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86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:26 am

And now, here is the next part from 01st of March to 15th of March

And a big thanks to frumpy for helping me translating and putting it in an orderly fashion :)

March 01, 2013

I am slightly melancholic today after listening yesterday for 2 hours to this special song while dancing. And everything came back again. I am wondering, how likely it is that Travis will ever contact me. Why should he? He has no reason at all. Has one of the victims ever been contacted by the RPO? The RPO’s are rather chased by the victims and have to deal with them. Moreover, Travis is younger than I am, probably married, with at least one child. There are over 4 billion men in the world; there must be at least one out there for me to whom I can fall in love!
And I should not forget, now I can do what I want, nobody there telling me what to do, no man arguing with me because he is in one of his strange moods. But still, it would be just nice to have someone by my side again. Life is nicer, especially when you have somebody in your life, when you can love and are loved in return. I'm just still too young to spend the rest of my life alone.

D. has written that he is sick, his back hurts and he doesn’t know whether he's coming tonight. Depends how he feels. Well, let's wait. This is going on my nerves, all these coach potatoes feeling terrible sick with each small illness.

Thought about this in the bathroom ;) Why do I think about what will be in 20 years? First, I cannot prevent aging; second, I am having confidence in this respect because of my good genes. I am really lucky so far, if I continue to take care of myself, continue with my exercises, I should remain like this for still a very long time. At the age of twenty I didn´t think of what would be when I'm 40. And at the age of 20, 40 years was already old. And now I'm 56 and feel not a bit old. I will just live here and now, be glad that I am okay and healthy and I can look forward to the exciting things that are still ahead of me, simply enjoy life. I have the luck of being born in a good country, where I have every opportunity, I am intelligent, good-looking and nice; I have a job, have many good feelings and love for my friends and the people around me; I also can make good money with my extra jobs. I feel fine!!! Thank you, Phillip M., that you've helped me to come to this conclusion, to make me change my life. Without you, I would have never come to this insight. Although it was a very hard lesson and I would have liked to have it easier, but glad that I came to this conclusion after all. It will be a long way still, probably also with setbacks, but in the end, the journey is the reward. And it's important to me that I continue like this and not get discouraged even if I'll have days where I am not fine, days, when I am missing Travis. But I've never had Travis, he existed only in my imagination, this will continue even for a while, but regardless the outcome, I will be stronger and more successful than ever before. My goals for 2013 remain as they are now, with Travis´ picture next to mine, with my goals and desires, with the money and all the other stuff and with my main goal, the wedding with my Prince Charming.
I will also continue writing my diary, because I like it, because it helps me to see things better, because it helps me and supports me on my way.

I am back home again. Tonight we were back in K. for the first time after November 2012. We were there the last time the 02nd of November 2012. I was thicker then, about 12 kg more. I knew Phillip M. already, but we had exchanged only emails, no skype chats yet. Didn't know at that time yet, what nightmare was waiting for me, thought I am writing with the nice guy from the pictures. And I liked his pictures already, especially my favorite picture. So it will be weird tonight. The last time I was still full of hope to have met a nice guy, who was in Afghanistan and who may come to Germany. But I was not in love with him, not yet. Oh, man, what happened in the meantime, I went through hell the last 4 months! Especially in November, when Phillip M. mentioned this stupid trunk box and the money. I had the worst time in December, until I found the romancescam page. I did so much research, how many times did I cry, I lost 12 kg. But I am also smarter now, not only because of the damage, but because I wanted to be smarter, because I wanted to get smarter, wanted to know what's going on.

I still cannot read the emails Phillip M. sent me. So full of love; no wonder I fell for him. I have tears in my eyes every time I read them, even now. And none of this was true, not one single word. This son of a b.tch.

March 02 2013

I fell strange somehow again. It simply still isn't over. The days are sometimes good, sometimes bad. And today, I feel somewhat depressed. I already felt that when I came home last night alone. The evening in K. was very nice. Though unfortunately few musicians were there, but we danced anyway and also 2 new people did dance with us. And I didn’t think, how I felt 4 months ago when everything had started and I was still full of hope at that time. It was not soooo in love anyway, only the first contact. D. did come despite of his back pain, but quite late. All in all he felt not particularly well. He left quite early, because he didn’t feel that good. My girlfriend R. has meant that D. and I would fit well together. On one hand it was a good feeling, sitting next to someone to whom I belong, on the other hand, I'm still unsure. But when I was home again, I was somehow in a bad mood, I come home and nobody is there, nobody is waiting for me or coming home with me. I suppose that is what I'm missing. My son is indeed at home, but that is not the same. How about if I would be coming home with D.? I don't know whether I'd like this idea. I am still totally unsure.
Must now go shopping, I'll continue later.

Phillip M. is once again online, hasn’t been for several days. Perhaps he was online with a different email address and now again tries to scam innocent women with Travis´ pictures. I have looked at his emails again he sent me at the beginning and also our skype conversation. It makes me sick! And I was so naive to believe that I was chatting with the man from the pictures. Was so clueless. And I believed everything with the money as well, but my friend G. also did, when I told her about it. There are hundreds of similar stories at romancescam.

Phillip had always said he wanted to see me dance, wanted to see my friends, wanted to dance with me even. I had always thought that in order to get to our dance school, it would be pretty difficult for him to pass by the rooms at this Afghan society or whatever it is, where it constantly smells the food they are cooking, and every time he would be remembered about his time in Afghanistan. He wrote me once that he doesn't like Arabs and all Islamists. That they would not appreciate what the American army is doing for them. Well, for once, this a..hole is right, except that he was never in Afghanistan, but he is a black mugu, perhaps 25 years old and definitely not the man from the photos.

March 03, 2013
I have been very lazy today, did only what was really necessary. I checked again my skype conversation with Phillip M. I just feel sick when I read this. Why didn’t I check this earlier? His bad language skills, his nonbinding statements? Every time I asked for more details, either, he didn’t answer at all or gave me only some silly answers, was not informed about common known things, he only repeated himself, like:

- I don’t know what to do
- Honey I love you
- Honey, don’t you trust me?
- Honey, do your best for me and our love.
Makes me sick!

I was online today at Friendscout. I got contacted by two scammers. One used pictures of J.M. I made the mistake of telling him that a lot of scammers are on Friendscout, I scared him off. The other one sent me almost the same email, Phillip M. has sent me at the beginning, but without pictures. I have replied with readnotify, I want to know where this guy is and when he read my email. It would be interesting to know the pictures he is using.
I have also chatted with 2 real guys, one called A. and one called P. P. was very nice, we will meet coming Wednesday at the pub. He is living at Lake Starnberg, close to Munich. I gave him my cellphone-number and he also has mine.

March 04, 2013

Today, I am feeling bad again. I am again very melancholic, yearning for Travis, but probably for a man with fire and passion. D. is not this guy; it's kind of boring with him. He is just too nice, too thoughtful and too close-fisted. I don't know. He's just not really alive.

I have received pictures from this new scammer, Christian E. I don’t know where he is coming from, assuming Ghana, he used a proxy, but he actually sent me photos of Sir J. St. I started laughing right away. Even the text is similar to that of Alexander H. sent me. He refers to himself as being "harmless". I will post him tonight at romancescam and of course tell Friendscout about him.

But in order to not scare off the scammers, I will not tell them that many of them are at Friendscout, because I will not get any information of them.

Phillip M. is constantly online, the whole day yesterday and again today, with the avatar of Travis and K. I am just waiting that someday someone will come to romancescam who again has fallen for his vows of love and the beautiful pictures.

March 05, 2013
This P. has sent me a SMS today that he is looking forward to meet me. I will make myself beautiful tomorrow. After work I will go to the pub where I´m going to meet him.
Phillip M. is also back online. I really wonder when the next victim will find her way to romancescam. Hopefully before she will send money to this a..hole. His English is really not that good; somebody should notice this, just like I did :( . Mine is a lot better, and I didn’t want to see it. Oh boy! But anyway, I have realized it in time so that I was not harmed more than I have been. My lovesickness and my longing for Travis are bad enough. But slowly it is diminishing. But I don’t want to know what would happen if I should meet the real Travis one day. Can he meet my expectations, the way I have idealized him? Well, time will tell.

March 06, 2013
Tonight I met this P. He is nice, I also like him, but it was just the first meeting. Let´s wait. He drove me to my dancing classes and M. said that I would look especially very good tonight.
On the way home we talked about Travis. She asked, if I should try to write to the U.S. Army, together with pictures of Travis, so they can tell me who he is and I could contact him. The idea is of course tempting, if the U.S. Army would tell me something about him. But what would it do to me? I would never contact Travis, because I would need to know that he is not married, I don't want to bother him. It would be nice to know him, at least to be his friend, but then I'd never get rid of him. Either he loves me and I love him and we are meant to be, everything else doesn't work. No, I will search for him myself, someday I will find something, maybe someone posts something at romancescam or something is coming from Canada or from the IC3. I am sad again now. Right here waiting for you!

March 08, 2013
Today I am very sad again. Why? When will this end? I have that tight knot in my stomach again. I listened to the song "Right here waiting for you", and now I feel lonely. Oh, I need some vacation. But I have to wait another 3 weeks.

A..hole Phillip M. is online the whole day. But he no longer contacts me. He is just scamming with Travis´ pictures, with the same name, probably with the same story, only the dates have probably changed. So far, no new victims have found the way to romancescam. A victim whose heart was broken, just like mine.

At lunchtime I logged in at Friendscout and two men started to chat with me. One called himself Martin Th, and sent me two pictures of U. (sigh). Have just posted him at romancescam and busted him at Friendscout. His profile has already been deleted. Then a James has written to me. It would be interesting to get pictures from him, but since I was at work, I could not write the whole time; I replied only shortly. His profile was deleted already this evening. Maybe he used pictures of St.J., I want to get pictures of St.J. for a change and not always pictures of U. or Sir J.St.

March 10, 2013

Tonight D. sent me an email, telling me that he would like to end our contact because he didn’t fall in love with me. There is a great sympathy between us but this would not suffice. Well, he is right, I feel the same. How many times did I write this here that I find him somewhat boring? So I will not hurt him when I will have found my great love, and I will find this great love. He is no longer looking for his great love, is satisfied with his life. Well, can I believe him? But this event has brought back Travis. This morning, when I was still in bed, I tried to let my fantasies go wild. It didn't work out. I didn’t really know about what to think about. But now, however, it looks quite different. Now Travis is back again in my mind and my hopes are also back again. Although I might get to like P. He is really cute, but isn´t he too young for me? And I don’t know what he is thinking about me. But, we only just met; I have to wait to get to know him better. But Travis would definitely not be older. But what the heck? I look much younger than I am. Everybody tells me this the whole time. And An. was also surprised when I told her that I would be 19 years older than her (she is 37). She also believed that I am much younger. And soon I will look even better, when I have reached my desired weight.

March 12, 2013
I looked at old photos of me yesterday because I was telling Ka. about my Hawaii vacation. I looked at the pictures and I realized how good I looked at that time. And I have always had doubts about me! Why? Particularly in Hawaii, I was slim, has been a beautiful woman. I am now almost 30 years older (oh, my God, next year it will be 30 years!), but I am still a beautiful woman, I am looking younger than I am, have a nice body, a nice, smooth face. I noticed yesterday that my body hasn’t changed that much in these 30 years. I want to keep it that way. I cannot change my face, can't stop aging here as easily. 30 years are a long time, I should not forget this. But my body will be that way again, it's almost already. And then I'm going to find the man of my life or he will find me. Again, no more lonely nights!

If I think about what I had gone through to start losing weight again, to think about my life and to change it! Thank you, Phillip M., you a..hole, helping me to change my life, because I simply do not want to continue like I did the way before. Although it is a relatively slow process, but I can speed it up even more and I'll change my life even further. And especially I realized that I have feelings, that I'm really capable of deep feelings. If I just didn't have them for Travis! I need a real man, not a fantasy on a picture! But I still have hope in a small section of my brain!

Today, it is again very boring in the office. I have nothing to do. I read so far the whole starting from January to now. It is already interesting to read about what has changed already in the last one and half months since I started writing regularly. From deep despair until now, where I'm no longer just crying, but to feel more comfortable again, my life is improving, even if slowly, but light is already visible at the end of the tunnel. I will make it and it's going to be even better.
I am just listening to my favorite song and it still makes me sad. But sometimes I can't change it; I have to listen to it. After work, on the way home I always hope that something is happening, that Travis contacts me that something is coming from the United States or Canada, just anything. But each time I am disappointed. No mail, no reply, simply nothing.

March 13, 2013
Today I feel again strange. Already the whole morning I had this knot in my stomach, feeling restless and sentimental. Also the song "Right here waiting for you" goes through my mind all the time. That doesn’t make it easier.

I found a couple of poems about love and lovesickness:
Don´t run to someone who is happy without you. Find someone who can no longer live without you.
Yes, Travis is happy without me, because he doesn't even know that I exist. I really should find someone who can no longer live without me.

They say time heals wounds, but you just get accustomed to the pain.
How true, these days still exist, where the wounds hurt!

Love is like a game in which you win or lose. I lost, but I won't give up!
I will not give up either!

Oh, if my eyes had never seen yours, I could easily pass by you! But unfortunately, I have seen them and slowly it breaks my heart.
Yes, your eyes, Travis, they fascinated me right from the beginning!

Not the love for you hurts, but the longing for you.
This longing hurts sometimes so much that I think I am not able to go on!

Now, my song is playing again. Only during my dance, I completely forget my sorrow. Then the thoughts come back, day after day.

March 14, 2013
I'm feeling strange again. I can’t breathe, everything is so difficult, and I am sad and sentimental. As time passes and nothing is happening, the more strange it feels. I have constantly my favorite songs in my head and they make me even sadder.

Yesterday, late in the evening I skyped with this scammer Daniel from Ghana. He's 23 years old and has sent me his photo. He has the same age as my son! According to his information he had never the intention to scam me, he simply liked my picture at Friendscout from the very beginning. Of course and he thinks I will believe this!!! He wants to be my friend / pen pal. But yesterday he told me that he would like to have his own laptop, so he could write with me at any time and could be online whenever he wants. At the moment, he uses the laptop of a friend. And he wants me to believe this crap? He can wait very long to get some money from me. This would be also scam, only in a different way. He wants to study computer science he said. At the end, he might expect that I support him during his studies! In any case, he is a really "black African". And 23! I told him he should take away from skype this dumb photo of this German guy. But this Daniel believes that if he pretends to be honest, I would easier be carried away to help him? I know all the tricks in the meantime. Either he will ask for things such as laptop, mobile phone or something like this, or someone of his family gets sick and he must help them; and he would need money for the hospital, etc. Don’t even think about of asking me! As I said, I know the tricks. It´s especially the fault what his “colleagues” from Ghana did to me. In particular, Phillip M., who is the biggest a..hole! Yet, it would be interesting to know his age! If he is as young as Daniel? I don’t think so, the voice sounded older and especially the Diplomat’s voice. They have been longer in this scamming business. Especially, when you think about the whole story they made up. Everything fitted together. Except for the bad English! They have to work on that still. ;)

March 15, 2013
Yesterday I posted Daniel at romancescam with his original photo. Today came a reply, that I should be careful, mugus want to be friends today, tomorrow they want to have something, support, visa, anything. I know that, they will get nothing from me. Daniel is from Ghana and I don't trust anyone there. Although there surely are many normal people there, I think, but Daniel is not. He is a scammer.

Another one has contacted me at Friendscout, also with pictures of U. I have sent a reply and gave him my email address. Still no reply from him has come so far. But it may be also that his account at FS was deleted again and he didn’t get my message.

I don’t really know how I feel. On one hand, everything is ok, but on the other hand….. Yesterday, I even imagined an accidental meeting with Travis. And how I would explain to him why I know him and how. It felt quite weird. Travis slowly fades. All my wishes fade away as well; they were all connected with Travis, except for the one desire: to have somebody in my life again, to love and to be loved, this one desire is still very present. But as I have no more contact with Phillip M., the whole thing exists only in my imagination that I once thought I had found the love of my life. And without Phillip M., the hope to meet Travis is vanishing. Well, let's see what happens next. Would I meet Travis one today, I would probably go crazy. But a little hopelessness is also spreading right now.

Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary



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Re: 86 % likelihood - Accra, Ghana : Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:52 pm

Here is the next part, until End of March 2013.

March 20, 2013
I met a guy, called A., coming from a small town in Bavaria. This man was absolutely not my type. He has a very simple mind, I hardly understood him with his Bavarian accent. I don't think that he will contact me again, although he told me that he will call me or send me a text message. But he was really a strange guy. Well, I felt exactly the way I felt together with D. My longing for Travis was suddenly back. It hasn’t been this way with P. it felt very good being together with P. I would like to see him again. How am I gonna do this without giving the impression of chasing him? I really have to think about it.

A. has contacted me again and thanked me for the beautiful evening. He would be pleased if we could meet again. Well, I will send him an answer, but that’s it! He is absolutely not my type.

I will send a text message to P. I hope he replies and we meet again. This would be really nice.

Phillip M. has been online every day since the last 2 weeks, but since 2 or 3 days he is no longer there. What happened to him again? Does he have another email address and he tries to scam other women with a different name or maybe he is suffering from malaria again?

Today, I have sent a text message to P. that I want to meet him again. He called me, but I had my dance classes and I didn’t hear my phone ringing. I called him back and we talked for a while. We want to meet again next week, when I have more time. He will see about his time schedule and we will call each other again. I am really looking forward to our next date. If the weather will be nice, I need to buy a dress or a new skirt, I want to wear something fancy and not always only pants. I want to look nice for P.

Today in the office I have been a bit sad. I was thinking about Travis, had my favorite songs in my head, the songs I heard in November and December. Will I ever get to know Travis? On the other hand, my grief is not that terrible any more, it is slowly diminishing, even when I look at my favorite picture of Travis. He is kind of fading away, slowly. On the other hand everything is kept alive with these scammers constantly contacting me on Friendscout. But when I think that I never will get to know Travis, I am still sad. I would like to meet him, at least once, would like to be kissed by him. Sigh!

March 22, 2013
I have to cut down the contact with this scammer D. He tells me to come to Ghana. But I don’t trust him. What should I do in this country? Searching for a..hole Phillip M? No, thanks, just the thought makes me sick.

March 25, 2013
I have logged in again at Friendscout. On Saturday, I have seen a nice profile, but without photos. His profile was written in perfect German that he wants to meet a nice woman in person and not chatting endlessly. He wants to find a woman who lives in Munich who would love him and not his wallet. His profession said Ambassador. I sent him a message. He replied that he would like to meet me.

As I said already, I logged in and saw his profile together with a picture of him. Wow, what a great looking guy! He looks "toogoodtobetrue". If he is real and if we should meet, well, I think I could forget Travis. He has sent me a short message, giving me his email-address. I sent him my cellphone-number per Email. I didn’t attach a readnotify. Let's see whether he calls or sends me an Email. I still don't know his name, he didn’t tell me. But I have to be careful, you never know. But: think positive and think big!

I hope P. is contacting me this week so we can meet again.

Two scammers have contacted me also. One called himself P. Robertson and the other one J. Hilson. I posted both men already at romancescam, and also told Friendscout about them and see if their profiles have been deleted. This J. Hilson sent me photos of this J. Mageau. The poor guy. His pictures are abused quite often. The pictures P. Robertson sent me can already be found at romancescam. The scammer has indicated his size and weight (178 cm and 78 kg). But I believe the scammer is pretty dumb. The original person weighs at least 98 kg or more and definitely not 78 kg! What a dumbass. By looking at this picture, you can see that something is very wrong.

I am now thinking again of Travis and I am also listening to my favorite songs again. Makes me very sad. In my vacation next week, I will search for Travis. I hope that I will find something. I think it is really the bad weather making me so sad. I felt already better. But if you look in the faces of the people, you can see that everybody is mad about the weather. I hope it will get better with higher temperatures and I will have more success with my search for somebody. I could eat the whole time, chocolate, preferably. I did not pay attention what I ate today. I was cold and I wanted something hot to eat. But I tried not to eat too much. I don’t want to gain weight again.

March 26, 2013
This Ambassador is a weird guy. I have sent him an Email, but didn’t get a reply until now. This afternoon I logged in at Friendscout and he was online as well. I tried to chat with him, he refused! Why does he say that he wants to get to know me and then not even wanting to chat with me? Sometimes, men are really strange. I am just getting suspicious again. I wrote that he looks "toogoodtobetrue". What, if he is just a scammer, maybe even Phillip M.? And if he is real and not a scammer, well, that’s just too bad for him.

Yesterday, I sent messages with a guy from another town, pretty far away from Munich. He told me what a beautiful woman I am and what he wants to do with me, sexually. I don’t like this, a guy not even knowing my voice, telling me what he wants to do with my breasts and so on. The pictures he sent me didn’t look that bad. But that doesn’t make it better.

P didn’t call me yet. I hope he will call me soon. I would like to meet him again.

But I have to tell, that except for P., there is no man I am attracted to. Of course, Travis is still my number 1 and I still have that tight knot in my stomach when I think of him. I put him on such a high pedestal; he could probably never meet my expectations. P is real, lives nearby; I must really try to get more in contact with him. Hopefully he didn’t meet another woman yet!

I wonder what I will find of Travis next week. I want to find something, want to know more.

How will my life continue the next months? What will change? Definitely still a lot. It is something I can look forward to, something I can be excited and hopeful about.

Why is it still so difficult to let go of Travis? He does not know me, does not know anything of me, and yet I hope that this will change (hopefully this year….soon). But I know nothing of him except that he has a daughter named K. I do not know his last name; don't know where he lives, if he is married. I don’t know his age, just know that his name is Travis and that he is in the U.S. Army and is or was in Afghanistan or Iraq. I don't even know if he is still alive. But he is alive, I can feel it, I know it, and I'm going to find him. I am looking at his picture over and over again, can't forget his eyes, wishing his lips kissing mine, I would like to caress his face, would like to be loved by him. Oh, why is it still so difficult?

March 27, 2013
I am so fed up and tired of these dumbasses from Ghana. I have tried to fill in the missing days of my journal. It hurts so much again to read the whole thing from the beginning, to read about my feelings, my despair. It makes me cry again. How will this go on? If only something would be coming from the IC3 or Canada? But I have my doubts in the meantime. I didn’t lose enough money, so they are not interested in my case. I can only hope that Travis will find my posts at romancescam and will contact me then. I must search for him. I need to know at least if he is okay and also if he is married!

March 28, 2013
I am feeling very good today. P. called, we meet tonight. He will pick me up after my dance classes and then we go eat somewhere. I will make myself pretty tonight. I am very excited and I am looking forward to tonight.
I received an Email from this Ambassador (his name is M.). He wants to meet me, but without any obligation, is open for everything, even if it should become more. But he has addressed me with the name Dagmar. He is quite strange! I will answer him tomorrow, not today; otherwise he thinks that I waited for his mail. I really wonder whether he is real and if he really lives in Munich and if he is looking like on his pictures.

March 29, 2013
Last night I had dinner with P. We had a very nice evening, we laughed a lot. But he talks a lot about his work, it was interesting, but sometimes it was just too much. We sat in the restaurant until after midnight. I tried to get some more information about him and not only about his work. He told me a lot about his stepfather (his mother is married with him for 30 years). His mother lives at Lake Constance on the Swiss side, near the city of St. Gallen. I don’t know if everything is true, what he told me, his family seems to have quite a lot of money. P. drove me home. He gave me just a small kiss and meant that we meet again soon. I would like to meet him again, but I don’t know if I could fall in love with him, I don't know yet. Also, I don't know what he thinks of me, and if I am not too old for him. I don't know. Let’s wait and see!

This morning I woke up by a WhatsApp.-message This A. sent me a message. He soon talked about his sex fantasies again. I replied for a while, but when he said that he is now really horny, I told him that I would make some tea now and that I didn’t want to make it myself. He just wished me a nice day then. I don’t think I will hear from him again. But I don't like it, if somebody tries to turn me on this way and I even told him this already. But he probably didn’t listen. If I am interested in a woman and would like her to fall for me, I would tell her lovely things and not this porn sh.t.

This morning I have sent a message to "my" Ambassador M., telling him that I agree with meeting him without any obligation and I asked him to give me a call if he wants to meet me. I attached a readnotifiy. The location said Bolzano, Italy. Is he living there? I suppose so, because I don't think that he's using a proxy, especially since Bolzano is not now known for proxies. He replied that he is looking forward to meet me and that he would now take a shower. I checked the IP address at romancescam. It is not a bad IP. Let's see how this continues and if we meet. In any case I'm curious and I would like to know him. But let’s see if he is real, this man who is looking “toogoodtobetrue” with his nice job. He probably earns a lot of money.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:22 pm

Now, my next part, starting April 02 to April 15, 2013

April 02, 2013
Tonight, I had some kind of collapse again. I was reading the book “Shades of Grey”. It’s a lot about sex, but also about the love Ana finds in Christian Grey. After I finished reading, I suddenly started to cry, I was sobbing my heart out, I couldn’t stop and I felt so lonely and heartbroken. Even now the tears are running down my cheeks again. I miss Travis so much. I don’t know why all of a sudden, I didn’t look at his pictures, did nothing that reminded me of him.

After a while, I was so exhausted and I fell asleep. I had a strange dream. I was on a ship, a cargo ship. But on this ship there were also passengers. I was sitting on deck and I think a friend from school has been with me. I walked around on deck, the water was clear and calm, and there were many living creatures in it, not necessarily fish, strange creatures that swam in the water. We didn’t move, we anchored, I believe, but far out. Around us there were many other ships, in the distance land or an island with mountains was in sight. But I couldn’t move around much on this ship. There was too much cargo on board. What does this dream tell me? Is the cargo on the vessel the burden of my soul I carry around with me? I probably should get rid of this cargo and try to move on. But I remember that the land lying ahead was beautiful, the mountains and the sea glittered in the sunset.
I am not feeling good today and I am pretty desperate now, also because of what happened last night and because of my dream. This dream has a meaning, I am sure. But as I wrote it down, I won't forget it.

Why is everything still so difficult? I don’t think that I can continue with “Shades of Grey” at the moment, otherwise I will get depressed. I can do that when I have a partner and we read this book together to have some sex ideas. At the moment I'm only remembered that my great love is unreachable for me :(

I think I will occupy myself, do some housework and then take a shower.

I am just thinking about my outburst last night. Everything came back when I read this book. I am now realizing why it was so difficult for me. I'm hungry for love, and I don't have anyone who loves me and this is killing me. And this also explains why I am so much attracted by these Ghanaian a..holes. First, Phillip M. told me day and night how much he loves me and now this other scammer Daniel. Well, I know how Daniel looks and that he is much too young for me, but still, someone is telling me that he loves me. I need to find somebody real and who will say that to me, I need a loving relationship. But that’s not so easy to find, especially at my age, although this is just an excuse. There are enough single men my age out there, who are also looking for a woman their age and not some 20-year old girl who could be their daughter. And I look good, I have a nice body, I am well educated. Hopefully, the weather will get better soon, so everybody is in a better mood and especially the men. Everybody is feeling blue because of this stupid weather.

April 03, 2013
Today I went shopping with my friend G. and her daughter. We looked for clothes. It was fun trying on all the new clothes 2 sizes smaller and see that everything fits. But I hope it will get warmer soon so I can wear my new clothes. I want to be attractive for men. Maybe for P. and hopefully also for my Ambassador M. I would like to send him an email that I would like to meet him. But I will wait a bit. I don’t want to be intrusive. But maybe I should not wait too long. What, if he finds somebody else?

Today I feel better, thank God. Of course I am still longing for Travis and it is not over yet. Tomorrow I will start searching to find some pictures about Travis. I could probably find something on the website of the U.S. Army. Maybe I start already now. I don't know what's holding me, probably the fear of not finding anything, or maybe the fear of finding something and the feelings will be coming back again.

April 05, 2013
Yesterday I logged in on Friendscout. On the home page there was photo of a scammer that I received already as well. Three people contacted me, all 3 scammers! This is so insane. One scammer used photos of A. Sch., a Swiss guy. I posted him immediately at romancescam and then deleted him. The other one wrote that his name is Martin and sent also a photo. My Hotmail said immediately that this email was coming from Ghana. I want to get more information of this Martin. He used a different photo at Friendscout. The picture I have received showed an Italian named Gino P. When I have enough information, I will post him on romancescam as well.
A third one also tried to chat with me, but the chat didn’t work. But he is still registered. I informed Friendscout about these 3 scammers.

Yesterday, somebody sent me a message that there would be interesting people on a dating site called “my” and I should register there. It would be free of charge for women. Well, it is in fact free of charge for women. I can try to find somebody there; I want to find the love of my life. I think I will stop searching for Travis. He is unreachable for me, one way or the other. I only waste my time searching for him. Someday there will be some light in the dark, some day. I only go nuts if I continue searching for him. And should he contact me, well, and then I will have to decide spontaneously. But I decided to stop my premium membership at Friendscout; there are too many scammers there. For the moment I am still an ordinary member and I still can get contacted by scammers :( :( . I also registered at my Hopefully, there are not so many scammers at my herzblatt.

April 06, 2013
I told Friendscout why I cancelled my premium membership. In my opinion, FS should really warn the people about the scammer problem and not just deny it or only telling that you should never send any money. Unsuspecting people like me will fall into the trap of these scammers. Every time I log in at FS, I get contacted by scammers. At the moment there are 3 of them who contacted me. One calls himself Martin Smith, living in Hanover (ha-ha). This Martin Smith used pictures of Gino P., an Italian actor. He called me this afternoon. Wow, he has a nice voice. Tonight, before going to bed, he wanted to call again, but so far he didn’t. But if he is in Ghana, he is 2 hours behind us, so it is only 9.45 p.m. in Ghana right now. I posted him already at romancescam.

He asked me to delete my FS account, because the two of us would be in a serious relationship. Dumbass, his account is deleted because I warned FS about him.

He just called again now. The voice sounds older, but a very nice voice with very good English. Not the voice of a black man. I am just wondering how this guy looks. It would be interesting to know.

A guy named Jason H. also contacted me. He sent me two pictures that I didn’t find on the Internet. I have sent him a mail with readnotify. Let's see what the tracking says.

Well, I got contacted by St. J. again. Oh, if only it would be the real St. J.! He called himself Mark H., we have chatted this afternoon and I am still waiting for his pictures and his email address. He told me that he is at the moment in Afghanistan (no sh.t) and would come to Germany next week. How should this work out and what will he do to get money from me in such a short time? He didn’t contact me again this evening. Maybe I leave him a message on skype.

Tomorrow I will meet with a guy named Franz from Garmisch. We will meet in Starnberg at 14:00 hours. He is not my dream man, as far as I can tell from the picture but let's see how he looks in real.

I will go to bed now, dream a little bit about Travis. Until now, nobody can compete with him. Every time I look at his pictures and see his eyes I could cry out loud my despair. But if he's a military guy, he could be anywhere, theoretically, including in South Korea, where the North Koreans try to threaten the world with their nuclear weapons. I would go crazy knowing him there; Afghanistan is already a no-go for me.

April 07, 2013
I have read my horoscope today. It said that I should pursue my goals, and not give up. But what is my goal? Should I continue searching for Travis? But my goal is to find my great love this year. And nobody can compete with Travis so far. I want to be successful, in my private life as well as in my business life. But in order to get over my experience with Phillip M. I am not able to pursue my goals; I'm still stuck in my grief and my longing for Travis.

I am now on the road to Starnberg to meet this guy from Garmisch.

I am chatting at the moment with 3 scammers from Ghana. I will tell this Martin with pictures of Gino P. that I know everything. I need to get rid of him.

I am back home now and chatted with this Martin. I told him right away that he is not the man from the pictures, but now he starts the same scam as Daniel. He said his name is Nana K. he showed himself on webcam. He is 30 and a typical black man. I wanted to have a picture of him so that I can post it on romancescam.

The guy with pictures of St. J. is also weird. There are probably two different guys using the same account. But the one, Mark H., wanted to send me some photos of St. J. The other one using the account calls himself Frank J. He sent me some photos already, but not of St. J., but from another guy, whose photos I have received already by the first guy who contacted me in English (when I didn’t know about these scumbags yet). I have sent a "fake" to Friendscout, so they can delete the account. This is getting out of hand with these a.holes from Ghana. I have to take care of my new account at I received already so many messages. I can’t answer everybody.

Well, the guy from Garmisch was not my type. Quite nice, but not what I have in mind. And as I said before, no compromise, it must fit, it must feel right and his name must be Travis (sigh). Otherwise it will not work. But it's really not easy. He also had a bad breath. Made me feel uncomfortable. He is a construction worker, that's not a profession I really like. I want an educated man, I am myself am educated. ;)

April 09, 2013
As I mentioned before I am chatting with three scammers right now. One showed himself and is starting to act like this young scammer Daniel, that he loves me and that he wants to be my friend. Exactly the same way. I will not fall for this bullsh.t. I will delete him from my contacts.

The "double" St. J. has contacted me as well. This is some kind of confusion. I got photos now by the one who calls himself Frank J. But he didn’t send me photos of St. J., but of another man, whose name I do not know. But I did receive these pictures already once, by the first scammer who ever contacted me, the one who said that he lives in Hamburg and owns a house in Munich. The other one says his name is Mark H. I chatted twice with him, but he didn’t send me any photos yet. The account at Friendscout is already deleted.
I have to post them at romancescam.

The third one calls himself Jason H., lives also in Hamburg. It is all a bit strange. He sent me two pictures, along with an email in English, but with some misspelling and West-African grammar (am instead of I am, etc.). He chatted on Skype with me and his English was actually ok. He asked me if I use whatsApp, then he sent me a message with whatsApp from a German mobile phone number. He also used the German word for mobile phone, which is “Handy”. He called me yesterday late at night after I was at home. I had asked him to call me because I wanted to hear his voice. He even had an American accent, but it didn’t show his number. The tracking with readnotify showed only a proxy server. While we chatted via whatsApp, he told me once, that he would go to the washroom. I don’t know, but I thought, washroom is only used by Canadians. But I remember, Phillip M. said that one time too. Is it also used by the Ghanaians? I can't find the pictures he sent me, but I think to have seen similar pictures at romancescam. He told me, he had deleted his account on Friendscout because he had found his future wife to be with me. It is true that his account is deleted, but I don't think for that reason, but because FS has identified him as a scammer. But what surprised me; I can’t remember giving him my cell phone number. So, where did he get it? But it can’t be Phillip M.; his English was not nearly as good and he also had a terrible black African accent, and this guy has not. Wait, now I just remember: Skype! My cell phone number is stored and visible to my contacts. That’s where he got it. This must be it. I have to find out who he really is. Tonight, I'll ask him if he has a webcam. If he is real, he should have no excuse, except he has no cam, but then I will tell him to buy one. But my gut tells me that this is also a scammer. There's something wrong. But this is a hell of a good scammer. Yesterday, for example, he was talking about a football match he was watching, Manchester United against Manchester City. I asked him who won. It was Manchester City. And this is correct, I checked it. I just got a message from him on whatsApp.

Yesterday, a man named M. from a small city near Munich contacted me. He sent me a very nice message. I gave him my mobile number; he found out that I have whatsApp too and sent me a message. I had seen his profile already once on Friendscout, but didn’t contact him, because he was not really the type man I like. He also looks pretty old already, but is one year younger than me. But his profile was written so funny and also his message was so nice that I finally answered him. Last night, we chatted for quite some time on the phone and he seemed to like me. Today I received his message, that I am some kind of super woman and he can’t keep up with me. I would be out of his league. I am not sad about that, but I wonder why he has this idea! I told him a bit about me, what languages I speak, about my hobbies. But that doesn’t make me a super woman!

I will contact my Ambassador M. as the weather is finally getting better and warmer. I hope he has time and wants to meet with me.

I have chatted with this Jason on whatsApp. He wanted to know my experiences with online dating. Probably for a good reason! I asked him to tell me more about his daughter; I didn’t get any reply until now. He must be a scammer! Maybe one guy is here in Germany and the other one in Ghana. And they have to crosscheck from time to time in order to be telling the same story. I think I'll post him at romancescam, whether this is a scammer, and then we will see. If this is really a scammer you have to be careful in the future, they adapt to the situations, these dumbasses. One picture of him with his father seems to me to be edited in Photoshop. Something is definitely wrong.

I don’t care about these scammers anymore and I definitely have no feelings for them. I don't understand myself, why I fell so much in love for Phillip M.? But everything was different at that time, I thought, I am chatting with the handsome man from the pictures. If today someone is telling me something about loving me, I am only bored. I want to have somebody real. Well, Travis is still my number 1.

At the moment I don’t know what to write, nothing is coming to my mind. I'm too tired. Oh yes, I have posted these 2 scammers with pictures of St. J. and have them removed from my skype contacts. Now, only this black Nana K. and this Jason H. still remain. But after this afternoon when I asked him about his daughter, no reply came. He wasn’t online any longer. I don’t care if he will not reply. I will post him at romancescam and that's it.

April 10, 2013
Yesterday I posted the scammers with pictures of St. J. Today, I will post this Jason H. And then I will remove these idiots from my Skype contacts.

Tonight I will make a fantasy trip, I will visualize my future. I want to have some time for myself and not only for these f.cking a.holes from Ghana.

When I am thinking about how these scammers try to lure their victims into their trap, I hardly understand myself of being so stupid and falling into this trap. But I think Phillip M. has been lucky and he did it right (at least for a while) and of course selected the right photos. He did not ask me the third day to send him money as this Mark H. did. He wouldn’t have had any chance then. But he let me believe for quite some time that he is the man from the pictures and that he is in love with me. And I was taken in by him. Why could he not be such a dumbass like Mark H.? I would not have lost my heart; I would not have lost my money; I would not have lost 12 kg (which is the only positive thing) and it would have saved me a lot of tears. I would have been able to concentrate on my main goal, which is to find a new partner and maybe I would have found one already by now. But the question is if I would not have fallen into the same trap with the next scammer doing it right. And the scammers are unfortunately well represented at Friendscout. And I would not go through this process of change right now, which is very positive and which I absolutely need, and also to have the power to change my life. Age doesn't matter; I'm still young enough to change a lot.

What I don't have to do is to rush myself, to want everything at once. I need to give myself the necessary time, the time I need. I will get what I want. Time works for me. I just have to keep visualizing. Then it will work out.

April 12, 2013
Good bye my almost lover
Good bye my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you' d bring me heartache :heartbroken:
Almost lovers always do
I cannot go to the ocean
I cannot drive the streets at night
I cannot wake up in the morning
Without you on my mind
So you're gone and I'm haunted
And I bet you are just fine
Did I make it that easy to walk right in and out
Of my life?

Today I have written at romancescam in my desperate thread, that time really heals everything, that there are of course still times when I'm sad, but that it will pass. That's why I wrote the lyrics of this song. Good bye my almost lover, Yes, that makes me still sad when I think that I will probably never meet him. But even if I would get to know him, he would have to be my lover, everything else would break my heart completely. So rather not know him, but say good bye (sob!). What is my heart, my gut feeling telling me? I don't want to admit it what my mind knows already. I don’t want to admit that I will never get to know Travis! But I will survive. I'm going to find my great love. And this will happen, sooner or later!

Why do I want to love and be loved again? Why all of a sudden? Because it is part of life; there are so many nice things you can do as a couple. When I see couples on the street, I have the tight knot in my stomach again, I want to have these feelings again, want somebody holding me in his arms, kissing me, looking at me with loving eyes, walking with me arm in arm through life. Do I demand too much? Be patient! I will find it. I can handle it! No silly scammers, no pictures of handsome men, but someone flesh and blood. A real man!

April 14, 2013
Yesterday I visited H., a former colleague. We had a nice afternoon together. We didn’t talk much about Travis or my experience. She just wanted to know what Travis looks like. I showed her the photo I had in my purse. She was shocked about the whole thing, that these a.holes steal and abuse photos for their evil purposes.

In the evening I worked off the messages I got from Not one interesting guy :( . There were many truckers but I don’t like truckers that much. They are very salty guys; the most of them smoke and this is a no go for me. I was in a bad mood afterwards. I went to bed and started thinking about Travis right away, thinking about my fantasies. In my fantasies a friend of Travis is finding my thread at romancescam and tells him about it. Travis is contacting me and we chat on skype with webcam, so we can see each other. He tells me to come to visit him in Canada (in my imagination he lives in Toronto) during my vacation. In my dreams I continue: I fly to Toronto, he picks me up at the airport where he takes me in his arms. He takes me to his home and we both know immediately that I will not stay in the guest room, but in his bedroom. After these fantasies I fell asleep. When I woke up, I continued with my fantasies.

I have just checked my hotmail account and found an email from my Ambassador M. He would like to meet me in the next few days. He came back just from Salzburg/Vienna. Yeaaah! I will answer him later and propose Thursday or next weekend. Oh, man, if this will work out! Wow! I need to take a shower now. I will write more tonight.

Well, its evening now, but I don’t want to continue with my writing. I have to go to bed. This afternoon, K. and I visited our friend R. We sat on her terrace I've already got a nice tan. Later, we attended the Zumba class, which was really great fun.

Because of my fantasies last night and this morning, I am feeling a bit sad, somewhat melancholic, I am longing again for Travis. I have sent a mail to M., the Ambassador, and proposed him Tuesday or Thursday for a meeting. Still no reply from him so far. I am really curious if he will send me an answer and what kind of man he is, when we meet.

April 15, 2013
I woke up, feeling sad again. I am longing for Travis. But this is due to the fact that I let my imagination run wild. That's just not good. The gap between my wishes and reality could not be greater. But if you intensively enough want something, it may become reality. Not only a wish, but be convinced that it will become true. The main thing is that I meet Travis and that he learns to love me. I love him already!

I am really curious about when my ambassador M. will contact me. It seems I have to be patient. Haste makes waste! Maybe he is a real cute guy.

Wow, my 'Ambassador' now has sent me a mail. He would be in South Tyrol and if I want to come on the weekend. Well, I don't even know him. I have to ask him where exactly he is and how I get there. This is some kind of adventure, lol. But no risk, no fun. Well, let’s wait for his answer. In his mail from the 29th of March he was already in South Tyrol, Bolzano, at least this has told me my tracking. But I will better not tell him about this, that I know where he was and that I have tracked it. I have to take a look what goes to Bolzano and how long it takes. I think there are also busses going there and they are very cheap and very fast. It's funny; my father was a bus driver in the 1950s and went very often to Bolzano and Merano.

I can hardly wait his answer. But the whole thing is strange. I think he said he is single. Somehow my alarm is ringing, I don’t know, but I have a strange feeling. Should I believe anything he tells me? I don't know him at all. Have never heard his voice, nothing, and nothing at all. I would like to hear his voice at least and meet him here. If we like each other, then we can spend a weekend together in Italy. If he wants me to come, I want him to call me, so I can hear his voice and get to know him a bit. Even though he looks good on his picture, doesn't mean, that he is not a villain. But I don’t think so, he doesn’t look that way.

My fantasies continue, I can’t let go. My desire to meet Travis is still very big. But if this Ambassador is in reality like on his photo and if we meet on the weekend, maybe I could fall in love with him. Should I really take the risk and meet a complete stranger in South Tyrol? With an overnight stay? Where and in which room? With him? Oh dear, this is quite difficult. I just want to hear his voice, that would help me a lot.

Now, somebody from the dating site “Munich singles” has contacted me. I have sent him a message that I like his profile, but I've overlooked that he is only 41 years old. He wasn’t very pleased that a woman of my age dares to contact him. I sent him my excuses, but told him, if a man does that, it is completely normal. And why should women not contact younger men?! Today he replied, the reason why he and other men don’t like older women is because they are no longer slim and that’s why men his age look for younger women who have a nice and slim body. I told him that I understand him very well. I myself don’t want a man who is too thick. I told him that I am 5.6 and weigh 70 kgs. So, I am not fat. I am proud of what I have achieved. I have a nice body, and with maybe some 5 kgs less, it will be alright. I don’t know what this guy wants. But definitely not me, I don’t want such a “slim maniac” in my life. I had already one with my ex-husband; I no longer need something like this.

But in the meantime I'm used to my new appearance, and I don’t think of myself of being so slender anymore. Could be better. But show me the woman who is satisfied with her body and her appearance! But at least I have no complexes anymore because of my physique. I don’t have to hide.

By the way, my Ambassador M. has opened my mail already after 30 seconds. He is definitely in Bolzano, but he did not reply yet. I wonder if he is really an Ambassador. If so, for which country? I mean, if he is Ambassador here in Munich, he should be it for another country. We don’t need a German Ambassador here. Perhaps Italy? His profile says that he speaks also Italian and I think Spanish, English and French. Well, we already have something in common. And yes, he is only 45 years old, so very young :) . But what the heck? He is the one who wants to know me! Think positive! Think big!

A.hole Phillip M. registered himself with my favorite picture of Travis on a Canadian dating site, with exactly the same data, the same text he sent me, except that Travis has suddenly blue eyes ;-), and lives now in Montreal and no longer in Ottawa. He has written that he's looking for a German woman. So what is he doing on a Canadian dating site? And he must use a different email, because he is constantly offline with his yahoo account.

This dumbass from the Munich singles is going on my nerves! What does he want and what does he expect? He complains that the women, instead of focusing on weight loss programs, are constantly online looking for a partner and wonder, why they don’t find one. I replied that he should forget it. I would not want such a dumb and superficial a.hole. He has no idea of how athletic I am. He probably couldn’t even keep up with me. But these idiots always have an opinion. And I should weigh 55-60 kg max. He also suffers from slimness delusion. The poor woman who will fall for him, such a superficial and arrogant person.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:23 pm

Here comes my next part. I am sorry that it took me so long to translate, but I have been very busy the last 2 weeks. You know, the changes in my life. They are not over yet. In fact, they have just begun :)

April 16 to April 30, 2013

April 16, 2013
Again, I am not feeling fine. Right now, I don’t even want any man. After yesterday, when this dumbass from the Munich singles called me more or less fat, I am feeling depressed again. The only man I want is Travis. But what if I never meet him? What would happen if I get to know him, and I am too old, too fat for him and he will not fall in love with me? What if he is happily married? This is quite likely anyway. What, if he's no longer alive? Where and how should I find a nice guy? No “slimaniac” and no scammer. A decent guy, who is still fit and active. A man, who is not only looking for sex, but who wants to have an honest relationship with a good looking, fit and active woman. What about my goals? Are they no longer reachable at my age? Did I set my standards too high? But I want to fall in love again! It is no use to take the next man who is showing up, just because I have a last minute panic. I could just cry out loud. Travis, Oh Travis! Why only did I have to fall in love with you? Why did Phillip M. have to take your photos and not of someone who was less attractive? Yesterday I read again the mails between the "diplomat" and me. I felt so sick afterwards, felt so much hatred for these scumbags. And I was such a fool to fall for this, just because I was looking for love. How could they do that to me? What did I do to deserve this? What kind of a.holes are sitting in Ghana and wanting just one thing, your money! Today I have that tight knot in my stomach again, I feel so desperate. Last night I felt so good, when I tried on my summer clothes and all were too big or did fit just fine. What doesn't fit is my red ball gown. A few inches and it will fit again. It looked good on me and I compared it with my photo, taken in 1987 I think, when I was wearing this dress the last time. I was just 31 years old by that time. But there was not much difference between now and the last time I was wearing that dress. I didn’t change much, I beamed with delight, and I felt young again. I was so happy yesterday.

Many thoughts are going through my mind. I still want to change my life, make it a better one. But I am still stuck in my grief.

Would dating be better on a site like ElitePartner or Parship? Maybe better people are there and no scammers! Or could my Ambassador M. or P. be the right partners for me? I don’t even know M. until now.

But visualization is important. I want to have the power to change my life. I not only want to visualize what I will do when I meet Travis, but I also want to visualize the changes in my life without Travis. I'm important, not Travis.

During my lunch time I was sitting in the park and reading a new book: "Be good to you - we need you" and my colleague joined me. She saw what I was reading and had an unqualified opinion right away. She has no idea how much I need such advice at the moment!

April 17, 2013
This stupid guy from the Munich singles! If he wants such a meager person, he should better look for a guy. I would only speak out of pure envy. This dumbass doesn’t have to tell me how I have to look. I will cancel my membership with the Munich singles. Only a bunch of idiots are there.

This Ambassador is not sending any messages. Well, I will not contact him again. Either he contacts me or I will forget about it. He is quite of a weird guy, very strange. But maybe P. will call again. He is also nice and I like him.
But otherwise I have no great desire for any dates at the moment. I have to take care of myself. I am important. Maybe later I'll register at PARSHIP or ElitePartner. There are maybe better guys there. On the other hand, the Canadian Web site where asshole Phillip M. is registered would not be that bad either. I want so much to go to Canada and see Travis. He is still my number One. I let my fantasy play all the time. If just one part would become true! I need only Travis' love, nothing more. Every day I look if I find a message coming from him or I get contacted by the IC3 or the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre. But until now, nothing so far. I don’t think that they will ever contact me. Well, I have to wait. Maybe somebody will post something in my thread at romancescam. Phillip M. is by the way back online, after he wasn’t for at least 2 weeks. I should take a look in his Skype profile, how much contacts he has now.

April 19, 2013
This Ambassador M. wrote it would be better if I would come to Bolzano for a longer weekend (he lives there), so we could have more time to get to know each other. I replied that maybe on the next holiday in May I could come and we would have 4 days we could spend together. Also, the weather is pretty bad here and it would be perhaps nicer in Bolzano. Anyway, he replied that he is really curious and wants to know me. Well, again nothing this weekend and I have to wait again (sigh). I took the 10th of May off and I hope we can meet then in Bolzano. I will send him a message this morning and await his reply. He is not the fastest to respond.

I was very careful this week with my diet program. I took only my Herbalife and little to eat. Let's see what the scale says tomorrow. Ever since this idiot from the Munich Singles has called me fat, I feel depressed; think of myself of being fat again. I am now considering if I should lose another 10 kg. If my chances with men are bigger if I am really slim, maybe I should take the chance. And my red dress does not fit yet. And I want to wear that dress again, it has to fit again!

April 21, 2013
At the moment I am waiting constantly to receive a sign of Travis, either an email or a phone call. But nothing, so far. I always think that something should happen. Why? Because it is my wish? Because I am thinking about this the whole time?

Next weekend I'm going with K. on a shopping tour. I need at least 1 or 2 skirts for this spring. I have not one skirt which fits me, they're all too big. Also I want to buy some nice lingerie in the outlet store. Maybe I go Thursday after work. I want to be chic and sexy. Suddenly, going shopping is fun again, only because I lost 12 kg!
It would be funny if I would register at weight watchers again and see my weight when I started 3 years ago, which was 96 kg (omg!) and now I have 75 kg, a loss of 21 kg :) . And maybe I will lose another 10 kg. That would be great! Go for it, you can do it!

M. just wrote me that he went to Lake Garda to the Lefay Resort because of the bad weather in Bolzano. I have taken a look of this resort at google maps. Wow, what a nice resort and the area at Lake Garda is also beautiful and just 2 hours by car from Bolzano. And he is going there for 3 days, just like this! He wrote me that he deserves this and he needs to take some time off. He is coming back on Wednesday and is looking forward to our first conversation. Well, let’s see! Think big, think positive! Sometimes I have doubts if he is really what he says and if he is not out of my league. But on the other side I don’t want men where I am out of their league, like this one guy who told me this. I am well educated, eloquent, good looking, I have much to offer, I can compete with him. I hope he is looking for such a woman and not only a good looking housewife. But somehow this man is a mystery. He is too handsome to need to look for a woman at Friendscout. Why does he do that? I am really curious to hear his voice.

Don’t play small, don’t belittle yourself, I have so much to offer, I'm not a superficial woman, but an honest and loving woman. The man I will love should consider himself lucky. I am not after someone’s money. If I love somebody, I love him the way he is. Maybe M. is afraid that the women are only after his money. Probably he had bad experiences.

I tried again my old clothes. No skirt suits me more, all much too large. I tried even my blue ball gown, which I wore on my 50th birthday, which is a size 18 and which was even too tight at my birthday. And now it is just falling down :D . I have to try to sell it at eBay; it is too nice to give it away just like this. My other two-piece ball gown that I bought 2 years ago fits now very good. The skirt is a little bit too big, but the top fits well. I can definitely keep it. But my favorite is my red ball gown from the 80s. I want to fit in again.

April 22, 2013
Today, I logged in at Friendscout, haven’t done this for quite some time. I am not a premium member anymore. I can no longer see who wants to meet me. But the last 3 people who clicked on me are shown. And there was the picture of a man in the mountains hiking. I looked closely at the picture and found out that it was M. from Bolzano. He changes his pictures the whole time. His body looks nice, athletic and well built. Of course, he had again the typical sunglasses on and the picture was taken from further away, so I couldn’t recognize him right away.
This Jason sent me a message with whatsApp, telling me he would be online this evening, but he did not come online until now. He is also kind of weird. Is he a scammer or not?

Now I am listening again to my favorite song. To hear this song does not hurt me that much anymore, because it is connected mainly with Phillip M. and with the whole trouble I had with him, not with Travis. I still have my favorite picture of Travis in my frame, so I can look at it every time I want to. I still want to find him, but when I think, I start looking for him; I finish before even beginning with my search. No, he has to find me. Maybe he has already found me, but did not contact me yet. It would be nice if he would do that. But on the other hand, I'm far too eager and curious to know M. from Bolzano.

April 23, 2013
I extended my premium membership at Friendscout. 3 Months for a 1month payment. I thought that it’s worth it.

I got contacted by somebody called “isnice890” (without photo). He gave me his email address. I looked immediately on romancescam, whether he is online. His avatar is a picture of St. J. I was in stitches, I couldn’t help. The poor St. J.! I sent this guy a mail. He wanted to send me photos. Maybe he has some new pictures of St. J. So far I have received nothing, but he is offline.

Poor Daniel tries to reach me on the phone all the time. But he is not coming through, as I've blocked him. Maybe he will try to contact me under a different pseudonym or he's trying to call me from another phone. He will not succeed. He should not even bother to call me, I would recognize his voice and I would hang up immediately, and I know many photos that the scammers use and I know where to look. Maybe he would try to use a photo of St. J. He could use pictures of Sir J. St. or maybe Gen. Odierno (haha), or perhaps even of Guttenberg. Of which, I've seen photos used by a scammer. What kind of dumbass is this, using photos of Guttenberg? Why not taking pictures of President Obama instead! :lol:

I am reading the profile of M. He is 45 and he wants only honest messages, speaks German, English, French and Italian. His profile says he is living in Switzerland. I had no idea that Bolzano is in Switzerland ;-). He writes: "No fake people", Yes, I can agree, I don’t want fake people either. He also writes: "it's nice to be important, but more important to be nice", and that he is honest and nice.

April 24, 2013
Daniel sent me a text message, urging me to call him. He also sent me mail which came through, why ever. He asked why I didn’t send him the money; I would have told him that I would do that. I answered that I had warned him that if he would ever ask me again for money, I would block him immediately and that’s what I have done. I also told him that this would be my last mail, too, and I would no longer respond neither on Skype, email or mobile phone. He tried again to contact me by phone, but didn’t come through. I have to check if I have blocked him on my email-account. I will never send money to Ghana, no, no, no and no.

I have posted this James B., who is using photos of St. J., at romancescam. I also have to report him at Friendscout because he is still registered. Today, he has sent me two e-mails, that he's now on his way to Kabul and it would be a six hours flight and called me "my love". We did not exchange more than 3 words and he is calling me “my love” :mrgreen: . He gave me his Skype address. It would be interesting to know if he has more pictures of St. J. Slowly, I know the whole curriculum vitae of St. J.

April 25, 2013
It is not bad, to read from time to time read through everything I have written down since the last few months.
Tomorrow afternoon, I am meeting a man called P. G. He clicked on my profile several times already at Friendscout. I had never replied because his motto is: "Whether blond, whether brown, I love all women" and he did not want to settle down. He is also a member of “” and clicked on me as well. He is not bad looking, maybe a bit overweight, let's wait and see. We will meet at the Café around the corner. This is very good, because I only have one hour, before I have to go to my dance classes.

I am always thinking if I should send a mail to M. to tell him when he can reach me best on my cellphone. But I don’t want to chase him. I prefer to wait if he will give me a call.

This scammer James B., using photos St. J., sent me an email again. He has now arrived in "Kabul". He was previously in Hohenfels (funny, how many people were stationed there). In my imagination, Travis is stationed there as well; it would not be so far away from Munich. This James writes love letters to me, as if we had chatted or talked on the phone every day for the last 3 weeks. But we had almost no contact at all. But I will add him on Skype; I want to chat with him, at least for some time. But first, I must delete my cell phone number. None of these Ghanaian a..holes should see my number. I give it only to selected people. Otherwise, I will have again a clingy fool like this Daniel.

This Jason H.'s a mystery to me. He is not online for days, and suddenly a message is coming on whatsApp. But I don’t contact him, if he wants something, he has to call.

April 28, 2013
A lot has happened again the last few days. First, M. from Bolzano called me yesterday. We talked a while on the phone; I should come to Bolzano for 3 days in May, bring my sleeping bag with me, since he wants to make a tour in the mountains with me and want to stay in the open air. That is so cool. His voice is quite nice. He gave me his Skype name, I have added him, but he is not online at the moment. I will now be online more often; I don't want to miss him. I am really looking forward to chat with him.

On Friday I met with this P. in the Café. He looks a bit different than on his photo. He told me that the photo was taken in 2008. He has lost some weight and his hair has become grey. He is quite nice, we had a nice conversation and maybe we will meet again.

But my number 1 at the moment is M. from Bolzano.

Well, this Jason H. is a scammer after all. He sent me an email today that he is in Ghana now! And he has given me a phone number in Ghana where I should call him. Dumbass. I told him that everybody seems to be in Ghana at the moment and that I have enough of all these black scammers from Ghana. I have saved all details I have received from him and blocked him afterwards. Dumb idiot!

This James B. has sent me a terrible mail, written in German with Google translation, horrible. He probably thinks he could impress me with this. I should better kick his a.. He is not St. J. (a pity), but another stupid Ghanaian a..hole anyway. Maybe somebody I chatted already with, although he has a voice I haven't heard yet. His English is not bad at all, but not good enough for someone who says he's coming from Florida (haha).

I am still waiting that M. comes online and accepts my request. But maybe he is on the road because the weather is nice.

Recently, I have received in French an invitation to register at Badoo. As soon I had done this, I received several messages from people wanting to chat with me. On Friday, I chatted with a man with webcam, he lives in Landsberg, not far from Munich. He wants to meet me next Thursday. He doesn’t look too bad.

An Arnoldo from Madrid has sent me a message in English. That was surely a scammer, because he didn’t reply when I sent him something in Spanish. Normally, if somebody talks in your mother tongue, the people are pleased. And he asked me a lot of questions, typical of a scammer, like what you are seeking in a relationship and all that stuff, things I have read a hundred times in the meantime. His written English was good, better than I would expect from somebody coming from Spain, at least without any spelling mistakes.

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend K. I bought 2 skirts, size 12! I also bought a fancy green dress, size 14, just going to my knees. With a nice tan in summer, it will look good. I also bought a top in green with white dots. It cost me only 10 Euro. I feel like pretty woman :) . In the evening I have shown everything to my friends K. and R. My friend R. meant, I would look like a young girl, it would be just fantastic how much weight I had lost. It felt great. Especially the green dress looks so well. I'm taking this with me to Bolzano. Ah, if M. would come online soon! But why did I choose someone, who lives so far away? Hopefully, he will be coming to Munich from time to time. I write this as if we were already together.

But slowly, I get confused with all my contacts. I don’t remember to whom I told what ;) . But on the other hand, I am always telling the same things. So, this should not be a problem.

But this K. from Landsberg scares me. He writes nice, but something is weird. It seems that he likes me, on webcam he is looking at me with lovesick eyes. This is going too fast. What if he is a stalker and I will not get rid of him anymore? I ended the conversation, it scared me too much. I don’t like his eyes. And he never smiles.

I am no longer really thinking about Travis and I don’t write about him that much anymore. Right now, I am looking at my favorite picture and listen to my favorite songs. If I do this, it still hurts, but not that much anymore. Will I ever meet him? Recently, I looked at my Skype chat with Phillip M. of early February. I was so heartbroken at that time, though I knew that this is not the man of the pictures. And everything was coming back, hurting me once again, I immediately felt the despair. It was not a pleasant feeling. I closed the Skype chat; I didn’t want to continue reading it. These hypocritical words Phillip M. sent me, how much he loves me, this a..hole!

Oh, I just could be lost into Travis hazelnut eyes, kiss his lips and never stop. His eyes are so intense; they will never let me go.

Don’t think too much of Travis, I am through the worst already! My new lover is waiting to meet me, soon I will be in love again and this time more than ever. And I will be loved again as I will love him, happily ever after. Now I will go to bed and dream; maybe of Travis.

April 29, 2013
Today, I am not in a particularly good mood. I have this song “Winter in Canada” in my head, I look at the picture of this lake in British Columbia where I want to go with my love and I feel even sadder. And that makes me realize that I am still alone and not in love. Although of course, M. from Bolzano is my number 1 at the moment and maybe I fall in love with him when I meet him. But I also hope that he will fall in love with me as well. I'm always afraid that someone will not love me, that I'm not lovable enough, not perfect enough. But I should not be perfect; I put myself under too much pressure. I should better tell myself, that I am adorable and that men will find me desirable and lovable. Who looks that good at my age? You have to search a long time to find somebody like me. Also I am a sensitive woman, I am honest and faithful, I love sex, I am well educated and I speak 5 languages, I have many good characteristics, I would be a good partner for every man, of course only for the one I want. I don’t have to look only at my deficiencies; but I have to see also my assets.

Oh, why did I have to register at Friendscout! It would have saved me of a lot of troubles and heartbreak. Sometimes it is difficult for me, to see the positive thing. Travis will probably be forever unreachable for me, I cannot even describe him as my almost lover. Last night in bed I tried to think of him, that he is contacting me. I failed! I only came so far in my imagination that I added him on Skype and then I fell asleep! And yet I am longing again for him. I'm sure if I try it again tonight, that it isn't going to work again.

Will I ever be standing at this lake in British Columbia? But I've seen me there in my fantasy journey.

Just reminds me that I must post the phone number scammer Jason sent me, on romancescam and also that he is a scammer.

James B. sent me a mail again. Wow, if that would only come from St. J. himself, I would immediately get on the next plane and fly to Florida. After all, this James B. has put St. J. to Florida, where the real man lives, and not anywhere else. But what I'm going to do with this him? Best drop him like a hot potato. I am just interested, what he will do to get money from me? Maybe I will go along with his game. And after that he will not hear anything from me anymore. He does not have to be aware that I know everything, that I know that he is not the man from the pictures. But it can’t be Phillip M, he should be aware that I know how to find this out. Phillip M. should not even dare to try anything with me again. Maybe the little scammer Daniel? No, this one has a different voice and a better English.

During my lunch hour I have listened to some of my favorite songs. When I hear "Almost lover" I see only Travis eyes. "Right here waiting for you" I see only Phillip M. even though I don’t know how this a..hole looks. But everything, his words, his emails, everything that happened since November 2012 is connected with Phillip M. Only when I hear “Almost lover”, “Winter in Canada”, I see Travis face, his eyes, and his sensual lips which I will never forget. The memory will die with me.

M. has added me on Skype, but he is not online. But he has his nice photo as his avatar. I will keep waiting, hope he comes online, and in the meantime continue with my diary.

April 30, 2013
I'm now registered on Badoo as well. There are even more scammers than at Friendscout. A M. Andersen contacted me and of course asked for my email. Today, I got a long email with "his" photo and a copy-and-paste text, I have read a hundred times in the meantime. Found him immediately on romancescam and posted him.

If I see this again, how many of these scumbags are there and how many photos are abused, my entire feelings for Travis are unreal. I must accept the truth. I'll never get to know him. He doesn't know me, he knows absolutely nothing about me, and he will definitely not look who stole his pictures again. I should only imagine how I would feel. I would look the first time I find out, but then I would continue with my life and no longer care about the whole thing, because I couldn’t change it anyway.

I must take care of myself, must stick to real people. I know what to look at in the meantime. That’s something I learned at least, and if somebody talks about his “undying love” after the first two mails, I know that this is fake anyway. M. does not do this and I tracked him, know that he is actually in Bolzano. Hopefully he will be coming online this evening and hopefully he has also a webcam so that I can chat with him "face to face". Yes, with him, I'm sure that he is the guy from the pictures, but I have to find out if he is Ambassador or not! I don't believe everything the people write in their profiles. But he probably is also fed up and tired about these "fake people" as I am. He will also see that I'm a normal woman, can probably imagine that I no longer look like 25 at the age of 56, but that I still look very good, with both feet on the ground. Maybe he prefers an older woman. But I want to see him directly, would like to know how he is, his smile, and his eyes. Not like this K. from Landsberg, who is rather scary to me. No, M. is different, I know it, I feel it.

I took now Travis picture out from my purse. It doesn’t help me, dragging it around. I still have Travis in my picture frame at home and it will stay there. I will only remove it, when I can put another picture in this frame.
Oh, I may never kiss you, Travis (sigh). A few weeks ago the thought alone has broken my heart, now I just think what a pity! But who knows, what more pleasant surprises life has for me. Yesterday I tried again to let my imagination run wild, that Travis contacted me, again didn't work out. I really hope that I am now finally over it, not that I will collapse again. But if this should actually work out with M., things will even get better.

"Good bye my almost lover, I will never forget you, you will always be in my heart and maybe someday we will meet, who knows! I wish you luck and happiness!"

I have taken Travis photo and thrown it in the trash. It did hurt a bit, but it's better this way.

This evening I was waiting for M. to come online. But he didn’t come online. What a pity :( . Who knows, maybe he is in the mountains hiking. But a lot of scammers were eagerly waiting for me. At least someone who is glad when I come online ;) . This James B. with pictures of St. J. has outdone himself. He told me that I would be the woman of his life, that he wants to share the rest of his life with me, that he wants to come to Germany (in 3 weeks), wants to buy a home here and grow old with me. We were the perfect couple, he said, I would be his soul mate, blablabla. I also told him that he would look so good and I would proudly introduce him to my friends and would never let him go. Well, if that would be the real St. J., I could imagine this, he is such a cute guy. But who knows what mugu is sitting in front of his computer and is babbling at me. I am curious what he will do to get money from me. He must come up with something soon. He probably has a plan already and thinks he has it in the bag. You stupid a..hole, don't even think about it, ha. You will get nothing! If he is asking for money, I will block him so that he can no longer contact me. I want to get rid of him.

M. is important to me. Would it please him if he knew this? Would be interesting to know. Oh, why do I have to wait all the time? I would prefer to be 2 weeks older, then I would know at least.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby FrumpyBB » Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:33 pm

Thank you for continuing the translation, Hula-Girl :)
[I may join you again in translating when the "hot part" comes (autumn/TV, who forced you to get drawn back in somewhat...]
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

What is all this? => The FAQ

The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:56 pm

Thanks Frumpy, that would be very nice because I am really very busy the next few weeks.

But I started already to translate beginning of May 2013, which is a very interesting month, because my scammer, Phillip M. contacts me again.

I will contact you when I need your help. Thank you again.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby coinpuppy » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:03 pm

Hi Hula-Girl,
I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying reading your story. What a powerful role-model you are as a woman taking back her life! I look forward to reading the rest very soon I hope. :love: :love: :love:

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:12 pm

Thank you very much, coinpuppy. It makes me very happy to know that you enjoy reading it. Right now I am translating May 01st to May 15 and I will be posting it this weekend, promised :)

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:06 am

As promised, here is my next part, May 01st to May 15.

May 01, 2013
Oh, what a disappointment! M. came online and we chatted with webcam. On the cam, he has very little resemblance with his handsome picture. Either, this picture has been made 10 years ago, or he is just photogenic and the reality can't keep up. Well, when he smiled (only once), there was a resemblance, but he was looking a bit strange. Somewhat fat with almost no hair, the proportions didn’t fit.

No need for me to dress nicely, I have to come to Brixen where he will pick me up and then we go to a lake in the mountains, where we will stay the next days. Saturday or Sunday I'm going home again, depending on how well we understand each other. He will not take me home (yet), because his parents are there, he wants to meet me on neutral ground. If the weather is not good, we will stay in a Hotel with spa or sauna. And he also said that he is adopted.

I can't believe that there is such a great discrepancy between him and his photo, a total disillusion. Where is my joy? The certainty that I would fall in love in Bolzano? Disappeared somehow. Again, I have to say I did not believe my eyes. He looks so "sophisticated" on his picture, but in reality, I don’t know how to describe it. I just hope that he will look better in reality. If not, well, then I am going home the latest on Saturday. I sat in front of my webcam and tried desperately to find a similarity between him and his photo. But as everybody can imagine, there can be a vast difference between photos and reality. You interpret something into a photo, which the real person cannot meet. That could also be likely with Travis. What if I would be just as disappointed by the real Travis? Phillip M. sent me also photos of Travis, where I think that he doesn’t look very good. I have to check again the picture of M. at Friendscout, look at his "mountain hiking photo". Well, I can’t see anything; he has put his photos again on private. :(

I checked my mails just now. I received one from M. He told me he has no time next week because he needs to go to Salzburg (if this is true). June would be better for a meeting. Maybe he didn’t like me. Could be. Well, what the heck! I will write him that I don’t have much time in June, perhaps just for a short weekend. Let’s wait for his reply. I still cannot believe the discrepancy between his handsome photo and the way he looked on webcam. How could I have been mistaken about him that much? So, no falling in love soon. I like my two "P.'s" better. I will send a text message and a mail to the other one.

I looked at M.s Skype avatar. I still don't believe it. But maybe he felt the same way and didn’t know how to tell me. Or maybe he really has to go to Salzburg. Don’t belittle yourself again! He will get back in contact with me! Let’s wait and see!

This Marc, whom I met at the Munich singles, has sent me a text message that he is on his way to Munich and that he wants to see me. I thought that he lives in Munich. He has now arrived at the airport and is on his way to his hotel near Frankfurter Ring. He will give me a call and wants to go to a beer garden with me. That’s not easy; there are no beer gardens around Frankfurter Ring. Only one which is 2 stations away by subway. But it is already 9:36 pm. When does he want to go there? This would be pretty late. I took a shower and dressed to be ready when he calls. I am looking forward of meeting him. He is very cute, but very young and weird with his nephew and aunts sex game he is always talking about.

But what has taught me my experience with M.? That I should not commit myself to somebody I haven’t even met, but to take a look first and then make a decision. I thought that he is the right guy, is my Travis replacement. But I wasn’t expecting that he looks so strange and also behaved strange. Better not rely on physical appearance; that could be deceiving. I am going to meet Marc now.

May 02, 2013
Today, I am again in a strange mood after the strange experience with M. yesterday. I don’t think that he will reply again. I sent him a message telling him it would be just too bad that he has no time, but nothing more. Travis is again my number 1.

Yesterday I met with Marc, who is from H., but from time to time in Munich due to his work. I flirted with him; he is really a cute, very handsome guy, but just a bit "weird". He wants some aunt/nephew sex games, but on a longer-term basis. He looks so sweet and I was so excited. But he was flirting with me as well. This guy is 38, oh god, if only I would be 10 years younger! But we liked each other. And I would really like to have sex with him. But I have to be careful and not fall in love with him. He is too young and this has no future. But when he is here, we meet, flirt, have sex together and nothing more. Maybe I can visit him in H. sometimes. I hope he has time tonight, so we could see each other again. He didn't know yet. I told him I would not go to my dance classes tonight, but wait for him. He is making me hot. My hormones are going haywire.

Somebody from Iowa City has sent me a message on badoo. Let's see if this is also a mugu. The text was not written in the typical mugu - style. He also has nice pictures. Let’s wait what he will answer.

I better make no more plans, just wait and see.

Unfortunately Marc has no time tonight. He has a business dinner this evening :( . It takes really long time, until I have some nice sex! Well, I will have to get rid of my excess energy with dancing.

This K. from Landsberg was online earlier. I don’t like him. I think he made it himself while chatting with me. I saw some strange movements. I didn’t want to continue writing with him. He told me he would be hot, but I was not and I didn’t like his eyes.

May 06, 2013
This can’t be true! I can’t believe it! Today somebody from Ghana called me and told me something I did not understand at first. Only that somebody would be in custody because of illegal trade. I asked who this was, and they told me, it would be Paul O. and if I would know him. I said that I only know the name, not the man himself. Paul O. is the guy that Phillip M. wanted me to send 2.000 €. That would have been the hotel manager in Accra. Shortly after, the connection was interrupted. I did not receive any more calls (of the police?). I tried to say he should send me an email, but nothing came so far. Will this never stop? This can’t be!

This "diplomat" of James B. sent me an email. He calls himself Jason A., a black man, to be allegedly from Dubai. He sent me a copy of his ID card. I checked the name on google. I found a German anti-scam site, where this name has been used already. This Jason told me he would be on his way to Dubai now and would get back at me again. I just wonder when he will be in Ghana. If he is asking for money I will accept feignedly to obtain the address and then I will block them. How stupid does he think I am? Sure, he has 3.2 million $ in his luggage that I should hide under my bed! Well, when Phillip M. told me he would send me 1 million $, I believed it too. Oh, man! But 1 million $ still can be transported, but 3.2 million $? How much would this sum weigh anyway?

But I don’t think I will do this again. I am only wasting my time with such a scammer and it is too much trouble. I know that the guy is a fake and all the information these guys want to have from me, scares me. I had the same shit with Phillip M. And I want to have my peace and quiet. I will try to get some information’s of these scammers, post them at romancescam and block them!

May 07, 2015
Oh boy, the whole Ghanaian a..holes are going on my nerves. And I can’t believe it; today I have received an email of Phillip M.! Probably a copy & paste text, telling me how much he loves me and that it did not change over time. On the contrary, his love for me would have grown in the meantime and he would be sad looking at my photos and knowing that I am so far away from him. I didn't answer yet and I don’t know if I should do it. I maybe could learn more about Travis. Maybe it’s worth it. But he should not keep telling me that he is Travis. He better tells me his real name, also Travis last name and where he has found the photos. I really would like to see this guy on webcam and know how old he is. I checked, whether he is online. Of course, he is online!

I don’t get anything anymore from James B. and his diplomat. I have blocked the diplomat’s cellphone number. This afternoon, I received a message by James B., now he is silent. He probably realized that he will not get anything from me. The customs in Ghana wanted 1,850 Euros, in order to keep the box closed. Yeah, dream on!

Today I went to the pub with somebody I met at badoo. He is 45 years old and he seemed to like me. He put his arms around me and told me several times what a good looking woman I am. I liked it of course, but I don’t know if I could fall in love with him. He gave me his phone number so we can stay in touch. Let’s wait and see……again!

This James B. just called and I was so fed up and tired of playing his stupid game. I told him that he is never the man from the pictures. He said he is this guy and everybody knows James and he would prove it to me on cam. Well, then he should show himself on webcam. It would be interesting to know if he has webcam footage of St. J.

C., my little Indian, is also back in Munich. He has sent me a message, wants to see me. I suggested next Thursday. I gave him my cellphone number so that he can call me.

May 08, 2013
I have been contacted by a German television broadcast station, because I have agreed to talk about my experiences. Oh God, I am a bit scared. Especially because I don’t want that somebody will recognize me. My name should not be told and no picture of me should be displayed. I sent the lady from the TV station an e-mail that I will give her a phone call. The public has to know about these scammers. I would like to help other people so that they will not lose money to these scumbags.

Scammer Phillip M. is again online every day. I sent him an email yesterday without tracking, but never mind. He has opened the mail anyway but did not reply yet. I have not been very friendly in this mail. I told him he should stop lying to me and that we both know that he is not the man from the pictures. I have also written that I want to see his real face, want to know his name and also the name of Travis. I am just curious about what and when he will reply. And he will reply, I am sure of that. I was always right until now, when I said that this is not over yet. But I just realized that I haven’t blocked him on my e-mail account. No wonder he came through. But nothing more came from the "so called police". I have blocked them and neither the other people I have blocked are coming through. At least this does work.

I have to post everything I have of this James B. and his “Diplomat”. Especially the name of the Diplomat and his ID-card. Fortunately, nothing is coming from them anymore.

Phillip M. is again very present in my life. And I also ignored rule no. 1, which is to ignore these idiots. But I want to know more. And if nobody of the IC3 or the Anti-fraud Centre in Canada will help me, I must help myself.
I can do this, I no longer have these feelings for Travis, I had 2 months ago. Well, if he would show up today, I don't know how I would react. This would be a complete different story.

Phillip M. did not send me an answer yet. But he will; I am sure. He is online the whole time spreading around Travis pictures :mad: in the internet, a..hole!

May 09, 2013
I have received a reply from Phillip M. that he wants to show himself on webcam. Oh man, he just came online now. His avatar has changed. It doesn’t show Travis with his daughter any longer, but a wonderful bouquet of roses! I ignore rule no. 1 (ignore) again! But I want to know more, and as I have written before, Phillip M. is the key. Now we have just tried to chat via webcam, but it didn't work out. I know his real name now, Nathaniel M. But he has told me that the guy from the pictures (Travis?) would be dead for 5 years already, killed in Afghanistan. He would have received these pictures from a Nigerian friend. I still can't believe it. When I said that there is a date on one picture (January 2012), he told me, that everything is manipulated and falsified by the Nigerians. A lot of them are living in Ghana. Nathaniel told me that his Skype credit would expire; he would have to go home and get some money and would be back in 45 minutes. But he is online all the time with his yahoo account, so something is wrong. Has someone come online, whom he is also scamming? Somebody that fell for his profile on the Canadian website? I have so many questions and still not enough answers yet. I want to know more. I have to be patient, but I will find out more about the man from the pictures. Now Nathaniel is back online (I have to get used to this name). I will continue later, my dance class is waiting.

I am back home again and I will continue writing. Phillip M., or better Nathaniel M. was online on Skype. He told me, with my money I had saved his son's life (2 years old). He had typhoid fever. And he expects me to believe this? He probably thinks to go now for the heartstrings.

That was strange, we have chatted with webcam, he could hear me and see me, but I couldn’t. It didn’t work. I talked, he answered me writing. He asked me several times if I can forgive him for what he had done to me. I told him, I can’t forget it this fast. The tears were coming back, especially when he told me that Travis died already 5 years ago. What a loss (sigh)! At my dance classes I told my friend A. about Nathaniel. She said that I should be careful; she would not believe a word this guy is saying. He would say that, just to get more money from me. She's right, why should he be a better person all of a sudden? Because he loves me? I can't believe that. Once a scammer, always a scammer. I just don't know what to do with Travis? Should I send an email to the US Army? Or should I just forget everything? I will never get to know this man, either because he is dead and even if he is still alive, I will never know him, never meet him. He is out of reach for me, either way. The contact with Nathaniel doesn’t do me any good. I looked at Travis pictures (he will remain Travis for me, I assume that the titles of his pictures are correct) without making any progress. Just that I'm very sad at the moment. Is the date of January 2012 on my favorite picture correct? How old are the other pictures? I don’t know, except for one picture with this HBO-balloon. That must have been taken in April/May 2004, because the announcement for Shrek 2 was in the background, and that was in 2004. I need to remove Travis photo from my frame, he does not belong there otherwise there will be no place for my new man, the man of my dreams. Step by step, Travis is disappearing from my life. Good bye my almost lover, good bye my hopeless dream! Now I'm here and I don't know how I should feel. My eyes are filled with tears. I crumpled his photo and threw it in the trash. Good bye!

May 11, 2013
I have now cleaned up Travis folder; put all pictures into a new folder which I named "Travis photos". I made a new folder "Photos of Nathaniel" and moved the photos I received of my scammer in this folder. I don’t want to look at his pictures all the time. I renamed the whole folder back from Travis to Phillip M. He is now a scammer again. I have blocked Nathaniel on my cellphone, but not yet on Skype. I have blocked Phillip M. on my email account, Nathaniel will soon follow. I will cancel all contacts with Ghana; it's no use to me at all. These scammers can say a hundred times that they don’t want to scam me anymore, they are still scammers. Once a scammer, always a scammer. I just have to finish this, I have enough. Yesterday, Frumpy sent me a few personal messages about the topic "Ignore". I was thinking about this. He's right, I need to let go and finish with all this. And the sooner, the better.

But on the other hand, I still would like to see Nathaniel on webcam. At the moment, he is not online on Skype, but online as Phillip M. and still with Travis and his daughter as his avatar. Dumbass. This proves that he is still scamming other people, that everything he says is a lie. And I don’t like Nathaniel’s eyes. That's what bothers me. When I think of Travis eyes, they are completely different. They are looking right into my heart. But this doesn’t help me. He is out of reach, either because he is dead, or stationed somewhere, or happily married, too young, or whatever. Nathaniel is now online.

May 12, 2013
A former colleague visited me this afternoon. When she saw me, she was at a loss for words because I had lost so much weight. She told me again that she can’t lose any weight because of her muscles. I really had to try very hard to keep my mouth shut and not say anything. She has my height (5.6) and weighs at least 120 kg. She also said that people would not believe her age, that she is 57. I don’t know why everybody thinks that he or she is not looking his/her age? Do I also look my age? I don't think so, because, especially the men with whom I meet, they all tell me that they do not believe my age, that I am 56. And why should they lie! They just don’t have to say anything at all.

Yesterday evening I logged in at Badoo and a woman contacted me. She said she would like to watch while her husband is kissing and making love to another woman and if I would agree. I refused, this is nothing for me. There are really some strange people!

Today I chatted with Nathaniel. I asked him, if he is once again lying, because his son should have been in hospital last year on 10th of June due to his typhoid fever, but on one of his pictures on June 13, he would look very healthy. Nathaniel told me that they had taken him home because his mother had fed him with breast milk, since he didn’t want to eat anything else. He didn’t want to talk about the mother of his son. Then I asked him, why Phillip M. would still be online the whole time. He replied, it would be someone else! I told him he should stop lying. He wanted to delete the email account. But earlier this evening the yahoo-account was still there and he or somebody of his criminal pals was online with yahoo. He also said he likes it the way I am, so calm and kind, very smart and beautiful. I told him that I haven’t been calm a few months ago, and lucky for him he was so far away, otherwise I would have tried to harm him.

I am feeling strange again today. I cannot believe that Travis is dead. I also told my former colleague that I am looking for a new partner, but I didn’t tell her what happened to me. She said I would look a little harsh. I thought that maybe I look this way because my face is not that fat anymore. I don’t know, do I really look that harsh?

May 13, 2013
I am now in contact with Ms. H, the journalist from the German TV station. She sent me a dropbox folder. I should put in this folder everything I have of Phillip M. She also sent me a program with which I could obtain more information about digital images. I will try that tonight. Therefore I will not be online on Skype. I am occupied anyway with Nathaniel more than enough at the moment. Maybe I will find out more about the photos, and perhaps also, who is the man in the photos. But perhaps I should not put my expectations too high.

But Phillip M./Nathaniel is now very present in my life, Travis less; he is just an innocent victim in this whole story, just like I am. I blocked Nathaniel on my cellphone. I don’t want to be called by him. It will probably be difficult enough to block him at Skype. Do I really want to see him on cam? Probably, he will not do this anyway. And, do I really care? And he will probably come with a heartbreak story that his son is ill, or his mother or sister, and he needs money for the hospital. Or he tries to persuade me to come to Ghana. And then? I'm not the love of his life, this is all bullsh.t! He is 23 years younger than me, a nobody without any money, but wants to treat me like a Queen. Haha! What does he expect? That I give up my life here and move to Ghana, or that he wants to come here and live with me? What about my wishes and desires? I want to have a man with whom I can satisfy these wishes, I want to go to that lake in Canada. I saw myself standing there and that’s where I want to go. Not to Ghana. Nathaniel M. is a nobody, a loser, a criminal, and I'm not in love with him.

I have just checked whether Phillip M. is online with his yahoo account. He's not and he has another avatar, a hot air balloon. But should I tell the journalist that I am in contact again with my scammer, that I have his name and some pictures? Frumpy will call me stupid when he finds out that I have ignored rule no. 1 again. Maybe the TV broadcast station could find out more about Nathaniel. Let’s wait and see.

Now it continues with Nathaniel, where it has stopped with Phillip M. Nice emails every day. And what do I do? I read his emails first, although I have received other emails as well!

This evening I have chatted a long time with Nathaniel. He said that he loves me and his love would be big enough for both of us. I should come to Ghana, so that he can prove his love to me. Where will this end? I replied that I was simply just looking for a nice man, I wanted to have butterflies in my stomach and that I had believed to have found him in Phillip M. He asked me if I love him because, he would love me. I told him that I don’t love him, but don't hate him either, but he needs to understand that I cannot so easily forget everything. This never ending nightmare, where I had cried in my pillow every night and not because I had lost so much money, but because I had lost the love of my life. I was in tears when I wrote it; even now I am in tears. Yes, I have lost the love of my life! But why do I cry now? I am not grieving that much anymore of Travis! But is he still alive? I really want to know.

I ended my conversation with Nathaniel then. I told him that I want to stop for the day, that he should consider whether he wants to have further contact with me. I should consider it as well, he told me and we would chat again tomorrow. What if he is coming back online tomorrow and wants to chat with me again? Will I chat with him? Or will he give it up? I still don't believe that he would give up. Only his motives are no longer clear for me. Is he still a scammer, or does he love me? Oh, I don't know. What is this with him?

May 14, 2013
I sent Nathaniel an email telling him that I want to end the contact. I don't love him and can't trust him. At some point he will be trying again to get money from me and I don't want to have these endless discussions anymore about why I can’t send him any money. There is a connection between him and me, I don't want to deny that, and I am also feeling strange. But what do I want with a guy who is not only 23 years younger than me, who grew up in a completely different culture, a black African guy and a scammer. And I'm not a white Maasai or something similar. When I wrote him this yesterday, he said: "Remember, I'm a man". And what's the point? I also meant that he probably would be "twice as good in bed as any German man", but this is not the most important thing.

But I must concentrate on what is really important to me. I want to live here and now, want to find a nice man and I would like to visit Canada with him and take a picture of me at that lake in British Columbia. And if not this year, then the next year. That’s when I want to go to Canada, want to spend my vacation together with my new found love. I may have lost the love of my life with Travis, because everything was just an illusion, but the real love of my life is already waiting. I'm going to meet him soon. And it will not be Nathaniel or one of these criminals from Ghana.

Nevertheless I am feeling very strange again today. The contact with Nathaniel is not doing me any good and I also have to gather all the stuff for the television and put it in the dropbox. Yesterday I started and put a lot in the dropbox, all photos of Travis, the documents and the addresses I have. I'm still going through my emails, this is the worst part. All these love poems, the emails full of love to me, that's just horrible, because everything is coming back, my whole feelings.

I must be strong, I have to go through it and not let myself be guided by my twisted emotions. What's the matter with me? I am afraid of myself, of my emotions.

Everything feels so unreal as I'm looking up the emails Phillip M./Nathaniel M. sent me and I thought at that time, they are coming from the man in the pictures, where I hardly dared to hope, that he really is this guy. I was so desperate at that time and right now the tears are running down my cheeks again, also because of the texts in these emails. If someone loves you that much and you love this person as well, this would be heaven on Earth! That's what is killing me. I still have to put more emails in the dropbox folder and the Skype conversations as well. I have to finish by the end of this week which gives me still plenty of time. But this is torture for me; I can't do this in one evening!

In between, Nathaniel was online, but apparently the link didn’t work that good. He had not read my mail yet, I should report him briefly what I had written. But he was soon offline because of the bad link. I gave him a call asking what is going on. He said that he's trying to come online again, but until now without success (23:25). Now, he just called and told me, that the Internet connection is not working. He wanted to go home first and then come back again. I told him that it is already late and I want to go to bed. We agreed to talk tomorrow. I am just thinking, where did I hear his voice? His voice sounds familiar. Has he been the "diplomat"? Something does not fit. I kick his ass if he was the diplomat. He didn’t want to tell me who the diplomat was. He wanted to send me an email tomorrow. He will not be very pleased about my email, but it will not stop him from contacting me again, even if he says bye for the 50th time.

M. from Bolzano is online every day at the moment, but hasn’t contacted me so far and neither did I. Maybe I should do it anyway. But the discrepancy between his photo and himself… ...well, so bad. I don’t know. Anyway, I'm going to bed now.

May 15, 2013
The scales fell just from my eyes. The diplomat Li Y. and Phillip M. IS one and the same person! Oh, man, I could kill this bastard! This son of a b.tch, a..hole, OH at the moment I find no words bad enough for him. Who has falsified the whole documents? Was this him alone, or did he have other people who helped him? What is with the certificates? Has he issued them? I wrote him an e-mail, telling him that if he tries again to scam me, first he will not succeed and secondly I would personally come to Ghana and this would not be a "friendly visit". Such an a..hole! And he expects that I forgive him! Even if his son actually had typhoid fever, doesn’t’ justify what he did.
Scammer, dumbass! I will not contact him again and I will block his second phone number as well. The whole thing is outraging.

I have to continue putting my emails in the dropbox!

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby FrumpyBB » Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:55 am

I do not feel so well either when I am rereading this, true :( what a tough year, and this was all after the actual scam.
For me it demonstrates, more than everything else, the power that love scammers have over their former victims even months after. So that´s why they never stop calling, emailing, messaging, apologizing, begging etc.
Just a little bit more, if this scammer were just a little bit more craftier - and you´d probably still be drawn back into their net in May.
Terrible. I better not think about this how successful many after-scams must be.
For example, if you were less stable...had a less fulfilling real life (or the perception of such)...or no other hobbies/ workmates/friends/family members to talk to.
Just a tiny bit more and he might have gotten you back :(
For more money...
Yes, painful for me to watch, from my perspective you´d possibly have saved yourself so much grief and heartbreak and flashbacks if you had [now comes the "i-word" ;)] all your scammer´s utterances (emails, calls) from the beginning on (December). Ergo in May he has still so much power over you as a long ago victim. :( I´d never call you (or anyone else) stupid for feeling like this, it seems normal, even if I have problems to understand the actual power of these forces, but, well, true, I must have shouted one time or another to myself around that time before replying you AGAIN about the old and 1000 times repeated FAQ-aspects of "STILL thinking about "him" that much? STILL believing in it to some extent? After all the time? After so many other examples in every other White Males topic? After the predicted recovery scam has taken place? Still believing in the uniqueness of one´s own scam story?" ;) But as I had written in the introduction summary, I believe you are a good example of normal people, this "i-rule" is so much easier said than done by us who hear and read these exact stories hundreds and hundreds of times every month on here, the power that romance scammers have, I think I´ve long underestimated it. I´ve learnt quite a lot of insight from your report.
Possibly noone else writes a live diary while it is actually happening.
Plus, my bad conscience starts here, indirectly I myself pushed you back into it because I put you in contact with that TV woman, Ms. H., where it should have been crystal-clear to me that TV would mostly be interested in the emotional abyss and less in techie stuff (emails, headers, how a scam technically works etc, she has pumped me for weeks with emails about this before asking you).
I find you very courageous that you have accepted that offer at once then in May, and I still think so now, very courageous, for writing this down.
You are a good example of what I believe many ordinary people (vulgo love scam victims) go through the months (probably years, with many...) after. The development. Bildungsroman. The way of recovery, day by day. Good to actually witness this happen here. For you, it seems, by keeping on looking no matter what, not giving up the dreams, by hobbies/distraction, a few very good friends, family, job (I´m not sure about the order but this seems to be the order in which it is reflected in your writing.).

When you compare May with January, it is far far less Travis already (and this ratio is getting a lot "better" in the next weeks to come IIRC ;) ) and new experiences are beginning to cast their own shadows about what this Ghanaian a..hole has done to you.
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

What is all this? => The FAQ

The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:31 am

You are right frumpy, it would have saved me a lot of grief and heartache if I would have listened to your i-rule right from the beginning in December. And yet, it was impossible for me for a very long time. The power these emotions have, should never be underestimated. And thats why these scammers are so successful, because of these emotions.

But I understand you better now as I am in contact with a victim. And it gives me shivers every time when she tells me that the scammer just calls and she can't continue talking with me, she has to answer the call. I repeatedly tell her not to answer, to cease all contact, with little success. I only hope that she is strong enough and has family and friends to rely on.

Don't feel guilty that you pushed me into this TV-thing ;). It was my choice and I accepted it. I wanted to raise public awareness about the romance scammers and I would do this again. Doing it already, I think, with my diary. What made it very difficult that I got contacted by my scammer exactly the same time when I got in contact with that TV woman. I had to go through all emails and everything that happened with Phillip M. and at the same time have been in contact the whole time with him resp. Nathaniel. Sometimes, I had doubts if this was just a coincidence.

But thanks for calling me courageous :). I will try to translate the rest of May during the next week.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby coinpuppy » Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:01 pm

It is hard to read at times, because I just want to shake you and yell NO!!! It is part of the process though , and it is good you see that more now that you are counseling victims. I hope things are good with you. :D

sweet Trinigirl
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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby sweet Trinigirl » Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:05 pm

Dear Hula girl, reading this is so painful. There are times when I just have to grit my teeth and suffer through it. I'm sorry that you had to go through all that. From my own experience, I understand now what kept me tied to my scammer. I needed him to tell me daily how special and beautiful I was. Just as he was using me to get my money, I was using him to feel worthy, loved and appreciated. I believed his load of lies because I so desperately wanted someone to rescue me from my lonely life.
I would have believed anything he told me if he started his sentences telling me how much he missed me or loved me. I really believed he was going to rescue me. Then the scales fell from my eyes and I saw it all clearly.
You are really brave. You keep forging ahead looking for your dream and I admire you for that. You are unafraid of what life has in store for you. I wish you all the best.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Igulinka » Sat Mar 15, 2014 2:50 am

Hula Girl.
Thank you so much for sharing your scam story. I was pointed to join a group of readers. I am so glad I read it. Know that you are not alone in your pain. I am truly deeply sorry for the things these criminals played on you.
I went through this horrible ordeal also, lost a fortune and had my heart broken. My heart healed very fast as I realized I could not share my life with such a looser. He didn't deserve me -he deserved much worse.... My financial situation unfortunately still suffers.
I hope you were able to get great support and emotional healing?
I am so sorry to hear that he wouldn't leave you alone , at least you were the one with power and in control after the scam ended.
Thank you once again , be well and good luck on the bright and better future free of scams, toxic people, lies.
Hannah G.
New York 3/14/14
Confronting the scammer is WRONG!!! DON'T enlighten criminals with your wisdom. REPORT & BLOCK.
PHOTO VICTIM - "Do not confront the owner of the pictures, as they are victims themselves! You will only serve to further the terror and harm !" Silence Is Golden!!! I speak Polish.

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Re: 86 % likelihood : Accra, Ghana - Hula-Girl´s scam diary

Postby Hula-Girl » Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:27 pm

Here is my next part until end of May. I am sorry that it took me so long to translate it. But right now, I am really very, very busy and I hardly find the time to write, if it's just for 5 minutes. But hopefully I will find some time this week to continue with my journal.

May 16, 2013
I am still in contact with Nathaniel. I still don’t know everything I want to know. He asked me not to call him "bastard". If I would have been in his situation, I would perhaps have acted as well. If this is all true what he is telling me! I don’t believe this. But what is this with him? Well, there is somebody who tells me that he loves me, but otherwise? He is not what I want in life, he is too young, he is a black man, and I definitely don’t want to live in Ghana. And who knows, what is coming from him again, if he will again try to scam me. But he will not be lucky. He should not even bother to try.

But I don’t feel very good. I barely slept, have been constantly awake. Also to go through everything for the television is not making it better. Tonight I have to put some of my Skype-conversation into the dropbox and that should be it. I am curious how this will continue.

But it must have been seen in my face that I am not in a good mood. M. just noticed it yesterday during our dance class. Even though I am not grieving for Travis anymore, I am not feeling good. What is it then? Probably that I have to go through everything what happened with Phillip M. and everything that happened since I am in contact again with Nathaniel. I feel so ashamed; I could hide under my bed, because I have been so stupid to fall for this scammer. How could he do this to me? He has been Phillip M., he has been the Diplomat Li Y.; I have talked to him on the phone the whole time, have sent him emails full of love, told him a hundred times how much I love him. Son of a b.tch!

May 17, 2013
Today, I have the feeling that I am finally over it. I received again a mail from the Ghana police, telling me that they had found out that I was a scam victim and if I cooperate with them, they will try to arrest the scammer and I will get my money back. Yeah sure! I will not respond. I don’t care which IP address this is, Ghana or Malaysia, it makes no difference anyway. I will not be online today on Skype. I will not speak with anybody, this has to stop. I must finish this. If I ask Nathaniel directly what he did and why, he only replies that he doesn't know what to say. This is not the answer I want to hear. And his Nigerian friends, who falsified the passports and the certificates, they're all criminals and I don’t want to get involved in their criminal actions. When I read my conversations I had with Phillip M. on Skype, especially those of December 2012 and in the beginning of 2013, they are really coldblooded, the opposite of his loving emails; he just wanted to scam me and get my money. Not the slightest sympathy or love nor guilt. He can tell me a hundred times that he liked already my picture at Friendscout and fell in love with me then. Everything is a lie. He just wanted to find somebody to scam and not his true love.
But I think it's a good sign that I have the feeling of being over it, even if the TV thing will probably be a hard part for me. But after that I think that I will be over it.

I have to start again from the beginning. I will not fall prey to scammers anymore, thank God, because I know what to look out for. And I have no heartache anymore. A new man has better chances now. And I want to have someone in my life; this is my priority no. 1. I will continue to post scammers at romancescam, and at the same time look for a new man. And now I can concentrate on my goals. I really feel free now. I hope it remains this way. Yes, I can do it! And the picture of that lake in Canada is also a goal. I have seen myself there and not in Ghana. That’s where I want to go with the man of my life. The man I will meet soon. Yes, I can do it!

May 20, 2013
This is all so unrealistic. I don't know where I should start first. Nathaniel writes every day, emails, whatsapp messages, messages on Skype. Today, he has finally shown himself on webcam. My God, he is really black and very young! What should I do with him? He wants me to come to Ghana. The whole thing is insane! He looked at me on webcam with lovesick eyes, this can’t be true! I asked him again why he did this to me. To pretend to be somebody else, and this for months! He had no real response of course, except that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. But he’s a loser, definitely too black, definitely too young. He also asked me how life would be in Germany, how it would be to work here. I don’t want him here. He should stay in his damn country.

I know a lot now, but about Travis, the man, with whom I fell in love, I still don’t know anything. I don’t even know whether he is still alive.

While I was talking with Nathaniel, M. from Bolzano called me with his webcam. I ended the conversation with Nathaniel and talked to M. instead. The discrepancy between him and his photo on Friendscout is still great. But today he showed a nice smile, he looked definitely better than the last time. M. told me to come to Brixen on May 31, he will pick me up, we will make a tour in the mountains, stay overnight near a lake and on Sunday, I will go back home. I should take with me a backpack and a sleeping bag. I am really curious about all this. But I told him to send me a confirmation, because I have to buy a ticket for the train. I am really curious how he will look in person; if he's really as muscular as on his picture? And I am starting now, with 56, with rucksack-tourism ;) . This will be fun. I will stay in the open air! Sitting around a campfire, wow. The nature in South Tyrol is so pretty. Hopefully, the man is pretty as well. Hopefully, he wants to see me again after this weekend. If I want to see him again! Well, interesting times are coming. But what else will happen the next weeks? Sometimes I really think to myself, why did I register at Friendscout!

May 22, 2013
Nathaniel, this criminal a..hole tried again to scam me. He told me that his son Kweku would be sick and he would have to take him to the hospital and that would cost €200 and he had no money. And he sent me only messages via whatsApp, he could not come online, since his son would be sick. This dumbass thinks he can get me with this After a while I didn’t reply anymore to his messages. I just sent him a short message that I would be tired and going to bed now. I blocked him on whatsApp, (both numbers), blocked him on my phone and on my Hotmail account. Phillip M. is already blocked. I have not blocked Nathaniel on Skype yet. I wonder if he will come online and if so, what he will tell me then? Probably some heart breaking story about his poor son. I am sick and tired of all this, stealing only my time, this dumbass.

Haste makes waste! M. from Bolzano sent me a message that the Lake in the mountains would still be too cold at the moment and we should postpone our meeting to end of June. I replied that at the end of June / beginning of July I would be on vacation and would have more time. There was no reply yet, but he is not fastest to respond.

I deleted my account with the Munich singles. Only crazy and weird people are there. All right, I had two nice contacts, C. my little Indian and Marc. With C. I had sex already, with Marc not yet, but I would like to have him in my bed. He is so cute! But both are much too young for me, C. is 33 and I think Marc 38 or 39.

I have now blocked Nathaniel on Skype. If I get any strange emails, I will block them and will not respond. Nathaniel will not tell me more than I know already. How many times did he not respond or just told me he didn’t know or didn’t want to talk about it. But maybe I will know one day what happened to Travis and whether he is still alive. This is the only thing I want to know.

May 28, 2013
Now, I'm not writing that often anymore. The worst is over for me and I concentrate on other things. Travis occasionally is going through my mind, but it doesn't hurt anymore. Even if I hear the songs, where 2 months ago I had tears in my eyes, they don’t hurt me anymore. Sometimes, I have a small, wistful feeling. I'm still not in love yet, but now open to new men. I registered at PARSHIP. They are quite expensive, but perhaps there are interesting people there. I have received already some messages. But even at Parship there are scammers! I even received a message from such a dumbass. But when I looked, his profile was already deleted. But I found his message in my spam folder, with Skype and email address. I could contact him, just to see his photos. Hey, I'm doing that now. I want to know whose pictures he is using. His nickname was "Army". I have sent him a message and added him on Skype. I am just curious.

I am still talking with 2 scammers. One is called Alex Carter, sent a photo of "himself" and his son. The other one is Joseph T. G. This guy is real. And this mugu actually dares to take the identity of this man, he even uses his rank. This Joseph T. G. contacted me directly via Skype. Hmmm, I don't know what to think. And now he even tells me that I am his never ending love, that's all very weird. I will continue chatting with him for a while; let's see when he wants money from me and what he will do to get it.

Yesterday I met L., a man from Croatia, who lives in Germany since 8 months. His German is pretty well after such a short time. This woman from the television was in contact with him on Friendscout and wanted to know whether this is a scammer. I told her already that he is not a scammer. He was quite nice, is younger than me (49), but he smokes. And this is something I hate. But it seems that he likes me and would like to see me again. That would be ok, but his smoking really bothers me. It was really funny, we talked about fake profiles at Friendscout and he was angry that a woman dared to ask him if he would be real or just a scammer. I could not tell him that I knew who this woman was :cool: and that she was the reason I contacted him. Sometimes, the world is really small. I would normally not have contacted him, but did it only because of Ms. H. But it was a nice meeting. He told me that he had already met two women, younger than me, but he didn’t like them. They had put pictures of their youth in the net and he was shocked when he met them. He told me that I look even better in reality than on my pictures. He had been hiding while waiting for me. If he wouldn’t have liked me, he would have silently slipped away without meeting me. But he was standing there and beaming with joy. Good for my ego! :D

At the moment I have a cold, this is going on my nerves. This morning I felt pretty bad, thought about staying at home in bed. Maybe the dancing workshop last weekend was too much. I felt already a bit sick at that time.

I just got a call from this scammer Daniel. He called with a private number, he spoke very fast with his bad English and at first I didn’t understand him. He found his picture on romancescam, where I posted him as a scammer and he was outraged. He would be no scammer and I should delete his photo from the side. First of all I can't do that and secondly I don't want. He IS a scammer after all. He told me he would check if his picture would have been deleted. And then the connection was gone. :dumb:

May 29, 2013
My scammers are not very talkative at the moment. This Alex has sent me an email, that the world is dull and boring without me. Nothing more. He was online on Skype but pretended to be busy, probably scamming other people. But the scammers really write the most beautiful things and it’s difficult not to fall for this! Joseph T. G. was not very talkative as well. I will look if I find a biography of Joseph T.G. I am curious what he will do to get my money.

Last night I had some funny moments. I was going through the thread “scammers 4 real” on romancescam. I found a picture of Nathaniel as he tried to scam someone with the name of Michael B., but without success. The woman who posted his photo, was asked how did she get his picture and she meant, because he would love her so, he sent her the photo. Oh, really! That’s what he told me as well. I was thinking if I should post his picture together with Travis picture. But I decided against it. I continued reading the thread and there was a mugu using the pictures of George Clooney and claiming to be him. The title of this post was: "envy me, I got contacted by George Clooney." I couldn’t stop laughing; tears were running down my cheeks, I couldn’t stop. The post was written so funny and this Dumbass did not even realize that she was taking him for a ride. And he even insisted to be George Clooney. I also would like to get contacted by George Clooney :kissing: !

May 30, 2013
Today is a holiday, and I am not working for the next 4 days. My son went to the university and I am alone at home. I was going through some of my pages of my diary. It is interesting to read everything again from time to time. I have to tell Ms. H. about Nathaniel. She should know that I am in contact with him again.

I didn’t go to any dating site yet, not on PARSHIP and not Friendscout. P., my Austrian guy, will be back from his vacation by the end of this week. I think I will send him a text message. I just want to know how he is doing and if he has found someone. I hope he will reply.

M. from Bolzano has not replied yet. I will send him a message as well. I would like to meet him, even if the real guy is not that handsome as his pictures.

Today, I did some stuff for our Dance Club and looked at the pictures on our Web page. I went through the photos of our Christmas celebration in November 2012. This was the worst time for me. I had already lost my money, sent it to that Ghanaian a..hole, but I still thought I am chatting with the man from the pictures, still had hope he would come to Germany. And the time until the 10th of December seemed so long for me, I could hardly wait. I had lost already about 8 kg, and the desperation was visible in my face and everybody who knew me, has seen it probably. I was in a terrible state at that time, and even though I am laughing on some photos, I rather felt like crying. It was all wrong and I knew it, but didn’t want to admit it. Why, for God’s sake? Why could this black a.. lie to me and cheat on me and why didn’t I want to see the truth? Why did I fall so much in love with Travis pictures? What has this man that I fell so much in love with him? If he would stand in front of me today, I know I would fall in love with him with a blink of an eye, just like in November 2012. I can look at his pictures now and I am not feeling desperate anymore, but if I would meet him in person……Oh God! I better don’t think about it. Do I really want to know if he is still alive, only to learn that he is happily married? On one hand, I would have hope to meet him one day; on the other hand, I could let him go finally. If he is dead, I have again to say good bye to him, I would be sad and also mad at Nathaniel because he used pictures of a dead soldier.

May 31, 2013
I told Ms. H. about Nathaniel. She was impressed what I had found out about him. This morning, I put everything, the Skype contacts and emails into the dropbox. Nathaniel M. seems not to be on Facebook. Ms. H. sent me profiles I should check out. But I haven't found him. There is only the silent account by Phillip M.

During my vacation in July, a colleague of Ms. H. wants to come and ask me about my experience. I am bit scared about this. What is coming after this? I have read the manuscript of Ms. H. They will talk about Phillip M. and about Friendscout. They have also asked for an interview with Friendscout. I suppose that they will also talk about" onclick=";return false;. Victims must know where they can go and where they can find help and some answers and they also can read about my trauma and look at the pictures of Travis. Oh God! And the friends who know about Phillip M. will know what really happened. I didn’t tell everybody that I sent money to that a..hole. Why have I been so stupid, so blinded by love? I just don't get it. What has he done right? What? I only laugh at the other scammers now. If they knew with whom they waste their time with!

Some time ago this dumbass from Ghana contacted me, using the profile of Joseph T. G. And now he needs money. I should send €2,000 to a Prince M. to Ghana. But this criminal must be new in this business; he has given me no address, no phone number, no zip code or any information where to send the money. But somehow, the name Prince M. seems familiar. I've heard that name before. Apart from the fact that the last name is the same as that of Nathaniel. But also I am feeling sorry for the real Joseph T. G. His name and his rank are abused by this damn scammer. The real Joseph T.G. has definitely other things in mind than dating unknown women on Skype. Besides, he is also married.

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