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Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 2:59 pm
by keira
The next day 26/1/2016 7:40

(me: To tell the truth I don´t understand you. You don´t know me. And I don´t understand what you mean that you are still in elementary and people laugh at you and say you don´t know the meaning of love. Who says that and why?)
My dear, How are you, i miss our chats seriously, however in regards to your question that i am still elementary in terms of love, yes the reason why i said that is because i know it will be hard for a lady to accept me with my health condition, I have tried to find a lady here San diego, but all my effort was abortive ..
You have your right as a lady, the decision to come out and now face one of the greatest challenges in your life that is sharing If you will agree with me, you can take a brave step, i want you to understand that it takes a good deal of preparations to be ready (this made me so angry!!! he is talking about some preparations and brave step!!!!), Even if you don't want to legally yet married with me i don't mind, all i need is your friendship, someone who can visit me whenever she want and spend days and weeks with me, I have a very confortable home which i am sure you will like (how could be sure that I would like it!!!!). All i need is your affection just to keep me going, i want to have a lady who i will remember and put a smile in my face, i want a lady whom i can share my pains and my joy with, i am not good in going for herlots, i do find joy in it, i could have done that, but my spirit will never be confortable with it, that is the major reason i am pleading with you to accept me. And in the area of being sexually active i am much active ( :mrgreen: ), if that is the problem, because i take proper care of my health as required, and if i do not tell you of my health you will never notice it yourself, and if you care to see my privacy, i will not hasitate to take snaps of it...
(me: I don´t have problems with your kidney, but you are quite scaring me, you don´t know me and you´re writing me these things. That is impossible for me to go somewhere for days and weeks, I have a job... (I wrote him a long message why that´s all impossible what he wrote)
My dear, honestly i understand all you have said, and i know there may be a thousand reasons why you will reject my proposal, i will feel rejected if you do, Please even if you do not love me, just pretend as if you do; and go alone with me, till we meet in person, Am sure you will see reasons to admire most qualities in me when you see me in person .. However i understand the nature of your profession, I humbly voltar myself to visit you in your city, I will be going on vacation from next month after an upcoming contract that i am awaiting. I shall fix a date and inform you to enable us make further plans ahead? (I thought: Is he „deaf“??? I don´t have time for some foreigner, I don´t have time for travelling, I don´t want to raise his children... But he still wants to meet me...)
(me: You want me to pretend that I love you? Why? I don´t understand this.)
My dear, you need to to pretend that you love me ok, all i am saying in effect is that you should give me a chance, I strongly believe that we will have reasons to admire me ( :mrgreen: ) when you meet me in person ??
for I strongly believe that our differences of habit and culture and personlity are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.
(I left it without answer.)

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:04 pm
by keira
The next day 27/1/2016 9:49

(He sent me a picture from a webcam)
I am greatful to be in contact with you, nothwithstanding our different view and understanding, My life seems to stop here, I see no further, you have absorbed me. I have a sensation at the present moment as though I were dissolving. I want you to understand that you have ravish'd me away by a power I cannot resist, (John Keats Love Letters To Fanny Brawne)
don't think that i am a fool, there is something about you, Please i want to know you .. I continuously hear a voice that keeps telling me that we are made to be together. :roll:
(At this point I decided to have a closer look at the man on the pictures, and that was my doom, because I found out who is that man and that we have a lot in common, I even visited his country many times in the past and had spoken his language quite well in the past and had a lot of friends there. I found his real Facebook profile. Unfortunately I didn´t know about picture search, so I was searching him only by his name and so I couldn´t find any connection to romance scam. So I started to be interested who I am talking to.)
(me: It sounds scary but I´ll try to glide across that. You play the violin? Than we HAVE something in common!) (Then I wrote quite a lot about music, but he didn´t react.)
My dear, i do play violin, but am not too good in it, But i normally play it in my free and lonely time, I think it will be fun to spend time with you.. (I expected a more elaborate reply, when a musician meets a musician... So this made me doubt if he is the person on the picture.)
I go married very late because i have no body to help me when i was growing, then i have to struggle on my own to become what i am today and by the time i could get balance in life i was almost 38 years
My frist son is 11 years old and my daugther is 9 years old .. (The children on the real man´s profile are much older!!!)
(me: They are very small.)
That´s it ..
(me: Pity that you don´t play well the violin, I like if somebody plays it well and not out of tune :-) )
I try my best .
To play violin
(Again some vague reply!)
(me: Why did you choose San Diego?)
Because that was where i found free apartment
Beside i like the city ..
I bought an apartment on morgage
But am still paying for the apartment ..

(19:08 he called me through Facebook, but I didn´t pick up)

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:10 pm
by keira
The next day 28.1.2016 10:40

How are you dear .. I just returned back home from work ..Hope you fine.. Still looking at your pictures, with lot of admiration.. You look naturally beautiful .. I admire you so much.. (Left without answer.)
Good morning my dear, how are you today, dearest i want you to understand that I am not the kind of person that burn with desire and keep quiet about it, for i know it is the greatest punishment any individual can do to his or her self, I can't stop confessing my admiration to you... (Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding and Yerma)
(me: You are not English, are you?)
I am, But am good with Latin .. :liar:
(me: ?)
Secondly i find it difficult to chat, sometimes i make mistakes while typing
Just managing, why are you asking ..

(me: You make too many mistakes for an English.)
Yes i know .. is not as if i do not know the exact spelling of i am to write quickly while writing normally
Likewish you as well, i due notice yours, but i have never complained, because i understand what you were trying to write
(- But I don´t claim that I´m English!!!!!!!!!) :evil:
(me: Please. I know that you are not sincere to me. Tell me the truth. Please.)
What is the meaning of that ..
Tell me, do i look like a fool ..

(me: No, you look good, but I know that you have a fiancée. Since January 2014.)
I became a widow since the date you mentioned ..
Ever since then i have never crossed any woman..
(me: Before you wrote that it was 21 Sept 2014. And you wrote something about an American lady...Nevertheless, your fiancée´s name is xxxfirstnamexxx. Is that enough? Why are you doing this to me?)
Most of you call me a liar before hearing from me ..

The next day 29/1/2016 22:34

How are you doing ..
Can you keep secrets, can i confide in you

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:17 pm
by keira
The next day 30/1/2016 9:48

(I wrote him a longer message, that he should tell the truth, he is inconsistent, he is either crazy or a liar etc.)
My dear, Listen to me, the purpose of life is not to be happy, It is to be useful, to be honorable, to have it make some difference that we have lived and lived well (Ralph Waldo Emerson – again out of context...), I did not lie for you'' may heaven bear me witness, I don't know how to explain things to you, when your heart is still heavy on me ..
(me: What do you want to say by that? Just explain it how it is.)
All that am saying in effect is that i want to start a new life, I want to find passion and i have begin writing down a plan to obtain my dreams.
(me: And what is that plan?)
I will tell you all about me, only if you will understand me..
(me: OK, tell me.)
At first how did you search out my hidden indentity (- I didn´t tell him)

(Here he sent me pictures of friends, family and coworkers of the man. That were pictures taken on events that were on the profile of a real man, but not exactly these pictures, and there were also pictures with people that were not found anywhere on the profiles of that man (even later I couldn´t find them on or any other scammer buster site), that was a PUZZLE for me! I couldn´t solve the question, whether I´m writing to the man on the pictures or somebody else. I couldn´t imagine why would somebody use the pictures of somebody else when he wants to meet me, at the meeting I would see that it´s not him. And if it´s not the man on the pictures, then what connection does he have with him??? And why is he doing all this, why is he writing to me all these things??? He was testing me if I know who are the people on the picuters, of course I knew who they were, because on the real profile there were maybe thousands of pictures, videos and a very rich Timeline, but on some pictures the scammer sent me were people that I couldn´t find anywhere, and that was a puzzle... I didn´t tell the scammer who I know and who don´t, I didn´comment the pictures, I didn´t want to spoil this game by telling him, because what if he is not that man and he doesn´t know who they are??? He didn´t describe the people right, and I wanted to find out if he really doesn´t know who they are, or he is doing this intentionally... Now that I know he is a scammer, I think he had no idea who were the people on his pictures. And I suspect that maybe he has some face recognition problem of people of other races than his own, because he mixed up people on those pictures...)

My dear, i sent you all this pictures, Just to let you know that what ever that is transferring between me and xxxfirstnamexxx is obviously political..
And if you ignore me now you will regret it forever, I want us to utilize this opportunity, there is a great purpose for our meeting, i can not hurt and i will never try such, I just want to live a normal life, not a celebrity, :-o I don't feel comfortable with the things i see around me any longer, i have complicated history i must confess, but i can only lay it down to you based on your commitment and acceptance to achieve my wish with you, and there is no where that will be possible without meeting ourselves in person.. (I thought: What the hell, a driver of an ambulance thinks that he is a celebrity! :-o He must be crazy. Or a liar. Or what is going on here??? There were already too many lies, that it doesn´t even seem to me as if somebody wants to lie, but as if it was an intention to show this is all just confusion, so I started to think he intentionally writes these contradictions, what if not to confuse me, but he just didn´t want to write true information on internet, but wanted to tell me personally. I couldn´t believe that somebody who wants to lie would be so bad in it... I didn´t know this was aiming to a money request and that is what was planned here. Now as I know he was a scammer, I know he simply tried to lie, but he was not good in it, so many scams at the same time, he didn´t pay much attention to the consistency of his story... )

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:25 pm
by keira
The next day 1/2/2016 9:47

My dear, xxxfirstnamexxx is good friend?
Just like i said before i want us to forget about xxxnicknamexxx and face ourselves..
(he used the real nickname of the real man´s girlfriend)
I want to leave a new life, I want something different, I can only detail you more about myself and my life history when we meet in person ..
(me: I can meet you, but you have to know that I want to know every detail, so I think it´s better to clarify these things about your identity, because then you can feel very uncomfortable when we meet in person and I find out that there are lies.) (- I thought one anonymous meeting will be ok, I will hear the story, then good bye or maybe the story will be interesting and I will find out that he is ok.)
(me: So xxxfirstnamexxx was your girlfriend and you want to leave her?)
Please that is not the kind of life i want to leave ..
(me: Do you want to break up with her?)
Not yet ..
(me: So she doesn´t know yet that you want to break up with her?)
No if she noticed it i will be at risk ..
Please this is my private life, I know what i want, i can´t cope with her lifestly, she is a celebrity, :-o with so many fans, She kepp on traveling from one city or the other all in the name of performance and show..
(- I thought: Another celebrity!) :-o
i am a simple man, and by the grace of God, i am a well respected person in the society
I don't want to specifically expose myself to you, since you have contacts with xxxnicknamexxx you might take advantage of me and my intentions, just to be n good terms with her.
Please i will email you with a complete detail of my intentions to move ahead with my life..
Kindly send me your Email address ..
I will believe you, But if she happens to ask me about this i will not be happy with you ..
Do you have Skype ..
I will like to have a word with you please ..
Please can you help me get out of from this sorrow and mistake i involved myself..
Please i will like to maintain a confidential conversation with you, promise me that no one will know about us..
Promise me that nothing will go wrong
. (I thought maybe he had some quarrel with his girlfriend and now he is confused and wants to find somebody and thinks - or just claims - he wants to leave her, but will not do that)

(He sent another picture from webcam)

Please can i love you.. I admire your nature..
I want to be in a relationship with you, With a ceremonious validation of what you already show me..

(me: ? ceremonious validation?)
Sure ..
And i man every word of mine ..

(Then I kept asking him what he meant about that, but he didn´t explain.)

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:29 pm
by keira
(The conversation continued on email, Skype and later Whatsapp. Unfortunately the Skype videochat convinced me that it´s him. Even after the police told me that they are African, I thought that on the chat was the real man! I continued in conversation with him, because I wanted to know why is this man doing this, I thought he is unhappy for some reason and I couldn´t hurt him if he wanted to talk to me and meet me so much... And I wanted to know what is that „American ladies know“ that I don´t know, and since I didn´t know I can search by picture, I searched only by names and that didn´t show me anything, only things about the real man. He had even materials showing his real home address and some contract with his work place on internet, so I thought at least this is some guarantee when I sent the money...
It was interesting that the real man stopped to put things on his real profile about 10 days before the scammer contacted me, it was also a sign for me to add to my belief that maybe he is really moving to the USA and starting new life, because before that he was very active on his Timeline and he had maybe thousands of his pictures there. I thought it´s not that impossible that a paramedic has some other business, I know some of them whose major income is from their businesses and not from work at the hospital. So I thought maybe that´s true that he left his job and now is doing only his business. I also thought that maybe he thinks his life is too boring and that´s why he built up that story.
I want to add, that usually I´m friendly to people, but I wasn´t too friendly to this man because there were obvious lies, he was pushy, it sounded like manipulation, that he wants to gain my pity.)

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:33 pm
by keira
This was his first email, on 2/2/2016 (again quotes, but in that time I didn´t know they are quotes, I thought maybe he is not that stupid as he seemed, although still bad grammar... But I didn´t know about Nigerian scammers, that was a shock to me when the police said they are Africans!):

How are you dear,
All this might sound crazy and scarring to you, But i want you to understand that, I am not having any I have always believed in the idea of soul mates, and love at first sight.
I also believe that a very few times in my life, if i am lucky, I might meet someone who was exactly right for me. Not because I am perfect, or because you were, but because our combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed our two separate beings to hinge together. (Lisa Kleypas, Blue-Eyed Devil)
Bear in mind that our Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike. (J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
I don't want to go into details of what i am passing through in this current relationship that i am into.
I don't want to go into details because of the medium of our conversations and meeting, But i shall detail you all about me when we meet in person ..
I feel lot of pain how i wish you could imagine how much this hurt, I was wrong, I was thinking that i will be happy, But everything is hurting me the more.
I know you are a mature lady, and i know we can handle any problem or differences that we find ourselves.
In regards to your question on facebook, am not having any  issues with xxxnicknamexxx, But i don't just want to be open to her now, if i do, it will cause unwanted problems, I just want to take her unexpected.
I have been having many friend request, I need privacy just like i told you, Please with due respect, I want us to mantain privacy In our conversations, You can text me on Whatsapp with +747 202 44 79. or through Skype With dr.davids3 ; Please i have blocked my account on facebook, we can always talk from Any of this apps please, I want privacy..
Warm regards

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:36 pm
by keira
Next letter (I wrote that there is something wrong, he is hiding something and lying):

My dear,
Thanks for your Email, I have raid and understood all you explained; However in regards to your questions, I am originally from ….........., I do business in san francisco california,I lived in northern Ireland london :roll: for reasonable years, All i told you about me is nothing but the truth.
Something tells me that the love i will experience with the next lady l will meet after been hurt this way, will be more stronger than ever, I can't go around searching for a woman in the street that was why i decided to use this medium to get the kind of woman that i will forever spend my life with, Is quite obvious that facebook is not a platform for things like this, my reason of taken this step is that i want to find a distance relationship.
Notwithstanding the fact that i still have my business in the states'' i will still be controlling things from ….., I want to be with you, I want to i just want to migrate to another city, it through phone calls and by visiting from time to time to check on my business when ever my attention is needed.
As you can see, I am not getting any younger, I have concluded within myself to settle down with a different cultured lady, I think with that I will regain my respect and integrity as a man.
I know that i am not perfect and i also know that there are more handsome and wealthy men out there, I just want to assure you that all will work to my favour' with great success, promising to make you proud, also promise to make your dreams come to fulfillment.
Warm regards

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:40 pm
by keira
I didn´t answer, he continued to push and manipulate:

Dear, I have been waiting to read from you; Please try as much as you can to activate the Skype to enable us have a quick chats, Dearest, I have come to understand that we do learn more  about ourselves when we are up against the wall, and we do most certainly come out stronger, (Tina Sloan, Changing Shoes) I think we don't have to wait for something nice to happen to us, we can be aggressive and do something nice for ourselves. (Joyce Meyer quote)
I now understand that success is not acquired by doing what we want to do but doing the tasks necessary to make it happen, (Joe Allen and David Donaldson, How to be Successful ) We need to dismiss negative thought, and the only way to do so is to think of something positive and constructive, because chances are that we carry untapped strengths and abilities which, when enfolded within the midst of optimism, can conspire to accomplish marvelous things. (Gina Mohammed, Ph. D. , Accomplishment)
Now i will like to know the kind of life you wish to live, The kind of man you wish to have as a husband, What are the qualities you admire in a man most, I will like to know more about your lifestyle, What do you like and what do you dislike, What makes you happy, What do you like doing most, What are your domestic hubby.
:mrgreen: (This was the first time when he finally started to be interested also in what I want, not only what he wants... But it sounded like manipulation to me, I thought that he will pose as somebody I like.)
However I strongly believe that i have good attitude and physical appearance you will admire in me as a man;  (He always wrote about how I will admire him, that was so funny...) :mrgreen: It will be a great pleasure to meet with you in person, And i have marked out the date'' just like you promised, I will be with you before the 26, I shall upated, to enable us make further plans, I really need to spend some time with you, so we can study ourselves more better before thanking any step ahead, Please try as much as you can to write me, have a blessed day ahead, Good morning ..

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:47 pm
by keira
He kept writing to me letters like these, this was also the usual lenght of his letters, they became more intelligent, kind and meaningful, sometimes even less mistakes, so I thought maybe he is not that stupid. :roll: Now I think it was because there were more people working on them, somebody must have helped him. Although he still quarelled with me sometimes, then apologized. When I didn´t write, he played that he is sad...

This was in his letter on 6/2/2016, after we were already talking about the apartment he wants to buy in my country, obviously he was preparing me for the money request... :

My kids are well taken care of; and i am happy that the are well inspired to the changes of been motherless, Their live in a borden school In Texas; my official biological first son is 16 years old, my daughter is 9; but will soon range to 10 in few weeks time. (- again different ages of children...) However I am a degree holder in BMEs, biomedical medical engineering, my major focus is clinical and rehabilitation engineering, I grauated from Queens university Belfast northern ireland. :liar:

Dearling talking about material properites, notwithstanding all the challanges i am exprenceing, I can count myself sucessful, But i had a very seroius problem with my local company account, few months bank, am still trying to fix it up;

This is how he explained when I asked which picture of mine appealed to him the most:

people who like domestic animals is''  if  someone can be able to take care of a common animal, that means the can equally take care of  his or her fellow human, because is not every person that will have time for such

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:50 pm
by keira
This was on 10/2/2016, again he wrote me some bullshit that was too much for me and I couldn´t stand not to tell him again that he is a liar... And the reaction is again self-pity and accusing and insulting me:

My dear,

How i wish we have met ourselves previously, you will know the kind of person you are dealing with, I wonder why you think that a man of my age will fine pleasure in lies, Just as you think am not pure so do i think you are not pure. Listen there are so many complicated things about you, but i over looked it, :roll: because definitely i will find out all the truth about you'' when we meet in person, so there is no need for me to rush.
…................ Don't allow me to start thinking that you are not mentally balanced, this is all crazy, you are embracing me, how on earth will i lie and for what reason will i be lieing this is all confusing.
This is one of the reason why I don't open up to anyone anymore. :roll: The truth is, once I start to like someone, they either cheat on me, or betray me, :roll: I prefer having an unknown identity so as to get the best out of what am in search of; I dont depend on anyone, because even my shadow leaves me when am in darkness; if you do not believe in my real existance then you forget about me; you have seen me on carmera :liar: not only ob pictures , i don't know if someone can look exactly like me, i don't know if i have a twin; :mrgreen: have a good day please.

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:56 pm
by keira
Another letters followed where he described himself as if he was the best and most honest person on Earth and why he is doing all this, but he can´t explain everything, he will on a personal meeting..., my questions he labelled as interrogation..., complained that I don´t write to him... One of his letters, 12/2/2016:

Am glad to read from you this afternoon, Hope you are fine, well i have gone through your email, i noticed that you are very intelligent Please I am not against your questions, But for now i feel insecure to go begound more than i have already explained, How ever i am not suspicious about you and i have nothing to hide from you, I promise to detail your all about me when we meet in person :liar: hopefully on 26 or latest 27th, I do not make empty promise and i can not make a promise that i can not be able to fulfill. :liar:
A vow never to fail or hurt you in any way, :evil: I want a lady whom will sit me down and analyze several things that i have never had before, and i see such spirit in you .. :twisted: Making things positive doesn't mean a sunny outlook ok, rather it means making the choice to see our problems as opportunities, For i know that any problem and difficult situation i face today is embedded with a solution, and my adventure lies in finding the solution, which i am about to find a solution to now ..
I strongly believe that i will learn things i never knew from you, and i also believe that you have a lot to learn from me also;
(Yes, I have learned a lot!!! After I found :twisted: Now i came to realise why their say a life of gratitude is to open our eyes to the countless ways in which we are supported by the world around us (Gregg Krench, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace, and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection), i need your help and support, i need your advice not agurments, i need your encouragment not discouragment,I believe that God have destinted our meeting long before now (HE the scammer had planned our meeting to rob me! :evil: ), please assist me to the best of your ability promising that you will forever be greatful and proud forever, I still admire and cherish you with lot of respect; :evil:   have a blessed day ahead. (again flattering, after he was insulting me!)
Warm regards.

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 4:02 pm
by keira
Nevertheless, I found interesting, that sometimes he was stupid, but sometimes he could be sensitive and contemplative too. Now I know because he used quotes which were not from his head and that there was a whole gang that was working on the scam!

Probably at this moment the gang concluded that I was ripe to be scammed, 13/2/2016:

Good morning my darling, Am glad to read from you this morning, Dear; I want us to start a new life together, please don't say you don't exactly know what to expect from me; This is the beginning of the year, we must have a concrete plan for our future, Less not waste this 2016 just like other years.

I understand how busy you are, but you must have to schedule your time so as to make me more comfortable although my stay, i will not hesitate to me with you in any part of your city, But before i book air ticket you need to conclude on where you we will meet.

However am thinking of transferring $ 270, 000.00 dollars across to you
, But it will be based on sub online banking transfer directly from my company's account with escrow management till i come over; for security reasons, I will speak with my account manager to see how best to handle the transfer. I look forward to meet you online on Skype, have a blessed and favourable weekend, happy valentine in advance.

I didn´t think he meant this seriously. I still tried to keep him in arm´s length, I tried to explain him, that maybe we will not like each other on a personal meeting.
But I started to search again and I found out that connection with that influential person. Then on 16/2/2016 when the announcement came that he sends the money, I was in shock, but also was afraid who knows what connections he has, and on the other hand I also thought, that I know who he is, where he lives, and if something goes wrong I would make a scandal. I didn´t know how wrong I was... They were African and the real man had nothing to do with this...

What happened is written already in previous posts. Even if I had those bad feelings about that man, I felt to be pushed by him to something and I didn´t feel comfortable with all what was happening, I couldn´t resist to help when he asked.

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 4:07 pm
by keira
24/2/2016, after I didn´t write him for some days:

My dear how are you doing, What is going on, I am currently in London now, :liar: I have to pick an emergency flight to go and confirm what is really going on; I have been deputed, Most of the email that was sent through my email was hacked by Jason, :roll: I can't find him any more the bank security agency is after him, He took advantage of what i confided to him about my plans and everything, I trusted him, My money is gone, But that will never happen as long as i am still alive, How can my  follow man use intelligence, :mrgreen: I swear everyone that is involved in this fraud action most surely die in jail, You are also a suspect because your current action proofs it. :-o

Dear i am highly disappointed with you, :roll: Listen to me all your information have been recorded by the SWAT ok, :mrgreen: the intelligent department is still conducting their investigations, get ready the I will be coming over to …... with the police, :mrgreen: you have some questions to answer, You know what you did with Jason, Jason is no where to be found right and i think you are in a better position to tell us where he is :-o because your actions shows there is something wrong ..

My dear, Listen carefully,  Revenge is an act of passion,  vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged, crimes are avenged, Think about it .. (Samuel Johnson or Joseph Joubert?????) (- Now I laugh at it, but in that time I found it threatening!)

Re: Psychology of a victim

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 4:13 pm
by keira
Now I couldn´t resist and answered him 1/3/2016:

I know that there are evil people, but this is something I will maybe never fully understand, why are you doing this to me. I´m not aware of doing anything bad to you, I helped you, you have money from me, so why are you still harassing me? You know that there will be no other money. Do you have too much spare time and don´t know what to do with it or you are a sexual deviate and this turns you on, or why? …..... And send me back the money.... (- I didn´t know about money laundering yet, I learnt about that only few days later from But I didn´t even believe he would send me back the money, I just wanted to vent my emotions.)

His answer:

I don't have much to say, rather bear this in mind that the very basic core of a man's living spirit is his spirit for adventure (Christopher McCandless), And the revenge of devil sometimes takes upon the virtuous. (George Santayana quote) :roll:

You are telling me to pay you back your money, how about my money which have been stolen by the bastard that called his self smith or Jason, Well for your information the bank is still.

 investigating the issue, and thank Krama (what´s that? :thinking: ) that my insurance is still active, if Jason is not found the bank is gonna pay me back my money that is the final agreement in the court, last thursday, Am only notifying you that if enveurally you are involved in this act with Jason i will not take it lightly with you, :-o Because both of you changed your different attitudes at the same time, that makes the whole thing more suspcious to me.

My letter to him on 2/3/2016:

You are not right, this is not about the devil and the virtuous, but it´s about the cheater and a stupid. You always talk about God, but if you really believed in God, you would know that this is hell, to abuse people because of their stupidity, good will and fear. Your character is so distorted that from the beginning all the time everything you say cries "LIE". I wanted to meet you in person, hoped that I would see some difference, that in real you would tell me the whole truth, but you never meant to meet me. I was stupid, because I was overwhelmed by my good will and fear and curiosity. But still I think it´s better to be stupid than not loved and a cheater and a lier, how you live is written to your whole existence, it´s displayed on you and everybody can see that something is wrong. I want to say that it´s better for me not to be a cheater, I believe that you have different values, so I don´t want to judge you or preach and tell you what is better in general (- I knew there´s no point in preaching, I just wanted to vent my feelings...), I´m just saying that it´s better for me. For you it´s obviously better to be a cheater, that´s your choice, I just wrote my opinion about all this. If you have at least a tiny piece of compassion with me, then send me please back the money, believe me, this is a very big burden for me, I told you that I don´t have money, I will pay this for 6 years. You should have found somebody who has money, not me. But this is an experience for me that people can be this evil.

(„ stupidity, good will, fear, curiousity...“ - yes, I didn´t write „love“, I have never written to the scammer that I love him, and this is my little victory! :twisted: He wanted so much to hear from me that I love him, but I always avoided, it was very uncomfortable to tell him that I love him when I didn´t even know him and he treated me in such a bad way! He has my money, he manipulated me to the belief that he loves me and needs my help, but he didn´t gain my love and love is the most expensive emotion, and if he was a narcissistic bastard who thought he can manipulate me even to love him, then it warms my heart that he was damn unsuccessful! :twisted: All that I liked in a scammer was not him, his most intelligent production were quotes, and then it was the personality of the real man I deduced from the material he had on internet. If I missed something after the scam, than it was the real man and not the scammer, because the real man was a rescue worker, played the violin, had many friends and was nice to his children and girlfriend, at least this is how it seemed from those pictures and other materials.