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Williams Anderson,

African scammers posing as white men.
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Williams Anderson,

Postby Александра » Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:34 pm

Pics stolen from Dave E, see bellow

Williams Anderson, https:/ / , register Nigeria

Image , Image , Image , Image

Birthday: September 20,
Hometown: london
Place of work: civilax
Languages: English
Statement: Engineer, civilax innovator
Place of work: civilax London

I am 43 years and I have 2 boys Jason and Fred. My wife died a few years ago. Fred 8 while Jason 6.
I am a civil engineer. I have to go to work on the bridge in Mississippi next week

william anderson <>
Hi dear,
His Williams of the Criminal Code, how are you today? I hope you're all right? knowing you is the best thing that happened to me, I was thinking about you throughout the day, I love every moment when I talk to you. and how you understand me and love my boys it would mean a lot if you are a part of our lives.
please answer ❤
Image , Image , Image .

Hello dear, I really miss you and think of you every day. I talked with the guys this morning, and they really do not have me, and I do miss him, too, before I left, I told them when I get back, we were going to go see you for you stressing yourself, it should have been surprise but now everything has changed. I was faced with a very big problem in my work, that tightens me. Machines were bad, so I had to serve them and take care of some stuff while almost surrounding his work, with my last set of goods originating from New Zealand cargo boat capsided and my goods were destroyed.
I tried to talk to my employer, but because of our contract additional funds can not figure out, and I wanted to be paid in full after the job is finished. and now I'm in trouble, I need your help love.

my dear, I still will not see you boys, no matter what, it's just that it will be a bit delayed on the basis of my current crisis.
my goods prohibited items werent it was lost due to the storm and could not be recovered.
the only solution is to order a new set of products to replace the ones I lost.
love right now I need finiancial support and I did not bring my credit card. I need your help love.

Thank you, my love, I did not bring my credit card with me to France.
so I need some help love now, when I'm stuck, I need the money.

My love is so happy to hear from you, I am glad to know your day went well. And I hope that you are well rested, please do not stress yourself, I talked to the boys they were good, but miss me, I told them that I was going home, because I do not want them to be sad. I need the money, it's $ 2,500 I spoke to some of my colleagues, who promised to help me with a balance, so that I can quickly send for products and to drive with my work

lover very happy with your answer and very grateful. although I want to ask if you can make it $ 1,500 because of my situation, I can talk to my colleagues, to complete the balance for me, but if you can not its ok i will send you the details to send it, thank you very much I love you hope to hear from you soon.

Good morning, my love, how are you? I hope you are well. I talked to the guys, they were very happy that I am finally coming home soon. sorry to tell you about it on such short notice, but the person I want you to send money in France, I do not trust him, he is acting funny, and I have nothing tragic repeat do not want to, that's why I send it didnt last .I do not want to stress you, but instead you have to send him to France, I want you to send it to my cousin, who will send it straight down to my assaociates so my job is finished once and for all, these parts

Name: Stacy Adams
State: Mississippi
City: Booneville
Zipcode: 38829
please send me a message before sending the money, and after that, I love you so much, and you mean the world to me and can not wait to see your beautiful face looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Email IP:

https:/ /

Williams Anderson,


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Re: Williams Anderson,

Postby minerva » Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:45 pm

Pics stolen from Dave E
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