. He spent some time in UK and the United States, he is working now at the hospital. He´s been here in Munich for a year now and likes it quite well. Overall, he is going to remain here for 5 years in Germany, and he still doesn't know what he will do afterwards. He prefers older women, he doesn’t like younger women. I think he has fallen in love with me. I also like him, but he's too young for me. Now I don't know what to do. On one hand, I find him exiting, but on the other hand, all my friends would think that I have gone crazy completely. Actually, this has no future. C. should be better with my friend E., she would be better for him. Not only because of her age, but she likes Indians much more than I do. He told me he has a strange syndrome (I don’t remember the name). It is difficult for him to move among many people, he is much better inside his own home, where he can relax and feel safe. He didn´t like it very much to go to the pub with me. He would have preferred to invite me to his home, which I refused. Now, I have invited him tomorrow for breakfast. He will come at 11: 00 a.m. Well, I don't have so much time tomorrow anyway. Let's wait and see.

D. called tonight and we spoke on the phone for quite a while. We have plans for Saturday night.

Haven´t thought of Travis almost the whole evening, after last night I let my imagination run wild again. His eyes, they just don’t let me go. His eyes and his sensual lips. How I´d kiss those lips; how I would like to be taken in his strong arms and that he makes love to me! During the day I can manage not to think of him, but in the evening (sigh) I long for more. Now it is again almost 1 o'clock. I will now go to bed and dream about (not) Travis. Again I listened to my favorite song, the song that is connected with Travis and Phillip M., when I still thought that I was chatting with the man in the pictures and not with this black a.s, when I was still hoping to take him in my arms early December. I have hardly dared to think about the future. All hollow words! Phillip M. no longer writes, but he is online every day. His police did not contact me again. But I fear that they will somehow get back to me. They will not give up so quickly? Except they have finally understood that they will never get anything from me, absolutely nothing.

February 12, 2013
C. was here, drank only a cup of coffee, talked a lot. But I told him, that it is very difficult for me to imagine that we would be lovers. The age difference is too great, my friends and my son would consider me completely crazy, if I would get involved with a man 23 years younger than me. And I have this social network, I have my son, my friends, they are all very important to me. I asked him what would be in four years? He would leave then and what would be with me? And even if we would stay together, in 20 years he would be 53 and I would be 76. He would still be young by then, but I would be old. This is something we should consider. And he has this Asperger syndrome. I think that would be in the long run too hard for me to deal with it. Asperger's syndrome is a lighter form of autism. And we better stop before we even start. He asked if we could stay friends? I have nothing against it, but I wonder if this would work out. People with Asperger Syndrome find it difficult to befriend with people, they have no big social network, if any. But I had the impression that he was close to tears. But he understood my position. I feel strange right now; looking more at Travis´ pictures again. I'm still going through such a difficult time myself, have to get back on my feet again. I will make it, of course, I always did. I will be the winner afterwards, stronger than before, will meet the love of my life and grow old together with this love, share the rest of my life with him. Life has still much to offer, happiness and love, many trips, but also lots of passion and sex. This is my wish and it will come true. I know that I am worth to be loved and I also know that I can love, the man I will fall in love with will appreciate it, will be happy to be by my side, will be proud that he can say that I am his. And he will show me every day that he loves me and enjoy all the beautiful things in life together with me. This man for me is, of course, at the moment still Travis and he will always remain a part of me, I will never forget him, even though I may never get to know him, will never speak to him, never will have sex with him, he will kiss me (now I had actually forgotten the NEVER!, also, you should never say never!). A part of me still hopes that I will at least meet Travis, even if he will never be mine (again this stupid never, I should stop really). But, if I meet him, he will kiss me, I want to be kissed by him at least once in my life, best, of course, every day.

February 14, 2013
Got an email by D. for Valentine's day today. I will have a look at home. I can’t open his email in the office. This is very nice of him to send me a Valentine’s card. Didn't think that someone would send me something for Valentine's day.

Yesterday I received again a mail by Phillip M., with a picture of a red rose. He said that he had sold the jewels and everything would be alright. I don’t know what he wants to tell me with this message. He wrote again about these stupid certificates, and that he loves me, that he misses me and why I don't answer. I should chat with him on skype. I replied that this was the first mail I received since last week and what he wants from me. And that these certificates are only 'worthless piece of sh.t'. And if he wants to chat with me on skype, then only if he has a cam, so he can prove to me that he is the man of the photos. I had attached a readnotify to my email. But today, he is offline the whole time. And yesterday evening he wasn’t online either. I find this strange now.

He opened my email this afternoon at 4 p.m. He was offline all day, now he is back online. I sent him a mail, asking him to tell me why he wants to talk with me; he could also give me a phone call. He would still have my cellphone-number. Let’s just wait and see. I added him on skype, but he is offline at the moment.

I am in a strange mood right now. When I look at the pictures of Travis, I no longer feel devastated; on the other hand, I'm sad. Got no love, as written in “Shades of Grey”, not just sex, but someone I could love and who would love me as well. When will this love come to me and who will it be? Yesterday evening, shortly before going home after work, I talked to my colleague K. and told her about Phillip M. She hugged me, wishing me my “Prince Charming”, I would deserve him. I told her, this is number one on my priority list.

Why did I take Travis’ picture away from my wall? What would it be, if I would put just one back again? My common sense tells me not to do this. But my common sense has left me at the moment. I cannot and I will not give up Travis, even if it doesn’t hurt that much anymore looking at his pictures.
I will put my favorite photo of Travis next to mine, otherwise I feel like having betrayed my love for Travis. My passport is also ready. It'll get it next Tuesday.

February 15, 2013
Tonight, after my dance classes, I went to see C., my little Indian. He is a bit strange. He is very sweet and nice, wants to have me, even though he knows that the age difference between us is too big and that we have no future. We had sex, but it was not what neither he nor I was hoping for. For one, my great desire has somewhat cooled down due to my exercises before, and also I couldn’t let go and he noticed it. He knew that I have a blockade in me and he asked me what kind of blockade I have. I didn’t want to tell him at first. But then I started telling him. Of course, my blockade is because of Travis and the whole story. I also cried while telling him about Phillip M. and Travis. He was very understanding, told me I should keep looking for my Prince Charming and that someday soon I will find someone out there. I would know by now that I'm able to have deep and sincere feelings and this would be something very precious. I should give myself two months time to mourn, this would be important, but it would be also a time to let go and look for a new beginning. I didn't think that I would have to cry so hard, the tears are coming back again even now. When will this be over?

I'm also crying because I put so much feelings into an illusion, I weep not so much for Travis. But on the other hand, I am making things more difficult than they are, because I put my favorite picture of Travis next to mine. That is where he belongs. It just didn’t feel right without his picture. I can't explain it. Now it looks even better than before; his picture is now next to mine. We both are photographed from the same angle. Yes, with him, I could let go completely, I would probably be uninhibited. That would be absolute Super sex with him. Super sex, because I love Travis, because he is the love of my life. There is nothing better!

A.shole Phillip M. has sent me an email again. Told me, everything with the police is settled. I would be contacted by the Bank and they would transfer the money, $1.050.000, to my account. He also told me that he would love me for the rest of his life, and that he will prove to me how much he loves me. After that I received an email from a Bank from Ghana, telling me that the money is ready to be transferred to my account. I would need to login with the password I received. The mail was immediately classified as junk mail. I will post the whole thing in the morning at romancescam; let's see what they will say about this. I won´t click on any link. They would probably hack my account and take all my money. Son of a b.tch, a.shole, what is going on in his mind, this black a..hole? At the moment, no words are bad enough to describe what I feel. I am saving the mails now, so that I can post them tomorrow at romancescam and the IC3 and then I´ll delete the crap.

More will come tomorrow

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby sweet Trinigirl » Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:12 pm

I remember feeling similar confusion, o how I hate that word. For months R. was all I could think of. Our relationship became based on sex. He would describe how he would scrub my back when he came to my country. He described in detail how we would make love and he kept referring to the time when he and I would be together. How do they know we are so lonely and looking for someone? How do they know exactly what to say, what to write? Now months later, I can quote line for line emails he sent that made me quiver inside.
Why do we still continue to hope for them. I know in my mind that he is not real, I know I was just an ATM machine to him, so why do I still dream of him and his coming to me? Hula girl, I see myself reflected in your diary entries. I did not want to give up responding to his mails. I did not want to stop remembering our long romantic conversations and I still cant stop looking at his pictures.
Looking forward to the rest of the journal.

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:59 pm

Why do we still continue to hope for them. I know in my mind that he is not real, I know I was just an ATM machine to him, so why do I still dream of him and his coming to me?
Yes, Trinigirl, I felt exactly the same. I think, we had very similar experiences. I couldn't stop looking for his emails, even when I knew, he is not the man I love. You will see later in my diary. My scammer is of course coming back.

But now, I am not looking at Travis pictures anymore, he is no part of my life anymore, neither my scammer for that matter. I am over this whole story. But sometimes, it feels a bit strange to translate my whole book into English. It's like starting over. Sometimes, I have tears in my eyes, but I think (or better I hope), these are tears I would cry over every sad story.
But I am happy that you like my journal.

So, here is the next part (until end of February)

February 17, 2013
Yesterday, I went out with D. for dinner, afterwards we had a cocktail. It was a nice evening, D. and I, we have many common interests. I told him something about my scamming experience, but I did not tell him that I had actually sent money to this dumbass.

February 18, 2013
I write a bit before going to bed. I really want to write every day, even if it’s something unimportant. To express my thoughts helps me. This day was not particularly exciting; I was feeling a bit blue. I didn’t look deliberately at Travis pictures, but I had this special song in my head and heard it in my mind the whole day. Phillip M. hasn’t been online yesterday, nor today. That’s strange.

C., my little Indian, contacted me again today, would like to meet me again. I told him next Tuesday.
Today once again I looked at Friendscout. When I logged in, the first thing I saw was a picture of U. on the front page, used again by such a dumbass scammer. I immediately sent a mail to Friendscout, telling them about the picture, together with a link to Right after this I logged out, I didn’t want to meet any new men that day.

Today I received the DVD "Midnight in Paris", I watched it right away. There are such beautiful shots of Paris to see, I had a longing to go there again. When the Louvre came in sight, I suddenly thought of Travis, about his picture that was taken there and suddenly I was sad. I should not think about Travis, it still hurts too much. How gladly would I like to show him Paris, walking hand in hand through the streets. I better stop right now.

I have been thinking again about Travis’ age. He is at least 10 to 15 years younger than me; he would probably never be interested in me, even if I look much younger than I am; and also because he is probably married. I just have to look at his picture where he is looking with so much love into the camera. But never say never. Who knows what lies ahead? In any case better things are lying ahead, it’s getting better already.

This year or the next, I will walk hand in hand with my great love in the streets of Munich, Paris or Las Vegas (don’t forget to visualize). The problem is, when I visualize something, I walk hand in hand with Travis. The man at my side has still his face.

February 19, 2013
Phillip M. is still offline. This is really strange. I don't understand it. What happened to him? Maybe they have arrested him at last. I will not add him on skype; I don’t want to get contacted by him again. Maybe he went home to make a feast with his family with MY money. Nice :( A**hole.

I will have a look at Friendscout, if they have deleted this guy with pictures of U. On romancescam I have found some pictures of men who already have tried to scam me. I found also pictures of the guy who was the first contacting me in English, telling me he lived in Hamburg. I found the picture he used as his msn-avatar in the thread of St. J. Maybe I should take a closer look at the section “White Males”. Just in case! In the meantime I know a lot about St. J., he became quite familiar to me. The poor guy! His photos are constantly abused. Maybe someday, another scammer will contact me again with his pictures.

But I don’t know if I will stay on Friendscout. If this is just the tip of the Iceberg, I really don’t want to know, how many scammers are trying to register there. You cannot be certain who is real and who isn’t. So, I will cancel my subscription in any case. Maybe I should register at ElitePartner or Parship, if only they would not be so expensive. Maybe there are no scammers on these sites. But I will wait for the next special offer.

I don’t know if D. and I will have a chance. He is cute, but he's not the great love and probably never will. Well, I will give us some more time. What bothers me about him is his constant lack of money and his close-fistedness. I constantly have the feeling that everything is too much, too expensive, he is watching life just passing by.

J. gets in contact with me only when I call. I don’t get it; it would increase his chances with me if we would see each other more often. I especially like his sweet smile.

I am also hoping to get contacted again by W. He is also very nice, but his personal situation is quite difficult. Well, I have to wait and see.

And the rest you can find on Friendscout? Either crazy and weird or only looking for sex.

Today I picked up my passport. Glad I did it, so I am ready at any time to go for a trip (don’t forget to visualize). Of course I still have many places I want to see, the world is big. But I want to travel with my new found love.
I will now log in on Friendscout to see if there are some interesting men. Well, nothing exiting. Have sent a message to a guy, but no response. I am feeling a bit sad now, nobody who is interested in me, nobody who cares about me. Next Tuesday I'm going with J. to the thermal spa in Erding, just sent him a text message. I will take the half day off. I have to get out, do something, before I go crazy.

Today, my colleague E. realized, that I am only 4 years younger than she. However, she thought that I was a lot younger. She was very surprised. It felt very good.

I think I will go to bed early today. I am tired and slightly frustrated. Well, there are also other days ahead. Maybe it will get better with increasing temperatures and when you can spontaneously ask somebody out.

I just realized why I am feeling so restless. Phillip M. has filled the void in my life with Travis photos and his declarations of love, at least in November and partly even in December and January. I had someone in my life, I was important to someone, had hope that soon I would not be alone anymore, and that I would be together with the nicest man under the sun. I had hopes and illusions, until they were destroyed. And now the void is back, now I am alone again. I love a man who knows nothing about me, I don’t even know if he is still alive. And this emptiness is hard to bear. But what can I do? I'm afraid the time is running out for me, because I have nobody in my life and I am not loved. I am searching for somebody that I will not find. What should I do? I want to love again; I want to be loved again. I don't want to lose these feelings; I want to get them back. I want to have butterflies in my stomach.

February 21, 2013
Why do I always reply to mails coming from Phillip M.? I don't understand myself. He is back online again, has been in the hospital because of his malaria. He told me that he misses me so terribly and he doesn’t know how to go on. All lies, son of a b.tch. How many women did he tell the same lies in the meantime? Makes me so angry. Is he telling other women the same story about the money and the box and his stupid Diplomat?
I better go to bed now, it’s after midnight.

February 22, 2013
Yesterday, shortly before going to bed, I have written that Phillip M. had contacted me again. I don't know why I always answer him; I have to be extremely careful. I know that he is not Travis, that the whole thing is a big lie, and he a big a**hole. He is a liar, even though he repeatedly writes how much he loves me, sending me a million kisses. He should know by now that I will not send him any money anymore and I will not open any links he is sending me. What else can he do? Send me a virus? The whole story was very well planned with every little detail. But still, he made some mistakes, like not looking at the titles of the pictures. Calling “his daughter” Petra, when her name is K. or not knowing what BAMF means. You should know this as a professional scammer. Did he get these pictures later or why didn’t he notice this? But very often, scammers do not care, how well or bad they speak English. But they should know, that many people in Europe, especially in Germany, speak English very well and immediately recognize a British, American or a Canadian accent and also see, if somebody is constantly making spelling and grammatical errors, as well as Phillip M. did. But I remember, at the beginning, his English was better and then it became worse. He told me, it is his “old and slow” computer. But I know from the U.S. Army that their technology is up to date. Maybe somebody else contacted me at the beginning and they took turns afterwards. I have to check the mails and the skype reports from the beginning.

Maybe I should try it again, to get more pictures of Travis. Maybe, Phillip M. will make a mistake, as he did already. But I should not make any mistake, I have to be careful.

On the other hand I will not get rid of Phillip M. and thus also not of Travis. Although I don’t want to get rid of Travis. The need to know him is not so strong anymore and I am not so desperate anymore, but the void and the restlessness are still in me.

Sometimes, I let my imagination run wild. I am sitting in the office and Travis calls, because he wants to get in touch with me. I think I would faint, I would feel sick, and I would cry and laugh at the same time. I couldn’t stay calm if this would happen. But these are nice thoughts, I'm only too happy to have them. If only Travis eyes would let me go, but they are deep in my heart and my soul. I will not forget these eyes, never, until the end of my life.
Phillip M. has sent me a message again with three pictures, all with roses, sent me 1 million kisses, and told me, how much he loves me. I should send him the password I have received from the Bank, so that he can change it because of security reasons. And I should add him on skype again, so we can have a chat. Well, I sat for at least half an hour at my computer, added him on skype, wrote an email which I did not send and then deleted him on skype again. I don't know what to do, romancescam is telling all the time to stop all contact with the scammer and not respond to any emails. Would probably be better, on the other hand I could maybe find out more about Travis. But that would not help me. I will not contact him and not snoop around in his personal life; I am not a stalker. And by the way, that would not get me the love of Travis. But I would like to rename my post on romancescam "scammers with pictures of Travis ………….., but no RIP behind! But there was no memorial service by the U.S. Army. This means that Travis is alive and well. Maybe the IC3 or the Canadian Anti-fraud center will contact him and he will contact me. If he does, I will explain everything to him.

February 23, 2013
I have received another mail by Phillip M. telling me that I am his life, that God has sent me to him, that he is really thankful for everything I had done for him, that I would be the "Queen of his heart" and of course, that I should give him the password, which the Bank has given me. I just don't understand what he wants to do with the password. He cannot have access on my account. He is offline tonight, so I couldn't chat with him. The question is whether I should contact him. I have removed him (again) from my skype contacts. Reading all this West African grammar made me mad. All this “am” instead of “I am”, the text written without punctuation, bad grammar. The real Travis would never write like this.

It would really be better if Phillip M. would get out of my life. But anyway, my desire to learn more about Travis is still there and Phillip M. is the key to it. I just have to be very careful; I really don't know how he wants to get more money from me. I will not tell him any password or anything else. I am going to ask him to show himself on cam and see his excuses. He has definitely no video footage of Travis, otherwise he would have shown it already to me. And he can’t show himself to me, because I would finally see, what mugu is sitting there. He is now again very present in my life and I don't like it. On the other hand, I like it, because I hope to learn more about Travis. I am really in a dilemma right now, my head tells me to stop, my heart wants to know more. Travis is also very present right now, but it does not hurt that much anymore. As long as Travis doesn’t show up! Then what? I think I would probably completely freak out.

Tomorrow afternoon I will go to the cinema with D. We will watch "Flight" with Denzel Washington.

February 24, 2013
Tonight in my bed, I made the mistake to dream about meeting with Travis. And the tears were coming back again. This morning I continued with my fantasies. That’s why I am in sad mood now. Only in my imagination I am really happy, when I lie in bed and think about the life I could have with Travis. How can I go on like this?

I looked through my conversation on skype I had with Phillip M.; from 06 of November until the diplomat arrived in Ghana and informed me that he needs money. Phillip has always written like this, except for one day, where he had made many mistakes, forgot words, made many grammatical errors. Blamed his old computer. Why didn’t I notice these many errors and the bad grammar earlier? I didn’t want to see it. I was still hoping that the man from the photos is chatting with me and that he would come to Munich. Oh, crap! Not this black a.., whatever he looks like and how old he is. I listen right now to my favorite song and earlier I listened to "Right here waiting for you". Yes, right here waiting for you, that's what I'm doing, Travis. Still! How long? Do I ever have a chance? Are you still alive? Are you okay? I wish I knew at least! That's why I should maintain contact with this son of a b.tch Phillip M. and maybe someday I will find it out. Phillip M. is the key. But today he is again offline. He is probably spending his day on the beach, has probably made enough money with his scamming, this dumbass.

February 25, 2013
Oh crap, Phillip M. has found my post on romancescam. He has sent me some excerpt of my text via email. He must have retyped it, since the text is somewhat different, and not exactly as I wrote it. This is really bad. I posted it on romancescam, the reply was, if I ignore everything, nothing's going to happen further. Except he can become a better scammer, because he now knows what to watch out for in the future. I started to write an email to him, but didn’t send it yet. Maybe I will do that later or maybe something is coming from him. This can be interesting, but I'm not sure if I really want to know.

Well, as I have written tonight, Phillip M. sent me some excerpts of my post on romancescam. According to frumpy I should ignore it, rule no. 1. I am trying to follow his advice so far, but I am in a weird mood. Can't even explain it. Did I still have hopes he would be the man from the pictures? Was there still a connection between us? Why does this feel so strange? I checked, whether Phillip M. is online, he was for some time, but is now offline. I have deleted and blocked him on skype. But the thing is he still remains in my address list. Until now, Phillip M. didn’t send me any further emails. Maybe he has checked at romancescam, if I had posted something about him. If so, he has probably seen it. Because of this I am not feeling hungry, I am just feeling sad. And I don’t know if I should send an email to Phillip M. Maybe he would try to write something on romancescam. But to do this, he would have to register and would have to pretend to be the man from the pictures. Would he try to blame me for everything? But I have enough evidence; I have been the victim and not him. I have often enough only received just nonsense from him; it should be obvious that he is not the RPO.

Yesterday, somebody from Friendscout has contacted me, telling me he would be from the ”UK”. I sent him a reply in the middle of the night and today I received almost a novel together with three pictures (of course from Ghana). Tonight, when I am home, I will check his pictures, and post him on romancescam and I will also tell Friendscout to delete his account. But these dumbass scammers, either they work in the "car business", or they are dealing with gems, gold, etc. As if we would do nothing else here in Europe.

Tomorrow I took the afternoon off, wanted to go to with J. to the thermal spa. But now, J. has told me he has to cancel it, because an important meeting came up. Well, that’s fine with me; I will use the free afternoon to do some stuff at home. A half-day off is not so bad either. Nobody will be at home; I will have plenty time for myself :)
Yesterday, I went to the cinema together with D. We watched the movie “Flight” with Denzel Washington. A very interesting movie. But every time I spend some time with D. I am feeling restless afterwards, something is always missing. It’s boring with him.

I think I have an explanation why I can’t get rid of Phillip M. He has been so far the only one who has repeatedly told me that he loves me, that I am the Queen of his heart, his love, his world, sent me kisses every day, something a woman can’t get enough of. And this since early November, with little interruption. But I doubt that he will send me more of his declarations of love; if anything will come from him again. Maybe only allegations, how I could do this to him since he loves me so much and why I wouldn't believe him and that I would regret it, because I would never meet a man like him. He has told me things like this already many times. On the other hand it would be good if nothing would come from him anymore, this nightmare would be over, at last. I would not have to take care not to make any mistakes or maybe click on a bad link, on the other side it would be nice to get more information.

Somehow, I am not feeling good, I don't know, should I cry or not! Phillip M. is online at the moment, I added him on skype, again! Let's wait if he will send me a message. Oh man, this sucks! Why do I behave so stupid? Phillip M. is NOT Travis, but a black a..hole from Ghana, a scammer, a liar, a thief! I can’t think straight, I think I better go to bed and read my book “Shades of grey”. Otherwise I will really start crying.

February 26, 2013
My stupid scammer is online, of course. So far, he did not send me an email. I was considering if I should send him one. But the question is, what good will it do? Bring me satisfaction maybe. But the damage is done, he has found the site and can think now about strategies how to be a better scammer. But he has still Trave and K. as Yahoo avatar and on Skype, he has the "looking good"photo. He has also now 4 contacts in skype, previously there were only three. Yesterday, his Yahoo avatar was gone. But today it’s back again. The photo is so cute the way Travis looks into the camera. With this photo you can capture the heart of every woman. Oh, I wish I could tell Phillip M. everything I know, tell him what scum he is and what I think of him. Only he would not listen and definitely not care about my opinion. He is nothing but a criminal a..hole. Have him removed from Skype. How many times did I do this in the meantime? I'm also acting stupid; I am not getting rid of Travis, nor of Phillip M. He should really send me an original photo of him, I probably would run away, screaming. Today, I am alone at home, can look at Travis’ pictures without worrying that my son will be suddenly looking over my shoulders. I will search for Travis when I am feeling better. I can’t do this at the moment, not yet. When I hear my favorite songs, I always start crying and I constantly listen to these songs, stupid me.

Today I read an interesting question: What is the biggest difference between two things? These were the difference between desire and reality and I answered correctly. What is my wish and desire? That I will get to know Travis and love him. What is reality? I love him, but he doesn't know me, does not even know I exist. The difference cannot be bigger. But I have bought a book with instructions how to make wishes become reality. Think big! Never give up! Wishes become reality, if you are convinced they will become real, if you have no doubt about it. I have these wishes, every morning when I get up, during the day, in the evening before I fall asleep, in my dreams.

I am really in a very bad mood today, my lovesickness is worse than the other days. I am looking constantly at Travis pictures, thinking if I should send Phillip M. a message. But he is offline at the moment. I listen to the songs I heard the last 4 months. Oh my God, already 4 months ago that I met Phillip M. at Friendscout. And I thought I can’t wait to the 5th of December, thought I would not survive until I meet him at the airport. And now, already 4 months are over since everything started! Of course he will never come, because he is a black a..hole and not the man from the pictures. And I don’t want him! I want Travis! I feel so bad today, sometimes I think, I can’t stand it anymore, want to do something to release me from this nightmare, and then I'm not doing anything again. I am listening to a song called "Winter in Canada". If Phillip M. would have been real, we would have spent Christmas in Canada - Winter in Canada. Listening to this song is making the knot in my stomach tighter and now tears are running down my cheeks. Because none of this is real and never was. I can only hope that it will be real soon. I would like to travel to Canada with my great love. Now more than ever.

Even writing down is no relief today. I am afraid to go to bed, because my fantasies are coming back and I will start crying again.

February 27, 2013
I will leave my diary open the whole day so I can write everything down.
It doesn’t do me any good to mourn for Travis, I certainly will do that for quite some time. This morning when I woke up, I continued with my fantasies about Travis and it made me sad again.

But I have to look forward, I was thinking a lot about my life, too. I want to continue with my goals for 2013 and I don’t want to wallow in self-pity. If I do, I will never come up again. Even though I still have a tight knot in my stomach and I am still longing for Travis. But now, I will write what I will do:

First, I will never contact Phillip M. I will delete my email I wanted to send him. I don't think that he will contact me again. He knows that he has no chance, that I know his intentions. And I don’t want to see his stupid face. The only thing that would be just nice to know is, if he would tell me the name of Travis. But I will not contact him. I will find out Travis name by myself and I just want to know his name. I want to know more about him, and I will know it, sooner or later.

I deleted the email now. I'm not the Queen of his heart anyway!

Of course, I would be nice to meet Travis, I have gone through so much because of him. This is absolutely absurd, what I am going through right now because of this a..hole Phillip M. I don't know this guy and I don’t want to know him, and yet he is dominating my life for the last 4 months. Such a thing never happened to me in my entire life. Did I ever have so many feelings for a man, I didn't know? And two different men, one is a black criminal from Ghana, the other, whose pictures were abused, a white, good-looking military guy from the United States or Canada whom I love with all my heart. If he can meet my expectations will be seen if we meet.

I should not forget my goals. These are to find my Mr. Right, success in my job, travel to other countries (Yes, I have my passport), meet new people, use my language skills and learn new languages. And I also feel better, because I am now slim. Makes me more self-confident.

February 28, 2013
Today I am feeling much better, although yesterday evening I went to bed with thoughts of Travis and this morning I woke up with thoughts of him as well. I have this song "Winter in Canada" in my head, but it doesn’t make me weep. The longer I am not hearing anymore from Phillip M., the better I feel. I hope he and his gang caught finally that they will not get anything from me anymore, that I know everything. Sometimes I still look if he is online or not and I also check my emails, but I got nothing from him so far and I will not send him anything of course. I would be stupid doing this, I would maybe even receive an answer and everything starts all over again. No, no! No more! I hope it stays that way.

Tomorrow will be our first dance session in K., the first after November 2012. I told a friend that everything had just started beginning of November and I was still full of hope, that I will soon meet a nice guy. I was not yet in love with him, it was just the beginning. But now I am in love with Travis, but with less hope, that I will ever meet him. What happened in these 4 months! Nothing to be seen right away, except that I am slimmer. But inside myself! I went through a deep crisis, many things have changed for me and I am still trying to recover. But there is also some good in it. I would not have changed, would this not have happened to me! But right now, there are still many things that I have to change this year.

My life, my well-being is important. Of course, my son is also important, but he is grown up, he is responsible for his own life. It is important that I feel fine, both emotionally and financially. I lost €6,000 to this son of a b.tch. But that’s just money. Forget about it! By the way, it will never happen to me again. I know what to look for.

I want to find someone to love and be loved by him, get married, make beautiful trips with him, live together with him. It would be nice if it would be here in Munich, here are my friends, I don't want to lose them. If this man's name is Travis, it will be however completely different. Travis is still my number one, the man of my dreams! I will never forget him, if only for his eyes! If I should ever meet him and we become a couple, I will be in heaven for the rest of my life. But I will keep it for myself, that Travis is still my number ONE. Until he is here, or until I meet my Prince Charming. I want a sportive, nice man, a sexually active man and he can also be younger than me. I have problems with men who are much older than me, they can’t keep up with me, I am much too active and sportive. I have my doubts with D., he is not the man of my dreams. He is sweet and nice, seems to like me too, I like him as well, but something's missing. But let's see if he is coming to our dancing session in K. tomorrow. But I will continue with my search for my dream man!

As today I am feeling better, except for a light headache, I start eating more. This is not good. So, nothing to eat for me anymore today. Thank god I still have my dance classes tonight. And I will only have my Herbalife tomorrow. In the evening I will get something to eat in K. anyway. But I will only eat a salad tomorrow evening and of course dance a lot. I don’t want to gain weight again. If Travis should show up one day, I will not need any food anymore, just his love (oh, that would be nice). And Travis picture will stay right next to mine until I find either him or somebody else.

I just wonder if something from Ghana will come. I don’t think that this is already over.

My dance classes are torture for me. I hear only the song I heard for the last 4 months, and this evening for 2 hours. I hope, we learn the steps to another song soon, otherwise I will go nuts. But I must also accept that this song is connected with this time and I can't change it. I listen to this song sometimes myself, when I am sad. I will go to bed now, want to read some more “Shades of Grey”.

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby sweet Trinigirl » Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:50 pm

After reading this i have begun to wonder if our scammers are the same mugu. Your story and mine are so similar. Your scammer sent you the same poem mine sent to me and then reading your journal today, you said he called you "the queen of his heart." My scammer called me this as well and even sent me a link to a sond from Westlife- Queen of my heart. he said he listened to this song when he was in his office and thought of me. I remember being so moved. I had such a thoughtful 'boyfriend.'
When I posted my experience, Frumpy BB responded and said that he really took his time with me, separating me from my family and friends so that I would not heed warnings. It was also pointed out that I had narrowly escaped becoming a deep victim, I was on the brink of taking another loan for 'him' which would have left me with no disposable income. 'He' did not care when I told him. 'He' just said I would get everything back when he came for me and cashed in his big whopping cheque. He would take me away from where I live to an adventure all over the world, he would make love to me in every city and buy me whatever I wanted. I was not motivated by greed but by love. My foolish heart believed all he had said. I wanted to believe it. Sometimes I still do.
Today, he contacted me for the first time in months. The temptation to respond was so strong, I had to run outside and water my plants and sweep the yard for half hour before it passed. It passed. I can now get on with my day. I hate him. I hate what he has done to me. He has introduced a level of fear into my life that did not exist before. I hate him and I hate myself for becoming a creature fearful of the unknown, of outside, of strangers, of kindly gestures. I hate him and all his kind.

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