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86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:49 pm

Here is my next part, beginning from June 1st. By going through this month, I realized that I felt really depressed and that I have been very sad at that time, I felt like being stuck in a roller-coaster, upside-down. It also took me a while to get better again. But I think I felt this way because I was in contact again with my scammer. What does this tell me and what should it tell the people reading these lines? That I/we should better listen to the people here: IGNORE all of your scammer's incoming messages. CEASE all contact. Easier said than done :cry:

June 01, 2013
Today, I have started to look at google for Nathaniel’s last name. There are hundreds of people with that name. This is probably a common name like Müller or Mayer in Germany. But Nathaniel Ackaah M. has definitely no Facebook account. I also searched for Prince M. There is a Prince M. in Ghana, already an older man and a writer. And a 26-year old man, who would rather go as my scammer. Could it be him? Maybe I should take a look at Facebook if I find the email-address of Joseph T.G. I hope this idiot does not have a Facebook account with this name. Fortunately, I found nothing. I am curious, if he will give me more information’s in his email. And afterwards, I will drop him like a hot potato. I will not tell him anything I know. He better remains stupid.

Scammer Daniel called again. Told me, his picture would still be published at romancescam and I should take it away. I told him that I can't. He had sent me an email concerning this. I told him that I don’t receive any of his mails, because I have blocked him. He is calling now from a private number which I can’t see. Maybe Nathaniel will also call me from a Private Number, I bet my ass. These scammers are criminals, scum.

Now I had a chat with this Joseph T. G. There must be at least 2 people. I went through the whole chat I had with him. At the beginning, he said that his son is in a school in Ghana and his wife died of breast cancer. Later he is divorced from her and his son goes to a school in Washington. And today, he asked me, what I had for dinner this evening. I told him. 5 Minutes later he asked again. I asked him if he is suffering from amnesia. He replied that only his son Mark would be in his mind at the moment. Such a dumbass. They probably take turns.

June 02, 2013
Everybody is "invisible" today. This Joseph T.G., Phillip M. and Daniel G. Joseph have not been online today on Skype. Did he get suspicious? Well, if nothing comes from him till Tuesday, I will post him on romancescam and that’s it.

Today, I logged in at Friendscout. Haven’t been there for quite a while. I had a message from somebody from Cologne. Probably not a scammer, he seemed real to me. I liked his profile and his picture. I sent him a message. Let's see if he will answer. But it felt quite strange. Friendscout is always connected for me with Phillip M. and what I've been through there. Then I have the song "Winter in Canada" in my head the whole time and I have a great desire to…….well, what… Travis, to travel around the world? To find my true love that I have not found yet, but I want to find and that I will find? I thought about registering at a Canadian dating-site. I don’t know if this makes sense? There are also many scammers at these sites. But maybe also one or more "real" guy. And then? Even, if I chat with somebody, how will I meet him then? Ok, at first on Skype with cam and then we would have to visit. There is no other possibility. But at least it is possible these days. I really don't know if I should do this. But somehow I am in a strange mood. And I would really like to know what happened to Travis. If he is still alive and, if so, whether he is married, how old he is, where he's from and where he is now.

June 04, 2013
Today I went to a café with this Franz M. He is quite nice, but not really my type. But it is of course nice to get compliments and feel as an attractive woman. And he did not ask me to have sex with him. He wanted to wait for that, which is quite nice. I like him, but that’s it. And I would like to feel this "tingling" attraction right from the beginning. And that it’s no use if I don't feel it.

Ms. H. is searching for Nathaniel. She has some contacts in Ghana and wants to track him, maybe chat with him on Skype. I asked her what she would like to discuss with him. But she did not reply yet. She thinks that I did the right thing in contacting Nathaniel and telling him what I think about him. In her opinion, Nathaniel is probably a sensitive person, otherwise he would not have flirted with me so nice, and on the other hand he is of course a criminal. I replied that everything would be very difficult for me and that I am feeling strange, especially when Nathaniel looked at me with love-sick eyes. I have put so many feelings in this and I have been through so much, I changed a lot, but I also got stronger. But I am just not done with it. It is getting easier every day, now that I don’t get any news from Nathaniel, because I have blocked him everywhere. And I am not in love with Nathaniel and I will never be. I was in love with Travis. No, more than in love, I wanted him to be my life and my true love, my real “soul mate”, would have married him immediately, if he would have asked me. But what good does it, this "would be, would have"? I don't even know if he is still alive. Well, how will this whole story end? Is it over yet, or is there more to come? I would at least like to know what happened to Travis.

June 05, 2013
M. from Bolzano called me today. He is in Salzburg at the moment and asked me, if I would like to come and meet him. This is really difficult, as I have already several appointments this weekend. I told him that I would think about it and send him a mail. He would be very pleased to finally meet me. But this weekend is really difficult for me. Today, it’s my friends 50th birthday and I don’t know if she will celebrate this coming weekend. And I wanted to play Badminton with my son and also my friend I. wanted to come over.

In my fantasy yesterday evening, Travis had seen my report on television and tried to contact me. In my fantasy he was stationed in Hohenfels and I went there to meet him together with some reporters. When I finally met him in person, I couldn’t stop crying. I even cried in reality while having this fantasy.

Today, I was going through some of the emails that Phillip/Nathaniel has sent me. And Nathaniel has tried to call me but didn’t get through. Can he read my mind? I called him and asked him what he wants from me! He wanted to talk to me and told me, he would miss me terribly. He asked me to tell him, when I would be online on Skype. I have just sent him a message via WhatsApp, that I am online now, but he did not come online yet. What does he want from me, this damn scammer? He is liar and a scammer and will always remain a scammer. He scammed already in 2011 and recently a woman from Switzerland with stolen pictures of Michael B. He has also sent her his real pictures, telling her that he really loves her. Everything is a lie!

June 07, 2013
But with all the changes in my life, I finally know what is really important in my life. MY FREEDOM! The freedom to decide what I really want to do in life. And I have written about this already before, in principle I know it for a long time, I want to have contacts with people from abroad, want to develop my languages, want to use them every day, learn maybe a new language (Russian?), want to be my own boss. I am envious of the people who can use their languages in the meetings, who can translate and talk with other people. I want to have this as well. I want to use my languages, every day. Just, how do I start? Where and how should I begin? I don’t have to hide or have fear that I'm not good enough. My English is good, I am perfect in French, I can improve my Spanish and Italian and I can learn Russian. I need to do this only for myself, just for myself and nobody else.

Why have I not pursued the things that I have started, not expanded, not perfected? I have the potential, but I always have been afraid not to be good enough, that I would fail, that others would laugh at me, or that it wouldn’t be important what I do, etc.

Well, guess why? My father! He always told me that I'm not good enough, a loser, wasting my time with unimportant, ridiculous things that are of no interest for anybody. I should care about the real important things in life, which are for a woman to getting married and having children, nothing more, no need for a good education, I am only a woman. That’s what I heard through all my childhood and the fear to fail is deep inside me. Because of that I don’t pursue my goals. But this doesn’t make me happy. I make mistakes because I want to make my own decisions, be free and not depend on others, be free from obligations, free from the expectations of others. To do what I really want. Live my life as I want, both professionally and privately. No need to ask for permission. I want to experience abundance, emotionally and financially. It is time that I start it. Go for it, you can do it!

June 09, 2013
Today I had a pretty lazy day. In the morning I was laying in the sun on my terrace.

I am writing with Nathaniel. He sent me two new pictures of him, with his new laptop. Well, what should I just do with him? Does he really mean what he says? I can't believe this. Recently he was again "invisible" as Phillip M. He's lying! It was Travis I wanted, the man from the pictures, and not Nathaniel. He can tell me a hundred times that he loves me. I can't take that seriously and above all, he is 23 years younger than me. This is all bullsh.t. At the end, he is coming to Germany. Oh no, I don’t want him here. It would be better to reduce the contact, stop it hopefully sometime. Or I should be such a bitch, like in the French movie "Un plan parfait". He would be happy then to end his relationship with me. But this is more difficult online than in reality. And the woman in the movie was not really very successful with her “perfect plan”. But I could be nasty and say "nice" things to him. Although, this is not me. I told him already several nasty things. And maybe someday, he will be sorry that he contacted me again, especially when a journalist is knocking at his door. But still, when I look at the beginning of my diary, where I wrote, that I don't know how this story will end, I must say that I still don't know how it, even if I am already further.

The woman from Switzerland that Nathaniel tried to scam in April with pictures of Michael B., he told her the same; that he is sending her his real pictures because he loves her so much. And he also told her that the man from the pictures would be dead, killed in a war zone. But this is not true. Michael B. is still alive and happily married. It could be the same with Travis.

But I have to keep that in mind the game he is playing. Only to what purpose? This doesn't make any sense. Does he want to come to Europe to look for a German or Swiss woman, who will fall in love with him, only to find him living at her expense and in return getting f.cked by him once in a while? Why did he ask me to marry him? Such a fool!! He can’t offer me anything! Did he propose marriage to the other woman as well? That would be interesting to know.

Or is he trying to scam these women again? So they fall in in love with the real Nathaniel and sending him money again? I must approach this like I do it with the other scammers, without feeling. But this is more difficult, there are much more feelings involved already. He is the reason that my life is upside down, that everything has changed and nothing is as it was before November 2012.

June 10, 2013
I have the song "Winter in Canada" in my head all day. I am in some kind of "hopeless mood". And I don't want to look at any dating sites.

But at the moment I feel like being in the wrong movie. No matter what area of my life, whether in my Dance Club, with Nathaniel, with other men I know in the meantime, everything is upside down. At least, my job is ok, but there is also need for change. And I don't know where to start, I have no power, I have no ideas. Soon I will be on vacation for three weeks. I hope I can go to South Tyrol for some days. I want to meet my "Ambassador", relax and see something new.

I was thinking about how it would be, if I would get to know the real Travis? Would he be my dream man? Would I again fall in love with him? How would I react meeting him in the first place? What would it be, if my wish would become reality? Only once in my life, and then until the end! The "dream men”, I've met so far in my life, were either married or not in love with me. All my life I am looking for the man of my dreams. Why haven't I found him? Was it always the wrong dream man? Do I want too much, did I choose the wrong guys, those who didn’t or couldn’t make me happy? And how does he have to look, my Mr. Right? What do I have to change, so that the right guy is interested in me? I have only questions at the moment and no answers.

But I'm stuck now, I'm tired and I will go to bed now. I just want to sleep and dream, dream about travelling together with the man of my dreams.

June 13, 2013
Today, I have chatted with Nathaniel for some time. Somehow, it was really strange. At the beginning, his English was actually quite good. Then he suddenly wrote a very strange sentence, then came "a moment" and after that I had the feeling that I'm no longer writing with Nathaniel. His English was really bad all of a sudden, he was monosyllabic. It would have been interesting to know who was sitting at the laptop. I asked him, but he said it would be him and who else should it be? Well, I am suspicious, I don't trust him.

I asked him who has played "the police" in February. He said one of his Nigerian friends. I asked him why he did this. He told me just because he didn't have any money for a private apartment. And he thought he could get this money from me by playing his police game! Dumbass! What the hell is in his mind?

I am just listening to my favorite songs and it seems to me that no time has passed; I feel the pain, the loss of my true love almost as intense as it was 6 months ago. I am looking at Travis picture and I wonder if he is still alive. I am feeling lonely and hopeless; I have no man, no lover in sight. What about Travis? What about my dreams? I'm stuck at the moment, this is awful. I am not going to any dating-site, I don’t want to see or get contacted by any scammer. What about Parship? I'm not really active there. Self-doubts are coming over me like a huge wave; I doubt whether I will ever find my dream man, if I will feel better sometime again; if I will manage to make my dreams come true? I am constantly looking at that photo of that Lake in Canada, where I want to go with my true love. Only, when will that be? I started reading volume two of “Shades of Grey” and Ana has also a heartache at the beginning of this book and I am suffering with her.

I am now hearing a favorite song: “Days like this one”. I heard that song the whole time in November, hoping that I will have a day like this one; that I will pick up Travis (Phillip M.) at the airport in Munich, we look at each other and hopefully fall in love; that I will be kissed and loved by the nicest man under the Sun. And? Everything was just an illusion. An illusion of this scammer Nathaniel, who only wanted my money. How could I have been so stupid? Why??? Why did I fall in love with him? Why??? For the rest of my life I have to live with this shame, this disgrace, that I sent so much money to this a..hole. I must live with the feelings I had for a man who does not exist, at least not for me and maybe for nobody anymore, maybe only in the memory of somebody. Oh, I only hope he is alive and well and happy. That’s all I wish.

I am trying to arrange Travis pictures chronologically. When has his “looking-good” picture been made? Was it taken at the same time as my favorite picture of January 2012? And has this picture been made in January 2012 after all? Is the date correct? His daughter is younger on the looking-good photo; during the visit to Paris she is already older. In some photos, Travis is more muscular. At the looking-good picture he has gained weight as well as on the picture of January 2012. I also have some military photos where he has gained weight, but also I have some military pictures where he is quite muscular. And on one military picture, he is already older and not that thin anymore. When he was in Paris, he was not that muscular guy anymore like on his photo of May 2004 with that HBO-balloon. Oh, I don't know. I'm stuck. It makes no sense and it doesn’t help me at all!

Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary


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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Apr 20, 2014 2:43 pm

Here is my next part until End of June 2013

June 16, 2013
Scammer Daniel called me today and was babbling something; because of his picture on romancescam. I should add him on Skype. I told him, I would only have time tonight. I was waiting for him to come online tonight, but he didn’t. I blocked him again. What does this idiot want from me? Should not have tried to scam me in the first place. And he is a scammer, no need to talk about it. He should have thought about it before. A little fame does not do him any harm. No one will come and arrest him anyway. He can just continue with his evil work.

I will go to bed now. Another 5 days to go and then I am finally on vacation. This is really necessary, I feel so exhausted. It would be nice if I could go to South Tyrol to see M. I really wonder if I will ever meet him.

June 23, 2013
Now I'm finally on vacation and the weather turned bad. But it doesn’t matter, I can do some stuff here at home.

This week some people from the television wanted to come. Also another woman wants to come and see me, also from Berlin. She is coming from the magazine Cosmopolitan. Oh man, this will be interesting. Because everything will be coming back again when I have to talk about it the whole time. Although Travis is really far away in the meantime, everything feels unreal. But the fact that I'm in contact with Nathaniel, keeps everything alive. I am just wondering what to do and to say so Nathaniel wants again money from me, as Ms. H. told me, so he will walk right into the trap. Ha, somebody from “UPS” will knock at his front door and send him my greetings. He called already twice today. I am really wondering what he wants. Maybe I call him back this time. His cell phone is turned off at the moment. But with his email, he is invisible. OK, then I send him an email. Let's see how quickly he will respond. Not even 5 minutes later he was online! Well, well, well!

June 24, 2013
I have sent an email to Ms. H., telling her about my conversation with Nathaniel. I offered him money. He wants me to send him €800 so he can start working. He wants to sell cellphones. Thats what he told me. He would need that money so he could support me with his work, because he is the man. What kind of bullsh.t is that? I will send him (NOT) this amount during the next week, but via UPS, because Western Union would refuse and because I need an address and a phone number where to send it. And the guy from UPS will come and say hello. And then I'm hopefully free, free of Nathaniel, free of Phillip M., free of Travis and open for a new love. When I look at the pictures of Travis, I am not even sad anymore. It's just a shame. But I know nothing of him; don't know if he is still alive. And somehow it could be possible that his looking-good photo and the other one has been taken the same day at the same occasion, and not in January 2012. This could have been very well sometimes in 2006, because his daughter is younger, but his appearance had already changed. On the picture in Paris, his daughter is older (about 8 or 9) but he already had gained weight. So maybe this was in 2007 or 2008 in early spring or autumn. He had his muscular body earlier, beginning of the Millennium until 2004. Just reminds me, the photo that shows him in the snow, must have been taken later and the photo on the balcony near the ocean as well. This could have been in 2008 or 2009, if he died already 5 years ago :( . I could check the pictures from that time, taken by the U.S. Army in Afghanistan or Iraq. Do I really want that?

But Travis face is fading away because of all the contacts I have with Nathaniel and Ghana, and Nathaniel’s face becomes more clearly. Now I know with whom I chatted the whole time, everything has Nathaniel's face. Yes, and what face has the man of my dreams? The one I am visualizing the whole time? It is somewhat unclear, but it could be a guy like Travis, at least a white man with short hair, a very masculine man. A man with broad shoulders to lean on.

But I'm not even angry with Nathaniel anymore. I just want that this story is coming to an end! Everything in my life has changed; I am no longer the same person as I was a year ago. I feel better the way I am now, thinking more about my life. As I am now, that’s how I want to stay and continue in this direction.

In any case, I want to love and be loved by the man of my dreams, my visualization. It is my priority number 1 to find this guy, this year or the next, to live "happily ever after" with him for the rest of my life.

Phillip M. (Nathaniel?) is invisible; he wanted to look for a new place today. Maybe he's trying to buy a 4-bedroom house for his new love ;-). Oh man, sometimes I would like to tell him something, but I better keep my mouth shut. But that he is invisible is proof enough for me that he continues scamming other people. Hopefully, he will get no money, but his "victim" will get suspicious and finds the photos on romancescam. The question is, whether he continues scamming with pictures of Travis, or whether Phillip M. now suddenly looks different. His avatar is still that hot-air balloon. The next time I better not say anything, his avatar would probably still be Travis and K. I want to see Phillip M.’s avatar on Skype, if it changed. Well, it's the bouquet of red roses. And I can no longer see how many contacts he has. But he is still coming from Ottawa. I blocked him again.

I will stop writing for today. I will take a shower and clean up my apartment. Tomorrow I am invited to my friend’s birthday party. This week probably the television will come and also the Lady from the Cosmopolitan, so therefore, my apartment should be clean and not so messy. I listened to my favorite songs and how do I feel now? Empty and a bit lonely! Strange and weird! Nothing really hurts anymore, just a strange feeling!

June 26, 2013
Ms. H. hasn't called yet. I suppose she is now busy with her baby. But I hope she will contact me soon. I must keep Nathaniel occupied so he doesn’t get suspicious. This morning he was online, I told him that I would go to the Bank today to get the money. Tonight, after I came home from my dance classes, he was online on Skype, but I didn’t come online. I don't know what to tell him. I could only tell him that I have to wait for my salary and I won’t get this money before Friday. He was now more or less throughout the day invisible as Phillip M. I wonder what he's doing? Except from the pictures I posted on romancescam and the picture on this Canadian Dating-site, I can't find anything of Travis on the Internet. Today, I asked Nathaniel about “his plans” he has with me. He replied the usual, noncommittal way, that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. The main thing for him is that I send him money. Dream on. You will get nothing from me. Dumbass!

But at the moment I am not going to any dating site. I am not in the mood! I want to have my peace and quiet.

I hope that the people from the television will come soon and also the Lady from the Cosmopolitan. She wanted to come this week. I hate it to wait and nothing happens. Well, I will go to bed now and read a bit my book “Shades of Grey”. It’s already past midnight and I want to get up early in the morning.

June 29, 2013
Somehow I get the feeling that I'm in a dead end at the moment. I want to change a lot, must change a lot, but I don't know how or how and where to start. My money situation is not that good at the moment because of the troubles I had with Phillip M.

But I want to improve my financial situation; I am going to make it. I have achieved a lot in my life; I have to be aware of this. It is just that I am not feeling well at the moment, I am not rested, I am in a state of emotional turmoil at the moment, and my whole nervous system is not very stable.

This stupid Nathaniel is going on my nerves! All his talking about not having any money! The whole time he is invisible as Phillip M. He probably tries to scam somebody else and is waiting that she will send him money. And he probably also thinks that 800 Euros are coming from me. Forget it! He is making plans already what to do with the money. But the UPS-guy will only come with my best regards and no money :lol: ! Ms. H. has her baby in the meantime, sent me a photo. She will contact me on Monday. The Lady from the Cosmopolitan magazine hasn't called yet. I hope she's coming next week.

I am so tired, I can’t think straight. I'm going to bed soon. I want so much to let my imagination run wild again, think about my true love, but there is only emptiness. I would only think about Travis anyway, but I don’t dare. What if he is dead? But on the other hand, Travis does not feel real anymore and is far away in the meantime, only a distant memory, an illusion. And what about the sunny side where I wanted to be? I'm not really there at the moment, either.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:56 pm

Translating this part felt really awkward. Why did I panic this much and why did I let myself get involved so much in this crap? But judge for yourself :)

Jul 03, 2013
Its July now and it has just 19 degrees! Now that’s some kind of kinky summer, no, some kind of kinky year! Yesterday it was nice and warm and I have been sitting on my terrace, but today's it cold again. :mad: Well, but it should get better the next few days and also warmer. At least in the last week of my holiday’s I should have good weather. But I haven’t gone anywhere again. Well, I don’t have the money for it now anyway.

My contact with Nathaniel is now in the last phase. Yesterday, I told him that I had bought perfume, which he could also sell in Ghana. But of course I hadn't. He wanted to see the bottles on cam. Lucky that I had told him the day before that I don’t use any perfume. But I had 2 bottles stored, one from Hugo Boss and another one. Both bottles were still full and I showed him these. I hope he didn’t get suspicious because I did not have them in a box. I sent Ms. H. an email, telling her that I want to send the UPS package on Friday. I will tell this Nathaniel and then he will not be able to reach me for the weekend. I will tell him that I am gone for a couple of days and he should give me a call when he received the parcel. I doubt that he will call me. Oh, how interesting it would be to be there in Ghana when he gets his parcel, just to see his stupid face! But once this is over, I have to block him everywhere, on Skype, all phone numbers that I have of him (3 in the meantime), and also his email. It would be interesting to know what’s coming after this. I bet he will try again, maybe also using “the police”, who want to arrest me for smuggling goods to Ghana. This time I will not panic, he can kiss my a.. ! I'll respond to nothing.

Yesterday I didn’t chat very long with Nathaniel. I didn’t feel well and I also had a headache. And today I have not been online yet. Today, he is invisible as Nathaniel M. on Yahoo. Phillip M. is offline. This evening I have my dance class anyway, so I will not be at home and can’t chat with him. I'm not available for him today, only tomorrow. And tomorrow I can tell him that I will send the package on Friday. I hope nothing goes wrong and also I hope Ms. H. has her colleagues ready in Ghana. The interview with me should be by the end of next week at the earliest. The Lady of the magazine will get back to me. She has to clarify which article will be published. They have probably more than just one person with a scammer story. Well, let’s wait and see if they will choose my story. Not many people have a story like I have. But I could have easily done without such a story :( .

Another scammer has contacted me on Skype. He called himself Mike W. There is indeed a man with this name, but only 40 years old and not 48 as the scammer says and coming from Daytona Beach, FL and not Jacksonville, FL. and of course married. I wonder, who this is and whether this is the same scammer who has contacted me as Joseph T. G. But I don't think so. Joseph T. G. didn’t speak English very well, this one does. He even uses special American expression’s, you could even think this is the real Mike W., except that he reveals himself with his “am” instead of "I am". But he did his homework :liar: . It can’t be Nathaniel, whose English is far worse. I am considering if I should confront this Mike W. that I know who he is. The next time he comes online I have to check his IP.

July 04, 2013
Well, the Ghanaian colleague of Ms. H. is ready and can deliver the "package" on Tuesday. I don't know what will happen exactly. They have a hidden camera and the police will be there as well. I feel almost sorry for Nathaniel because the last days he told me the whole time how much he loves me. But he's still a scammer. I should not forget this. He is invisible the whole time with the email account of Phillip M. And he wants money from me again, so he could start working. Just what kind of job would that be? He didn’t make it until now. I only feel sorry for his son. The poor child! Oh, now he is online. I must ask him again about the address and the phone number.

He just asks how I feel tonight. Actually not fine. I have listened once again to all my favorite songs which are connected with Nathaniel, and of course with Travis. And I am feeling very sad again.

Sometimes I wonder whether I want to have a man in my life again, if I would not be better without one. But then my desire is coming back, I want to have someone by my side who loves me. I just don't know how and where to find him? Why is it so difficult? Why did I have to fall in love with Travis, a man of whom I know nothing, if he is still alive, if he is married, just nothing at all? And if he is alive, where is he? Everything is coming back when I listen to the songs. And next week will be a hard time for me when the people from the television will be coming to my house. I don’t know how I will react, if I am in the same mood as today. I will probably burst into tears when I tell my story.

Oh god, everything goes haywire. At least my job is ok, even though my salary is not and I am not as satisfied as I would like to be. I can’t use my languages, but I'd prefer nothing more than that.

Let's wait and see how things will be going in Ghana next Tuesday. I have to block Nathaniel afterwards. He will be mad at me anyway, because I have betrayed him. I probably can wait to receive more threatening emails or phone calls. Maybe also Nathaniel will try and call me. If he is not getting through with his 3 numbers, he will probably call from a “Private Number”. I don't think that Nathaniel will learn his lesson. But if someone with code 233 calls, I will not take the call and block the number immediately. If I think about it: Nathaniel is really a criminal, he just wants to make money by any means. And it seems to be worth it for him. He has a laptop, car keys are lying on the table, although he told me he has no driver's license, but that would be the car of his friend. He has an excuse for everything and if he hasn’t, he just remains silent. He did this as Phillip M. par excellence. I would be so embarrassed telling a complete stranger that I have no money, making up a story and then asking him/her to send me money. I was already so embarrassed by my story last year. I am so glad this is over and that it went quite well. But the people in Ghana are some kind of weird people, at least those who are “earning” their money with the scamming business.

My diary has already 120 pages now. I will continue writing until this story is over. I would like to write until I have solved the mystery about Travis. I only want to know his name and if he is alive. But what if he is indeed dead? At the moment I still have hope that he’s alive.

When everything is completed, I want to print it as a book. And then I will start a new diary.

Yesterday I asked Nathaniel what made him decide to stop with the scamming business.
He said then:
“well... i told you i went into that because of my only son Kweku, and later i realised that this very bad

[7/3/2013 11:56:16 PM] Nathaniel Ackaah M.: and i what in love with you so ask myself, why do you love the woman and still lying to her? So said no. to myself and said I'll tell you the truth.” * These are the sammers own words. I didn't change anything.

And he expects me to believe that? When I think about it, he must be a long time in this business; he always had an answer, or didn’t answer at all or just gave vague answers.

But I had to laugh when Nathaniel told me yesterday that he would go visit a friend. This friends name was Daniel and this was the same one that called me in February as the Ghana police and to whom I said " You". I remember that day very well. I was so sick that day, but then I was so proud of myself when I said that to him. Well, that is his problem, not mine. Probably himself a scammer.

July 05, 2013
Nathaniel thinks that I have sent the parcel today. I called Nathaniel that I am on my way home. He wants to wait online for me. I will wait another 5 minutes before I come online, but I will be online only a short time. He should not have any time to ask me for the tracking number. I logged in now, but he was not online and did not come. I have left him a message, telling him that I went to bed because I have to get up early the next morning as I would be away for the weekend. I hope he buys it. I've written also that he can reach me on the phone. But that’s fine with me, so he had no opportunity to ask me for the UPS tracking number.

My Ambassador M. from Bolzano is now online. I have not contacted him and neither did he contact me. I think I will send him a message. It's just difficult right now for me to travel to Bolzano, next week I don't have any time for that. I want to stay at home on Tuesday, want to know how things will go in Ghana. And then the television wants to come, too. I will just stay here, stay in the sun on my terrace and not come online. I will not speak to anyone. I don’t want Nathaniel to get suspicious. I can hardly wait until Tuesday.

July 07, 2013
Yesterday I went see my girlfriend G.; we had a nice afternoon together. We went shopping. I have bought a skirt, but already one for the winter. It was only €25. In the evening when I came home, I called Nathaniel and he asked me if I would be at home. I said yes. He would come online, he said. I told him a little bit, what I had done this day and that I did not leave for the weekend. He hadn’t read the message yet. But he was pleased that I was here chatting with him. After a while he asked, if I had the tracking number. ;) In the meantime I am also pretty good in finding excuses and not answering directly. I told him that I would probably have it somewhere, but that I have been pretty nervous at UPS because they had asked me a lot of questions. Nathaniel wanted to know what they had asked me. I told him that they wanted to know the content of the parcel and they would have asked why I spend so much money for this parcel. The package would have cost me €160. Nathaniel was shocked about the price, didn’t think this would be so expensive. He thanked me a hundred times and forgot to ask me again about the tracking number. Then, suddenly he said something strange:"I don't know what to say." I asked him what he meant. He simply said: "I love you" and that I would be his everything and he would not allow anyone to take me away from him. I had a very strange feeling. I don't know what is going on with me. I don't think that he loves me. It can’t be. He is a scammer. He says that a hundred times every day and who knows to how many women he said that already.

But I am not sure that the contact with him will be over after Tuesday. If only I could fly myself to Ghana so I could see his face. What if he will contact me again after Tuesday? I'm going to block him; I just have to do this. But what if he calls me from a private number? But on Tuesday he must realize that no money is coming from me; on the contrary, he will realize that he cannot trust me anymore. And still I don’t know if someday I will in fact travel to Ghana. By surprise and then search for him. But if everything is over after Tuesday, hopefully this will fade away. I am of course curious to see him on the video. I hope that I will get a copy. I feel so sick when I think of Tuesday.

But I have to admit it, I have feelings for Nathaniel. Otherwise I cannot explain my strange behavior. His constant declarations of love, his marriage proposal, that nobody's taking me away from him and all the other things...., then he doesn't look that bad either. He could be real nice. Then, I have called him "Honey" the last days, sent him kisses. Well, well. But I have to wait for Tuesday; I will not warn him. Maybe everything will be settled by itself. But anyway, it's a strange feeling. There is somebody who constantly tells you, how much he loves you and it’s difficult not to fall for this. Especially that I have put so much feelings in all of this, makes everything so difficult.

Today I met a guy named Dj. at the Tollwood-Festival. He is a black guy from Benin, a neighbor country of Ghana, is married to a German, but is separated from her, and has 3 children with her (the smallest is 4 years old). He looked rather strange. He had African clothes on and a strange hat, under which his hair was hidden. He told me he had long hair to the waist. We talked a while quite nice in French, but somehow I was ashamed to be seen with him with his strange outfit and his funny hat. Is Nathaniel also running around like this? I don’t think so. On the photos that I have, he is dressed in normal clothes. But Nathaniel seems to be Catholic, this Dj. is Muslim. But somehow, I am followed by Africa at the moment, especially the West Coast and Ghana. There are several African booths at the Tollwood-Festival, including one with clothes, called AKWABA. And AKWABA means welcome. I know that in the meantime very well, I will never forget it.

I hope that this week the people from the television will come; hopefully on Thursday. Then the UPS-thing in Ghana will be over already. Oh everything feels strange and weird at the moment, including myself. I should not tell anybody how I feel, or they would all think that I had gone completely insane.

Today I will not get online. If Nathaniel should ask, I would tell him that I have stayed at my friend's house because it was too late to go home. I don't dare to go online, not on Skype, neither with my Hotmail-account. Even when I appear offline, I have been contacted by Nathaniel so many times. I don't know if he can see it or if he just tries. But if I can see when he is online or invisible, he can maybe see this just as well. And I will not go to romancescam either. I better keep a low profile. If I should login, I will hide my online status. He should not get suspicious. Maybe I will just watch TV or play a computer game.

I have just watched a little video: "What dogs teach us". For example they heal, they share, they are loyal and the way they say goodbye. In this video, a German shepherd said goodbye to his master (an American soldier) at his funeral. It was real strange to see the dog grieving, knowing very well that his master will never come back. This video has touched me, made me sad, and reminded me suddenly of Travis, that he could also be dead. And I realized, I also have to say "Goodbye", I did it already, but I am constantly reminded due to my contact with Nathaniel and everything stays alive. It is not good if I develop feelings for Nathaniel, not good at all. But on Tuesday hopefully everything will be over after the delivery of the parcel. I'm not very happy about this at the moment, but I have to go through this. I have enough evidence that he is still scamming other people, he also tried to scam me, thinks he gets 800€ from me. And who knows what would come next. Frumpy is right, block all contact and incoming messages from your scammer. Otherwise I will never be free. Even, if Nathaniel would love me, this would not make any sense at all. He is 23 years younger than me, he could be my son. But he is a criminal, he can offer me nothing. I would have problems with my son, with my friends, who would not understand me. And I am not made for a life in Ghana and I don’t want to live there. And I don't want that Nathaniel is coming to Germany, even though he says he will never leave my side. Well, I hope he will not show up here all of a sudden. What would I do if he would come? Oh no, better not. I have just checked again; he is invisible as Phillip M. He is still using Travis pictures. I don’t need to have any compassion or feelings for Nathaniel. He is and remains a scammer. Everything is a lie! Nothing is true, what he says! And I'm staying offline. If he misses me or wants to hear my voice, he can just call. But as he didn’t call me yet, it seems that he is busy and does not miss me.

July 09, 2013
UPS will come tomorrow. The police will be there as well and the journalist got even a UPS uniform. Oh how I would like to be there tomorrow! I called Nathaniel and asked him how he was doing. He said he would miss me and would love me so, and was pleased that I had called him. The electricity is not working at the moment, that's why he can’t come online. But I told him that I am not at home, that I went swimming. He should have no chance to ask me for the tracking number. Again tonight and then hopefully tomorrow everything will be over. Maybe I will take my bike and go swimming anyway tomorrow. Ms. H. can leave me a message via WhatsApp. But it's a strange feeling, despite everything. Nathaniel will get a shock tomorrow. But I wonder what the police will do with him? Arrest him? At the time I posted everything on romancescam, I didn’t think it would end this way. But I have the feeling that this is not over yet. Travis is not solved yet and I fear that it will still continue with Nathaniel. I don't think that the police in Ghana will try to arrest him. I have no real trust in the Ghanaian police.

I am reading volume no. 2 of Fifty Shades of Grey in English. The book is much better in English. But Ana is using so many expressions, like “my heart skips a beat”. Nathaniel told me this as Phillip M. a hundred times also. I am feeling sad reading this and when Christian asked her to marry him, I had tears in my eyes.

Last night I met with Fr, an Italian guy. He was nice, but not really my type. Asked me if I would come to his place, which I denied. He drove me to the train station and kissed me. I kissed him also, but I had no feelings whatsoever. Fr. asked me, if I'm looking for my true love. I said yes and at that moment I realized that I am in fact looking for it and I am convinced to find it one day! Fr. said he no longer believes in love. I felt sorry for him, because I do believe in love. I know that I have these feelings and I am also willing to give it to someone. No matter how old I am. You're never too old for love!

July 10, 2013
Today is the day! I woke up shortly after 7 a.m. and could not go back to sleep again. Now it is 8:40 and I am edgy. I am waiting for Ms. H. to call me. Nathaniel didn’t come online yesterday evening but was invisible as Phillip M. Now, Nathaniel is invisible. I don't dare to go online on Skype. I don't know if Nathaniel was contacted already by "UPS". And as I don’t have any tracking number, I better be careful. I am now online on Skype, but my nerves are all on edge. Nathaniel is not calling and neither does Ms. H. Phillip M. is now invisible and Nathaniel is now offline. And now both are offline (11:57 a.m.)! I just sent an email to Ms. H., whether she heard anything from Ghana. This waiting bothers me.

For Christ's sake, he is now invisible again, both Nathaniel and Phillip M. but he is not online on Skype. What's happening there? Ms. H. still has not replied (12:30 p.m.). Should I call Nathaniel? I did now. He hasn’t been called yet and of course wanted to have the tracking number. I told him that I would check what’s going on and call him back. If just Ms. H. would contact me! I don't know if I could be a journalist. To make research is interesting, but the rest? I would get cold feet (literally ;) ) at the end. Maybe I occupy myself with something else as to wait constantly. Otherwise I will only make mistakes. Ms. H. will contact me sooner or later.

I went through "scammers4real" on romancescam. These criminal a..holes! And I checked again the post with Nathaniel’s picture. He's not better. The phone number that was mentioned in this post makes me sick. I know this number by heart. This idiot! I have no pity anymore with Nathaniel!

Yesterday I was also looking if I could find more photos of Travis. This is real strange. Now, every time I look, I find something. I found a new photo on badoo (but the picture is taken from afar and it’s hard to detect whether this is really him). I find pictures on Anti-Scam-sites, but of course nothing about the real Travis and not his name :( . But then, all these pictures are circulating in the net only since the last 4 months. I couldn’t find any pictures of Travis before February this year.

Now Nathaniel is again offline with his two accounts. Oh dear! Maybe they have contacted him and he's going to meet UPS. I will not call him anymore. I have blocked him on my email account. I must block him also on my cellphone and then of course on Skype. But only when everything is over. Ms. H. did not call me yet. It would be nice if I would at least get a short answer. Normally I always get a lot of emails, but not today. But maybe she is in a meeting or something. No, this can’t be. She is still in maternity leave. If she works, it’s only from home.

This Mike W., who has contacted me via Skype, is of course also from Accra. I sent him an E-mail with readnotify. He opened this E-mail already yesterday afternoon, but last night while we were chatting he pretended to have seen it only a minute ago. He gave me a call because I wanted to hear his voice. It is definitely not a familiar voice and not Nathaniel either. His English is quite good, both spoken and written, but he does make grammatical errors, puts sentences in wrong order, and is misspelling some words. I am thinking if I should ask him the next time about the weather in Accra :dumb: I don’t care if he will not reveal his true identity. I have every information I need and can post him on romancescam. And if he is giving me his real picture I could post this as well.

July 11, 2013
It’s late and I'm really tired, but I want to write down what happened yesterday (at least that I know) with Nathaniel.
I had called Ms. H. on the phone, asking her to tell me what was going on. But only the machine was answering. I asked her to give me an urgent recall. At 4:30 p.m. I still had no answer. I had just an email ready and wanted to send it to her when I received a phone call from a "private number". It was Nathaniel, completely hysterical. He told me the UPS had called him and he went to the meeting place. The UPS courier would have detained him and asked him to open the package, but Nathaniel didn’t want to do that because the parcel was already open. And the police was also there and wanted to arrest him. He broke away and fled "because of the sake for his son". He does not understand what happened and he would not be in Accra any longer. I pretended not to know anything and asked him repeatedly just to tell me what was going on, that I would not understand. He asked me if I could check with UPS and then give him a call. Shortly after I ended the phone call, I received a phone call from Ms. H. I told her what I had just learnt from Nathaniel. She didn’t know exactly what had happened; only that the Ghanaian police wanted to speak to me, but she promised to notify me when she would know more.

Last night, Nathaniel called me again, wanted to know whether I was in Ghana, which I denied of course. I "promised” him to go to UPS and ask them, what was going on. He said this UPS courier wanted to give him an unstamped parcel and urged him to open it before him. Nathaniel didn’t want to do this because the parcel was already open and he feared there would be drugs or something else inside this parcel. I don't know how he could escape.

This morning, I received a forwarded mail from Ms. H. The Ghanaian journalist wrote that they had filmed everything and that this would be a whole network of criminals who were involved in this scam. Ms. H. has also been in contact with a scammer, who then acted as an "assistant", who sent an accomplice to pick up the package and the police arrested him. This accomplice would now help the police to arrest the others. So far so good.

This afternoon Nathaniel called me again from a "Private number". I told him that I would be devastated, because he had lied to me again and that UPS had asked me a lot. He wanted to know what they had asked me. I meant I could not tell him much; I would have to wait for some answers from Ghana. But I told him that he would be a criminal scammer and would leave me devastated again. He said that he had not lied to me, that he would love me, that he did the first scam only because of his son. He would never lie to me again. He would have promised me that. I asked him where he would be now and how he got out of the city. He told me he would be somewhere in the North. If I have understood it correctly, he took a bus to get out of town. I asked him if he had used a car because of the car keys on his table. Of course, this would be the car keys of his friend, where he would live. He said he had spent the night out in the open and had not eaten yet and he didn't know what would be with his son. And then he started crying. He was really sobbing. I should help him, should say that I know him and I had forgiven him, that he was not a criminal. I am worn out myself now; I don’t know how to react. I don't know what to believe anymore. He would call me again tomorrow and I should help him. I just kept saying: ' Please don't cry. I will try my best to help you." Damn it, why only did he escape? And I myself will start crying soon!

After that I called Ms. H. We had a longer chat on the phone. She said that I would have done everything very well and Nathaniel would probably try to play on my heart strings now. I should no longer talk to him. On Friday, she will get more information from Ghana and she will send me the movie (at least a part of it). I told her, that I would not feel well now. First Travis and my broken heart and now Nathaniel. A ride on a roller coaster is nothing to how I feel right now. I said that I would like to speak to the Ghanaian police and they should call me. They wanted to have my number anyway.

I looked on romancescam a few times. Each time Phillip M. and/or NAT have been invisible. Both are now invisible (0:45 a.m.). I don't understand it now. With Phillip M. it is still plausible. Some of these scumbags are probably still using this account. Unfortunately, the police didn’t arrest all of them (if they will ever?). But Nathaniel? What's going on with him? Where is he? Why is he invisible? In other words, he's hiding somewhere, has access to a computer and is exchanging E-mails with his accomplices? Sh.t, if this is so, I have to watch what I say to him. If it's not him who is online, who is it then? No, that can't be. Who else should be online/invisible with his account? It must be him!

So, what do I tell him when he calls tomorrow? Apart from that, how long will the battery of his cellphone last?

Something is really wrong. I have to urge him to go back to Accra, he should do that anyway because of his son. Actually, I am the main person in this whole drama. Sigh, such a sh.t! What do I do if he really goes back to Accra? He can’t hide forever and also what will he do, if he has another malaria attack?

But on the other hand, if I think about it, he told me he is living for over a year with a friend (if this is true), didn’t make it in this time to get a job, but his friend has an apartment and a car. What does he do that Nathaniel does not? Well, I think he is also in the scamming-business. Everything is a lie! From what does Nathaniel live, if it’s true that he scammed only once (me), only to save his son and to buy himself some land with goats and sheep? He received my 6.000 € already in November last year. How does he pay his food now, his clothes, stuff for his son, his cell phone? He does not get this for free and he definitely doesn’t look malnourished. And he had always money to go to the Internet Cafe and also money to buy a laptop. And telling me all the time he has no money! Oh man, how will I get out of this? Now, I don't know again how everything will turn out. And all these phone calls to Ghana? This will cost me a fortune! Everything goes haywire, I was so happy that I was slowly feeling better and then Nathaniel is coming back and stupid me is involved again in this stupid sh.t. But on the other hand, these criminal activities must go public; the people have to know about this. If I can help to put these scammers out of business I have reached my goal, at least in Germany it would be already a great success. I have to go through this if I want to help other people, want to warn others.

Tomorrow I will see my friend R. She is the only one who knows the truth and I want to talk to her, when we're together. Now, I better go to bed and I hope I can find some sleep.

July 13, 2013
I am in a very bad condition today, just as Nathaniel, who has written me that he would be in a poor condition. Crap, I have no time to continue writing. I have to make the cheese cake for our summer festival and then I have to go. But I will write more tonight. I am completely worn out. :cry:

Everything goes haywire. I'm really tired, but afraid to go to bed because I'm afraid not to be able to fall asleep.
My nerves are at a breaking point and now I have diarrhea. Great :( . My thoughts go in circle. I no longer know what to do.

I know now in which city Nathaniel is hiding. He called me from a new number; I should send money (100 euro) to a M. O. in Obuasi in the Ashanti region. Then he could come back to Accra. I told him that I could not send him 100 €, only 50. I told him on my way to the beer garden that I would go to the bank and get the money and send it to him. I have the money now with me, but I don't know what to do. I have written an email to Ms. H. asking her how I should proceed. Nathaniel should not know that I am behind all this. But I did not get a reply from her. And so far, nothing has come from Ghana. They wanted to have my cell phone number, but nobody is calling. Ms. H. is now on vacation for 3 weeks. Her colleague is in charge of my case. I put her on CC in my email, but received no response. Well, they also have the weekend off. But I don't know what to do? Today, on the phone with Nathaniel, I started crying. He meant that I should not cry and that he loves me. I also said that I love him, but I don't, or do I? I don't know, but I have a bad feeling that this will end in a disaster. Why did he have to get away? Should I send an E-Mail to the police in Ghana? I would like to know at least what they are doing, if they pursue Nathaniel. He is online in any case, he is invisible.

But on the other hand, it is good that it turned out this way. I never knew I had so much acting skills and how well I have adapted to the situation. Nathaniel thinks that I have nothing to do with the whole thing, he trusts me (I hope).

Ms. H. has sent me an email, thank God (before midnight). I should not get hasty. If I send this money, it would be definitely gone. Where she's right of course. I should wait until Monday. The journalists and the police will evaluate the conversation with the hidden camera. And maybe UPS might want to make a second money transfer. But I don't think that Nathaniel will go for that. He's too smart. That doesn't work. Well, I could ask him, but I have my doubts. In any case, I'm sick now for Nathaniel. Lying in bed with diarrhea, which is not really a lie. I could tell him that I have the money, and as soon as I would feel better I could send him the money. But today on the phone, I have been really devastated. And depending on the results on Monday, I will send him the 50 €! He has to trust me, he must trust me!

Just too bad that I have to work again on Monday. I can't do anything then, can only check my E-mails. But for Nathaniel I'm sick, at least until Monday.

Oh Dear God, let me and my son get out of this unharmed. I want to have a normal life again. This man is ruining me, emotionally and financially. He's a criminal, a liar, a scammer. I thought about this afternoon at the beer garden, I want to have a loving partner at my side, with whom I can have a normal life, with whom I can enjoy the beautiful things in life together. But for this I have to get rid of Nathaniel, he has to get out of my life. Oh man, at first it was Phillip M., then Travis and now Nathaniel! This can't be true, everything seems so unreal! And Nathaniel is constantly invisible today with his E-mail account. This dumbass! Writing with his accomplices in Accra and probably laughing at me. Although, I don't think so now. Can someone act so perfectly well with a stranger? And the way he looked at me on webcam? And the way he cried to me on the phone? And telling me all the time how much he loves me? Well, that's his job as a scammer :mad: . He's got probably many years of experience!

Well, in any case I give him a few exciting days, who knows, maybe even a few very boring weeks or years in prison. I'm just sorry for his poor son. But he probably lives with his mother anyway. But perhaps Nathaniel is indeed married? How will I know whether he told me the truth that his girlfriend and mother of his son meets with other men and that they are separated?

But except for my friend R. I will not tell anybody about this whole story. R. is the only one who knows everything. I will not further involve any other friends. When some of them will see my report on television, I must probably give some explanations to them anyway. But I will wait if somebody will in fact ask me. Now I'm going to bed, it’s already after 1: 00 a.m. and I have to get up at 9:00 a.m. the latest. After the mail from Ms. H. I calmed down a bit and I am feeling slightly better.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:29 pm

Sorry, but it took me a while to continue with my translations. But I have been asked if I could continue with my diary. So here is the next part until End of July 2013.

July 17, 2013
The whole story is so weird. This afternoon Nathaniel called from a call center and tonight he is invisible with his email-account. I had told him this afternoon that I will send him 60 Euros so that he can return to Accra. I haven't done that of course. I am not online on Skype today, neither is Nathaniel and he did not call yet. Maybe he wants to make me curious about his whereabouts and hopes that I try to contact him.

Tomorrow afternoon I will go with the colleagues on a company outing and I will just come back on Friday. These will be two long days, not knowing what is going on. This afternoon I have also sent an Email to the police in Ghana and asked for news. But there has been no answer until now. I hate it to wait not knowing what is going on. Maybe I will send a message to Mrs. H.; I want to know what is going on. If Nathaniel is calling (probably) I need a good excuse, why I didn’t send him money. But I will tell him that he has already my 800 Euros and that he continues to scam me and that he again has lied to me, wants to ruin me. That’s what these damn scammers want anyway. They show no mercy, so I will not show it to him. But if nobody of the police is contacting me they will not be able to arrest Nathaniel. Who knows if he's still in Obuasi? This M. Of. is probably his friend, who gave him shelter. I have the feeling the whole thing went the wrong way. Nathaniel escaped and nobody knows where the other scammers are. I don't know who has been arrested and Nathaniel is still bothering me. I want this to be over, I can’t think straight anymore, only about Nathaniel and Ghana and all that sh.t.

I have the song "Winter in Canada" in my head, which makes me think about Travis. Everything was an illusion, I will never know him, I could just cry out loud. This man is still "the man of my dreams”, every other man chatting with me or whom I meet, have to compete with this ideal. And I am very fast criticizing them all, no one can get to my ideal.

July 21, 2013
Somehow, everything goes haywire. Today I went swimming at a lake with a guy called A. He is not bad but quite chubby and slightly unkempt (has bad teeth), what I don’t like so much. But he is a nice guy. He liked me; he told me that he wants to get to know me better and of course would like to have sex with me. I postponed that for the time being, I wanted to continue slowly. Well, let's see, he is nice, but not really my type and also much too young (I think 43 or 44). But on the other hand, it flatters me that he likes me.

Nathaniel called me this afternoon, again from a different phone number. He said that he would no longer be in Obuasi, but somewhere else. He felt very weak. I asked if he had again a malaria-attack, which he confirmed. I really don’t know what to do anymore. This man will ruin me if this continues. He sounded really bad on the phone. I told him to give me a call this evening, because the connection now was not good. He promised me. I tried it again in the meantime, but the mobile phone is switched off. What do I do with him? I'm really worried; I don't want him to die because of me. What should I do? Mrs. H. texted me once in the meantime, said I should just send the 50 or 60 Euro to Nathaniel, which would be refunded to me. But she does not have any news from Ghana either and I don't know, what is going on. This M. Of. – whom I called once - was upset with me, asked me why I want Nathaniel be arrested. Nathaniel (my husband) would be on the run because he is wanted by the police. I wonder if that's true. I have asked Mrs. H., but did not get a reply from her yet. I told this M. Of. that I have no idea what is going on and that I want to talk to Nathaniel.

Earlier, when Nathaniel called, he said that he loves me. I really don't know any more what to do. I had not planned that this gets out of control. I only wanted to scare him. But well, he is of course a criminal who actually belongs behind bars. I should have thought about this before. And it would not be bad, if some of these criminal a..holes would be behind bars for a while. But the fact that Nathaniel is on the run, everything went out of control. And nobody does inform me. :(

If Nathaniel is calling (I hope), I will ask him to tell me the truth. I want to know what is going on. He has to stop lying to me. But I will still pretend to not know anything about what happened on that day in Accra and that I am also not involved, I will say that at least to him.

This guy A. seems to be pretty in love with me. He is sending me endless messages on WhatsApp how beautiful I am and so on……….wow.

This is getting worse every day. I had a longer conversation with Nathaniel. He is not feeling well and I heard it. I asked him what's going on, why he's gone from Obuasi and why this M. Of. insulted me more or less, why I would want Nathaniel to be arrested. Nathaniel told me he knows that this is not me, that I am not involved. But he knew that the "UPS"Messenger had been a secret agent named An.This An. works for the Government. No one has ever seen the face of this guy, but he, Nathaniel, had seen him. When I heard that name the alarm bells were ringing. This Ghanaian policeman mentioned An. and the website also belongs to this this guy. But I wonder how Nathaniel did know that the UPS-man has been this An., who tried to grab him. Nathaniel presumed that the police had his name because I have mentioned his name on He asked me whether I would have mentioned his name there. I said yes, he has read it anyway. I told him that I didn’t know it by that time. But this is really bad, it would have been better if I would not have replied when he contacted me again in May as Phillip M. How will this end? What am I supposed to do? I'm feeling like being suspended in mid-air. I have no idea what is going on. I can’t reach Mrs. H. either and I don’t want to disturb her during her vacation. And she does not have any information as well.

Nathaniel gave me his bank account number, after I told him I would transfer money on his account which would be faster and anonymous. He has given me his normal bank account, but I need IBAN and BIC for an international transfer. If I would give the account number to Mrs. H. she could give it to the police in Ghana, and then? Nathaniel is somewhere in the vicinity of Obuasi, as he told me. But somehow I don't trust anyone anymore at the moment. I really would like to know what's happening there. Is Nathaniel member of a gang of criminal scammers? Or is he perhaps the leader? Or is he innocent and did everything for Kweku, his son? I wish I knew!

Everything went out of control. If only I had the film of the package delivery. Then, I would at least know what really happened and what they said (if they had spoken English). Shall I write to Mrs. H. or not? I really don't see the forest for the trees. I will do nothing now and just wait. I will consider the next steps when I get some news from Mrs. H. or when something is coming from Ghana.

I don't know what I feel for Nathaniel? And does he feel something for me? Or is everything a lie? Well, I have definitely some kind of feelings for Nathaniel, this really sucks. I have to admit that. Just to remember the way he looked at me on his webcam. Was this all a game for him? Again, I wish I knew.

Oh man, when I think, since November last year I am in contact with him, first as Phillip M., then I was heartbroken because of Travis, which is still not completely gone (will it ever?), but during this time I had at least no contact with Nathaniel. And now since mid-May the whole thing continues and again I do not know how everything will end. Am I only used and exploited by everybody? On the other hand, if I would not have told Mrs. H. about Nathaniel, nothing of this would have happened and Nathaniel would continue with his “scamming-business”. I must not forget that he scammed a woman from Switzerland in April this year, told her his name is M. B. and told her also how much he loves her. So he has not only photos of Travis, stolen (or whatever), but also pictures of this M. B. And he told the Swiss lady how much he loves her. Bullsh.t!
I will go to bed now, I am exhausted.

July 23, 2013
I have never been in contact with so many “real men” like at the moment. I am constantly dating guys. A. is quite fond of me. I also like him, but I'm not in love with him. Maybe I will someday, I don't know. I told him that I need time. But he's really a nice guy. A bit scruffy, this bothers me and also his bad teeth.

Nathaniel is the nightmare of my sleepless nights, still on the run somewhere in the vicinity of Obuasi and calling me every day. Because of his malaria he needs medication which would cost 400 cedis that I should pay of course. I told him now, that I am at the end, that the phone calls would cost me 200 Euros and the money for the doctor would be approx. 150 Euro and if he wants to ruin me. I told him that I have no money, that I had not gotten back my 800 Euros, I sent him ( :thinking: not) and that I would be broke. He was silent after this he said only that he loves me. If I would have been in Ghana 2 weeks ago to meet Nathaniel, he would not have run away and the police would have him now. But it would have been probably too dangerous, who knows what he would have been capable of. Above all, he knows that the UPS Messenger has been this An. and he knows now, how this man looks. This could be dangerous for An. as well, but this guy is responsible for what he does. He is a secret agent, his live is probably always in danger, he must be aware of this.

I just left everything open; I told Nathaniel that I am trying to find a solution. But my solution will be to wait for response from Ghana or Mrs. H. and then I will see. I will not make any phone calls to Ghana any longer. I just don't want anymore. Everything is out of control; Nathaniel told me more about that package delivery than the police or Mrs. H. I am still waiting for the footage, to get more information. I would help, if necessary, but I am hanging in mid-air. I don’t want that Nathaniel realizes that I'm behind the whole thing, but on the other hand I am stuck. This will end in a disaster, one way or the other. Who knows whether Nathaniel will survive this and it would be me then responsible for his death. I don't want that. I have too many feelings. But not quite so intense any more like 1 or 2 weeks ago. At the beginning I started crying when I was on the phone with Nathaniel, now I have problems sounding quite sad. This is just too much. I don't really know Nathaniel, he has probably made a lot of money with his scamming and I should not feel pity for him.

I have been contacted on Badoo by a black man called Steve. He is also from Ghana, but probably not a scammer, but living here in Germany. Before he lived in Italy. I met him briefly on Sunday morning at the train station, where he was waiting for his train to Bologna. We were quite nice talking in English. Tonight, he's coming back again, want to stay a few days in Munich and meet with me. Earlier I received a text message from him, telling me he is on his way to Munich and his written English with all these "am's" has made me very aggressive. This is so connected to scammers for me that’s why I get aggressive. I hope he does not have any connections to Nathaniel and his pals. I think I'll be a little bit careful, even though he did not make a bad impression on Sunday. But I will only meet him on neutral ground, have a drink and then I'm going back home anyway. Nothing more. I will not tell him where I live. And in the meantime I am such an expert in telling stories and tickle out things from people, without having them notice it. So I will probably know what I want from him to know.

I am now in contact with 3 scammers. I met them on Badoo, one scammer is coming from Kuala Lumpur, the other one is in Lagos, Nigeria, and I don’t know yet where the third one is coming from, I have not exchanged emails with him yet. But he is most definitely a scammer. From the other 2, I have received some photos and I received also the tracking report. I will post them on romancescam and then drop them.

I'm really curious about this television report. Mrs. H. is still on vacation, her colleague sick. Yesterday I was daydreaming, thinking that they are looking for Travis and then come to me together with him. This could be, maybe it is not that absurd. If only this would be true! Just to think about this makes my heart go faster. Because if this would happen I would fall in love with Travis again. But then? I still don’t know his name, if he is still alive and whether he is married. But I find his photos more often now. His pictures can be found on Badoo, then at a Canadian dating-site and also a woman has posted something on romancescam in my thread. Slowly, I get more information, but not as I imagined it. Well, someday I will find out his name and what happened to him. Just be patient! I know that I will find it out. The main thing is that he is alive and well. That’s all I want.

Nathaniel is invisible, almost all day. Where is he? He may not be so poor and sick if he is online the whole day. But I will send him nothing. Nothing at all. I will say that he ruined me, he has it anyway in some way. I really have a bad time, emotionally and financially. This is not so easy for me. It would be nice, if I would get something from the television. After all, I am available for their questions. I want to warn other people about this scammer problem. People should be aware what is going on, so the television could pay me some money.

A. is very affectionate. He is sending me constantly messages, overshoots, and then he apologizes like a little kid. I have not responded to his last message as I cannot (want not) be reached tonight. He has to wait until tomorrow.

July 24, 2013
I will not contact Nathaniel anymore. Nothing will come from me, no call, nothing! If he is calling again, I will tell him to get out of my life, that I have enough. Thank God, I have not sent any more money to Ghana.
I want to have back my normal life, want to have a NORMAL partner by my side and no scammer anymore. I want to love and be loved, not from an idiot from Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria or any other sh.tty country. They can just kiss my a..!

I'm going to bed early tonight. I am really tired, exhausted. Nathaniel keeps calling me, always from a private number because I have blocked him. But so far I have not heard the phone ringing soon enough or I answered too late. If he would just leave me alone! He can pay his doctor himself. He has more money than I have. I'm just tired.

Where ever I am online, there is always A.! On Badoo, Skype, WhatsApp. He is really a nice guy, but he is choking me in some way. We are not a couple and I'm not in love with him. He is not really the kind of guy I want and I said already earlier that I will not make compromises this time. Will I ever fall in love with him? I don't think so. Definitely not if he continues to be so clingy.

July 25, 2013
I have blocked Nathaniel, but not yet on Skype. He called yesterday a couple of times from a private number. Today he tried again from his phone number 5. But as I have blocked him, he does not get through. But I am getting more suspicious every day. Why haven’t I heard from Mrs. H. so far? I am asking myself why they let Nathaniel escape.
Sometimes I would love to go to Ghana myself and see what's going on and go searching for Nathaniel. But the problem is that I attract attention as a white woman. And also it is not wise to go there all by myself. But with whom should I go then?

And what should I do with Nathaniel? He continues scamming and he is a professional scammer. I have to keep this in mind and should not show any compassion when he is on the phone crying. And I will not call him, at none of in the meantime 6 different numbers. Someday he might get through anyway, or calling from a private number. It's so stupid, but a part of me hopes that he's calling. There are still so many emotions involved from my side. But what do I tell him when he calls?

Nathaniel called today; I called back and was very short with him. It is his birthday, he is 33 today. Apparently he's better; he probably gets an injection against his malaria every day. I told him that I would be fed up with him scamming me the whole time. He should stop ruining me. He asked me why I am talking like this. He would not scam me or try to ruin me. He wants me to come to Ghana. He would love me. Then, I meant that he probably has more money than I have and that I could not send him anymore money, because the phone calls to Ghana would cost so much, plus my 800 Euros, etc. He loves me and not my money, he said. He wants me to come to Ghana. And then?

He meant that he would rather go to prison, as to scam me. I told him that I would not testify against him. If somebody would ask, I would say that I sent the money voluntarily. Why am I so stupid? And would I really do this? Actually I am playing a double game. And if everything is correct, he doesn't know that he is on the run because of me (sigh). How will this continue? When is Mrs. H. finally calling? I can't tell anybody how stupid I am acting.

Oh, A. is really clinging. He sends beautiful pictures every day; I'm his princess, his stunning, beautiful woman. I haven’t done anything really. We are not even a couple. He is also too young for me; I think he is 44, which is 12 years younger than I am. Oh God! It flatters me of course that he is in love with me and telling me day and night how beautiful I am, but how should this continue? A. is of course on Badoo, I can’t make any steps without him knowing what I'm doing. This is really sh.t.

July 28, 2013
The weather is very hot at the moment, 40 0 C/104 0 F during the day, you sweat just doing nothing. I spent my weekend with A. more or less. It was quite nice, but I can see that he is not the partner, I want to have. I don’t want to make too many compromises and I would have to do this with him. Also I would like to have butterflies in my stomach and I don't have them at all. He is really nice and it is great what he's doing for his disabled stepdaughter, I admire him for this. Who would do this just like that? But he is like a clumsy bear, a little child who overreaches its goal, then apologizing a thousand times. I am his beautiful princess, even though I am 13 years older than him. Of course it makes me feel good. He would certainly be a reliable and loyal partner. But something is missing from my side. As I sat this afternoon at the lake with him, Travis came to my mind. And the way I have idealized Travis and what I want to do with a potential partner, A. chances are not very high. And I cannot imagine ending up in bed with him. When he opens his mouth and I see his bad teeth shivers are running down my back. But when I saw all the other couples, which were laying together in the grass, I felt lonely. I don’t have anybody and it is not A. He probably would be very happy, if I would try it with him, but I know it would not work out with him. I can hardly imagine that I suddenly fall in love with him. And how I would like so much to have my knight in shining armor with whom I would lead an exciting life, with lots of love, tenderness and sex, voyages, a house with a garden…….

Nathaniel didn’t call the last 2 days. Today he called while A. drove me home. Haven't heard the ringing. He is doing that on purpose I think, not calling for several days so I am getting worried and give him a call, just to see how he is doing. But today I didn't call back. He will call again, no need to worry. But still, I miss him, this is so stupid. I had to pull myself together not to call him. Will I ever know what happened on that day in Accra? I would really love to see the film they have made with the hidden camera.

July 29, 2013
Tonight I had dinner at a steakhouse together with A. But I paid my bill myself. A. did not invite me. I thought that I looked pretty good tonight, but A. did not say anything. Only when he was back home, he told me on Skype. Well, he was also quite nice to look at. He was better dressed than I had expected. Earlier, he wrote, that he wants to be the man at my side. But I don’t want to be the woman at his side. As a friend, yes, he is really nice and decent, but he doesn’t turn me on.

Nathaniel did not call me today, but he will, sooner or later. But the whole thing is weird. I don't really know him. I know that he is a scammer, a criminal and still I miss him, I have more feelings for him, as I have for A. whom I see almost every day at the moment. I really have to hold myself together not to call Nathaniel. Why? What would be if I would meet Nathaniel one day? Would I fall in love with him, or would I run away screaming? Or would I say hi, nice to meet you, but nothing more? Anyway, at the moment, I would rather have a black man than a white man. But on the other hand it is probably better I don’t meet Nathaniel. He could be dangerous, he is in fact a criminal and I don't know what he would do to me. Even though he says he would treat me like a Queen. Only a trick!

Today I have been contacted on Skype by a Jeffrey R. He says he would be from Galway, Ireland. When I said, that I have been to Galway, he found it interesting, but nothing more. This is a scammer, I am sure. I have to wait if he still wants to chat with me or if I am too dangerous for him because I know Ireland pretty well. I will not tell him anything about Ireland. His English was also not that good. And he is also selling used cars, a typical scammer profession. I want to know a bit more about him. His picture looked quite nice.

And also a M. Lawrence from Baltimore called me. Even with an US area code. But this was not an American, but again a black man from Ghana or Nigeria, I guarantee. The voice was so similar to Nathaniel, I wanted to greet him with "Hi Nat" and his accent was also the same. This is for sure no American. I need a few more photos of him. Have him added now on Skype.

Then I have chatted with my ambassador M. from Bolzano. He is also a bit strange and has hardly any time. He will have more time after August, the 20th and he is very busy at the moment. I am really curious if I will meet him some day. But I will try to stay in contact with him. I would really like to meet him and I want to know how he looks in reality. Perhaps in reality he looks better than on his webcam, more like on his nice picture.

A wannabe Italian Berlusconi sends me love letters on Badoo. Usually I understand what he writes, but it’s hard for me to respond. Sometimes I find an answer, but not always. I still have to improve my Italian. I've written him to come to Munich some time. But I don't know if I want to have him here. I don’t really like his looks. And he is also smaller than me and I have my problems with that. And he has no job, is unemployed. Not what I want.

But it is funny, I just realized it. I wanted to have international contacts, use my languages more. In the meantime, I speak and write English, French, Spanish and Italian. So every language I speak. I have international contacts but just don’t make any money with it yet. But it will come. This wish has become reality very fast. I have every reason to be optimistic about my future.

July 30, 2013
Nathaniel called, I tried to call him back, but his phone is switched off. Well, just too bad.

A. is going on my nerves. He wanted to spend the evening with me again. I told him that I have to stay at home tonight. And when I am somewhere online, he is calling me, trying to talk to me, sending me endless messages via WhatsApp. But tonight I will not answer. I have also other things to do or other people with whom I want to talk. He is really clingy.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby thewillow » Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:45 pm

I read your entries-posts- Your Travis is my Henry..

It's so difficult to get over Henry when I don't know if it's his real name. He is gorgeous and me as well can only imagine being in his arms being loved by him. It is difficult getting over...the man in the pictures. He is so beautiful the man I want yet I know I need to stop thinking this, everything you write is the same as I feel and felt.
Thank yu for sharing with us who mourn for the man in the pictures.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:17 pm

Dear thewillow,

I know so well how you feel. It was very hard for me to forget Travis. I wanted this man from the pictures so badly. And to know that there is nothing I can do, that this man does not even know I exist, was very hard for me. During that awful time I wrote this diary which helped me to get over it. I have finished writing it in the meantime and published it to help other victims.

You will also get over it. Just think of this scumbag who did this to you, who is not at all the man from the pictures. One day he will pay for what he did to you and others.

Take your time to mourn. Talk to some really good friends about your experience, come back here, everybody here knows how you feel. This will help you and soon you will love and laugh again.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby JulieNP » Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:23 pm

thewillow - the first thing you really need to do is to stop torturing yourself by imaging yourself in his arms. That is never going to happen and it prolongs your healing. Instead focus on what a dirt bag this guy was! And how great karma is going to be once it catches up to him!


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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby FrumpyBB » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:49 am

Thank you for appearing on SternTV yesterday, Hula-Girl :)
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

What is all this? => The FAQ

The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby FrumpyBB » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:55 pm

...and for being interviewed in Forum Wochenmagazin (in German, with photos) :
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

What is all this? => The FAQ

The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

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