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Scammers with pictures of Saúl Lisazo,

African scammers posing as white men.
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Scammers with pictures of Saúl Lisazo,

Postby Александра » Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:26 pm

Eric Williams, https:/ / - locked
https:/ /, register Nigeria,

Image , Image , Image , Image , Image .

Link to photo- http:/ / ,
https:/ /úl_Lisazo

Eric Williams
Birthday: March 5, 1957
City: Kabul
marital status: Not maried
Company: US ARMY
Hometown: washington DC
Languages: English
Career Company: US ARMY Doctor
Military Service Branch: Kabul, Afghanistan
am just me,i love making new friends and i do things my own way just to please myself.
My name is Eric, I am from the United States. I have been working with the US Army, I worked as a surgeon with the army in Afghanistan
I'm in the camp

Eric Williams
December is not that far again. When I'm on vacation, I'll come. But we must build our relationship is stronger here in the first place by loving yourself and trust each other, because trust is the most important in a relationship
we do not take pictures here, and we do not make a video call, as well as
if I can do it, I'll be punished by the government
I may even lose my job

https:/ /

Honey, I have a bad day. I received a letter from my agent this morning telling me that my package I invest so much has been captured in Africa Ghana custom. I put so much on it last time, when I went on vacation in Africa
I have gold dust on it, which is worth about 10 million euros.
I do not want to lose your gold, because I put so much on it. It was not stolen. He was captured by the custom of the country.
I should be able to do something fast to get them back before they confiscate them forever. Because I did not finish some paperwork before I was to call to Afghanistan to resume their duties

Image , Image , Image , Image , Image .

Honey I'm still very worried about my gold funds
Honey, I want you to help me contact my attorney for me

Hello barrister Ebow, i will start my introducing myself my name is.............and i'm Eric William woman,i write today because the doctor asked me to contact you because i spoke to him today and notice he was feeling down, i asked him what the problem is and he told me about his gold dust wish was held by the ghana customs, in your mail you told him to fly down immediately so he handles the situation himself, sir with all due respect i want you to know that the doctor cant live what he is doing now and fly down to ghana and live his mission, sir that mission means so much to him and if he leaves afghanistan now he will get into trouble with the united states government, so please sir with all due respect i want you to tell me about the situation of things down there is there a way to get the gold out? ,like i said Eric is very busy now with the mission his handling in Afghanistan so he is worried and he asked me to contact you so we can work together for the funds to be release from by custom, i am worried about Eric health so i want you and i to work together till the funds is released but first you must keep me up to date so i know what to do,i wait for your reply.

Barrister nana Ebow revs <> :
TELEPHONE + 233557202614

Good day Mrs. ........... How are you doing my regards to the family nice to Hear from you Doctor Eric friend, `madam normally I would have Loved it if Doctor Eric fly’s Down to Ghana himself so that he handles the Situation by himself but he explained in his mail that it will not be possible for him to fly down without been noticed because of the nature of the mission he is handling over there in Afghanistan and I completely understand because I follow the news anyway the reason I want him to fly down is simply because I do not want to argue when it comes to issues that has to do with money hope you understand because the situation of things down here does not look good at all so it is important we act fast so that we do not lose the gold , I believe the doctor already told you about the gold, that is why he asked you to contact me, madam the gold is worth 10 million Euros, as it stands now we do not have much time, so it is important we work together until the Gold is released by the customs, the reason we have this problem is because when the Doctor came to buy the gold he did not finish the legal paper work of the gold before he left back to the states and I later heard he has been transferred to Afghanistan where he is serving presently, if he had told me earlier that he didn’t finish the legal documentation of the gold i will have made sure i finish it on his behalf and we will not be in this mess by now but like I said all hope is not lost because we still have a good chance of recovering the gold but first we must get the affidavit of claim certificate and the African union certificate which is the prove that he indeed bought the gold here in Ghana, those two document will cost money but it's nothing compared to the gold which is valued at 10 million Euros, madam we can only get those two document from the Ghana high court. Those are the document missing that made the customs seize the gold normally the gold were on its way to the united states before the customs intercepted it, after they searched the truck box of gold they discovered that some of the document were missing, I believe you know before you take a treasure of this magnitude out of any country it will have to go through the customs, like I said the gold bar is worth 10 million Euros.

Madam like I said all hope is not lost the gold will be released to me once I get those documents I mentioned above from the Ghana high court but it will cost money, I understand the situation of the Doctor perfectly that is why I've done everything possible to ensure that everything goes well until now, I know that the Doctor is very busy with the mission he is handling over there in Afghanistan, but if we don’t act fast now we stand a strong chance of losing the gold, I got information about the customs seizing the gold and if I did not get to the customs headquarters on time the gold would have been confiscated for good and I am sure Doctor Eric would have lost the gold by now and I’m sure the doctor wouldn’t have taking it likely, one thing I will tell you now is that the gold was bought legally, but the documentation were not complete, that is why it is very important we follow the legal procedure so we do not have trouble making delivery after the gold is released by the customs, like I told the Doctor once the gold is released, I will use diplomatic delivery system to deliver the gold to any part of the world he wants, this is very serious so I'd like you to send me your information so I create a file in your name since you are the one representing the doctor on this, please fill the form below.

(1) Your full names: ............................
(2) Your Telephone No: ..........................
(3) Your age: ...................................
(4) Occupation: ............................
(5) Your country: ...............................
(6) Status: .................................
(7) Your address: ..........................
(8) Scan copy of your passport: ......................

I need these information's so that I open a file in your name as the legal beneficiary of the gold, I would not have responded to your mail if I did not get confirmation from the doctor that you will contact me for the gold, I am been so strict because this is a sensitive issue and I do not want to have problem with the doctor so I am been careful, In other to get those document we need to raise 10 thousand Euros so that with it I can go to the Ghana high court of justice to obtain the documents because without those document there is no way the customs will release the gold to me or anyone, I hope after reading this mail you will have a perfect knowledge of what is happening here, I need your information as soon as possible, I believe you contacted me because the doctor wants you to work with me until the gold is released I believe that is the reason he asked you to contact me, Madam I will like to make it clear to you if you are to work with me then we must be very open minded with ourselves, whatever you do not understand make sure you ask questions, I hope you inform the Doctor about everything I said now, I hope to hear from you soon with your information and the money for the documents, as soon as I get your information and the money I will start the legal process of getting the funds out, the earlier the better if we do not act fast then we stand the chance of having the gold confiscated, hope when you read this mail you will understand. I have attached a copy of my international passport to this message so please check attachment.

My regards to the family,
Barrister Nana Ebow Revs.
Legal Practitioner / Adviser for local miners.

Image , Image .

Barrister nana Ebow revs <> :
TELEPHONE + 233557202614

Good day madam nice to hear from you again, thanks for sending your information at least my job is a lot easier, Normally the money we need is 10.000 euro’s, but since you can’t get the complete amount then I want you to send what you have with you, and I will find the rest but please madam if you are serious about helping the doctor then try and add something to the amount like I said in my mail we don’t have much time on our side, because if we don’t act fast then we stand a chance of losing the gold and I am sure the doctor wont like that, madam you can send the money to me through western union or money gram because it is the fastest way to send money worldwide, now I will create a file that makes you the legal benefactor of the gold since you are the one representing the doctor, please send the money to my secretaries information because tomorrow I will be very busy I have to go to the Custom office to make sure the gold is intact, below is the information you need in sending the money.

Name: Oshodin Osayi Kenzo

Country: Ghana

City: Accra

Address: No 212 new weija.

Those are the information you need. after you send the money make sure you send me the MTCN number, and all details so that I don’t have issue collecting it, like I said if you want to help the doctor then you must do more, before I forget please send me any form of identification that you have with you maybe your teachers id, it is important I stop here for now my regards to the family.
IP address is
Country Ghana
State/Region 01
City Accra
Image , Image , Image , Image

Photo here there -https:/ /

Scammers with pictures of Saúl Lisazo,


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Re: Scammers with pictures of Saúl Lisazo,

Postby minerva » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:41 am

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