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Alexa; <>

Scammers from Russia, Ukraine, or any other former Soviet Union countries.
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Alexa; <>

Postby IceFM » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:12 pm

..... from M

Hey. I think today is a great day for a new acquaintance. I won't write much, because if you're interested, you'll answer me.
My name is Olexandra, but my friends call me Alexa. I lead a healthy lifestyle and do not have bad habits.
I love cleanliness and a very diligent woman who is used to achieving my goals.
But next to me there is no loved one with whom I could go through life together.
I'm not looking for a sponsor and I'm not ready to become one! I'm was born in Ukraine, and live here now.
I'm 32 years old. I'm looking for a single man with no problem with the law and willing to work to create a happy family.
If you're already in a relationship or you want to play with my time, you better delete my email.
I'll attach my picture to this letter, and I hope that you will be interested to start Dating me.
I'll wait for your answer and hope it doesn't keep you waiting.4

Received: from (HELO (
Reply-To: Alexa <>
From: Alexa <>
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2019 14:28:59 +0300

Consolidated Telephone Company
OrgId: CONSO-17
Address: 6900 Van Dorn
Address: Suite 21
City: Lincoln
StateProv: NE
PostalCode: 68516
Country: US

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Alexa; <>



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Re: Alexa; <>

Postby IceFM » Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:16 am

Hello xxxxxxx. How are you? I'm good. Nice to see your letter. Thanks for
taking the time to write me. I saw your email earlier on my phone, but
decided to answer you with my laptop. I'm at home right now
and I'm
planning on eating, but I'll write you a letter first. I was sad you
didn't send me your pictures. I sent you my photos and waited to see
your photo in return. I hope you will not disregard my request. I
think you will be interested to know a little more about me. I'am
Alexa. I am 32 years old. My height is 168sm, my weight 49kg. I want
to ask you how old are you? I am from Ukraine. I live in Kharkov. I
born and live all my life here. I looked at your city on Googlemaps
and I think that you live in a wonderful place. I really liked Albany.
I have higher education. I studied at Kharkov University and completed
a master's course in occupational safety.
I've never worked in my
field. This is a very narrow specialization which has a rare demand in
the labor market here. Besides, it's not a very high salary. I like
what I'm doing now. I love my job and it brings me more income. I like
to remember my student years. It was fun and interesting. Now I think
about the fact that it would not be superfluous to get a second higher
education. But I can not decide on whom exactly I want to study. It is
a pity that there is no higher education for Management in Russia.
:thinking: :thinking:
When I was a little girl, I was a very active child. When my parents
were alive, my mother took me to the rhythmic gymnastics section. At
first it was hard for me to cope with the loads, but I tried to do
everything the coach said and not disappoint my parents. These
workouts gave me excellent athletic training. When I looked up, I
realized that I did not have enough exercise and I started going to
the gym. Right now I'm administrator in fitness centre. This is not a
difficult job and I like it. This job gave me the skills and I'm not
bad at Management. I also have a small online business that brings me
a steady income.
I'm enjoying my work. It always gives me a lot of
joyful emotions. I do what I like and work is an important part of my
life. I'm a professional in my sphere. All my friends told me that I
was born for dance. Now the work gives me a adequate income and the
opportunity to travel the world. Today we live in a world of high
technology and new discoveries, and unsurprisingly long distance is
not a problem. Travel by plane has become much more affordable than
ever before, and more people can afford a vacation anywhere in the
world at an economical cost. I am a successful woman and I have
achieved everything myself. I do not have a personal car because I do
not need it daily. Most often I get to work on foot. Only when the
weather is bad I use public transport. If I need to bring my
grandmother products I use carsharing services.
What concerns my
personal life - unfortunately I'm still alone. Of course I've had
relationships before. But that's in the past. I try to look only
forward and build my life in a positive mood. I'm looking for a
kindly, honestly, and most important faithfully man. A man with whom I
can feel truly welcome and happy woman. Who will appreciate not only
my physical appearance but also my inner world. My worries and fears,
smiles and wins. To support my ambitions and be a faithful soul mate
for the rest of life. I believe that I will be lucky and I will be
able to find my happiness. The main thing to go to meet each other and
listen to the voice of the heart. Of course, open communication is
very important for us. I'm sure that just because a lot of epistolary
connection we can better know each other. I don't want to bore you
with my letter. Because I'm not boring at all. Hope you found that
interesting my thoughts, and you can my imagine my personality in your
minds. I'd be interested to know more about you next time. I hope you
find time to write an interesting letter for me. Your friend from
Kharkov Alexa. P.S. I am sending some of my photos. I'll wait for your
photos in your answer. Have a good day!

....... same Crap we can find here:

Viktoriia; <> ...... 01.09.19 ... 77#p602277

Zulfiya; <>

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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2019 20:44:30 +0400

Pavel Arbuzov
house 3, Vassily Petushkov str.,
Moscow, Russia, 125476



...... why this blurry Pics .... :-? :-? :-? :thinking:
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Re: Alexa; <>

Postby IceFM » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:11 pm

.... when she's from Ukraine, why does she talk always from Russia .... :thinking:

Hi again xxxxxxx. Thanks for your answer, I waited. I am pleased that you
wrote to me. Thank you that to tell about your passions in sport. I
think it's something that can really connect us. I really like it when
men watch their bodies. I'm sure you're in good health. You
disappointed me again for not sending your pictures. What is the
reason, is it so difficult to do? I am pleased to know that you are
not indifferent to sports. I think that this greatly affects the
character of a person and determines behavior. Unfortunately, I do not
play baseball and am not very familiar with this sport; I like
volleyball and fitness more. I want to tell you something personal
about myself. I hope you will be interested to hear my honest story.
In my previous email, I told you that I live in . I live far from the
capital of Ukraine, but my city is one of the largest in middle
Ukraine. Here very beautiful nature and kind people. I like to watch
my city live. I am happy that I was born and grew up here.. I can
compare my city with many cities in Ukraine. I traveled a lot in
Ukraine and was in different parts of our country. Ukraine is a
multiethnic country, but when I first visited another country, I
realized that the world is much more diverse. I was pleased to learn
the cultures of different peoples and i think everyone human has
something unique. I don't care about skin color or eye size. I do not
judge people by appearance, and I am sure that in every nation has are
good and bad people. My grandmother always tells me to be guided by
the voice of my heart when making a decision. I always listen to her
wise advice. She replaced my mother after my parents died. And she
taught me how to grow up really fast. Now, my lifestyle always makes
me move forward. To achieve this goal has become my life principle. If
we talk about my Hobbies, we can talk for a long time, despite the
fact that I rarely manage to devote time to this. I think I will
highlight my frequent Hobbies. I like to ride a bicycle, play beach
volleyball. I like to read books, listen to music and sing karaoke. I
like to watch TV series, interesting films, but I can not often find
time for this. Sometimes I manage to visit the Spa center and relax
with my friends. I also like outdoor activities, I like camping and
diving. I liked diving when I first traveled. Unfortunately in Russia
diving brings a very different feeling.
In General, I am very curious
and I like to try new things and constantly look for myself. I very
rarely manage to watch series. There are only a few series that were
special to me, like when I was waiting for each new series. This is
House M. D. and Game Of Thrones. I watched both of those shows in
their entirety. I like how Hugh Laurie plays Dr. House and the fact
that it is really educational. I learned a lot from medicine, so I was
interested. But the greatest delight I experienced when watching Game
Of Thrones. This series is able to surprise. Not probably to predict
what will happen in the next series, I haven't seen not one episode.
Of course I did not like how it ended in the last season, I expected
more. I'm an active person, so I'm used to this pace of life. In the
next 10 years, I would like to devote my serious relationship and the
arrangement of a comfortable future. I have a lot of plans and
ambitions. For example, to feel the position of weightlessness in a
wind tunnel or being in a cage to feed the sharks in open sea. I also
want to try driving a yacht or speedboat. My friends offered me to
jump with a parachute, but I still did not dare to take this risky
step down. I can say that I almost do not drink alcohol. I drink very
rarely because even a glass of wine makes me more outspoken. I am
loyal to people who have bad habits, everyone chooses what he likes. I
try to take care of my health. I don't like mess and dirt. I clean my
house at least 4 times a week. This includes wiping the dust and wet
cleaning of floors. My kitchen never has dirty dishes. I never save up
dirty Laundry to wash my clothes all at once. I am convinced that
purity disciplines people and makes their life more pleasant. I like
when my apartment has a pleasant smell and is always clean. I feel
like I should tell you something more personal about me. I think you
understand that I've had a relationship in the past. I've been alone
for two years now. Since then, I have not met the person with whom I
would like to connection my life forever. I sure that romantic should
be present in the relationship. This allows you to keep them more
gentle and affectionate. It shows the purity and sincerity of the
relationship. This maintains the ease of communication between people
in love, creates pleasant scenes to Express feelings. I think it is
very important and allows you to keep the relationship bright and
rich. It is also very important to have mutual understanding and
solidarity. In a relationship, you need to be able to hear each other
and find compromises. It is equally important to support each other,
to help both in personal and mental growth. Sex is also very important
in a relationship. It is important to have sexual attraction to each
other. Discuss sexual preferences and desires. We're adults and we
don't must to be shy talking about it. But first I'd like to get to
know you better. I'm a flexible woman in everything, I'm sure you can
feel it in my thoughts. Well, I have observed that again wrote is a
long letter for you, it is time to end my letter. I hope you found my
message interesting and I see your comments and speedy response.
Alexa. P.S. I would be glad if you send me your photos.

....... delivered over


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Re: Alexa; <>

Postby IceFM » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:26 pm

... I've a stupid feeling that I know what could come with her Online Business coz this Story we know already as I should become Partner and as I've ask for Evidence for this Shop ... Vlad disappeared ..... this "expensive Food in Kharkiv Story" we know from Weekend but its Lugansk ......

Hello xxxxx. My mood is wonderful, happy to read your message again. How
was your day? I hope you're doing great. I'm sorry you had such a bad
experience with your ex-wife. I don't understand such women and I
can't find excuses for such acts. I am convinced that loyalty is the
basis for a relationship and without it it is impossible to be happy
in marriage. I want to tell you something very important for me. Think
you will be interesting to read about my life. I can say that in my
life not so many close people. Of course I have friends, but my
grandmother-the most expensive for me people. After my parents died,
she put all her love and wisdom into me and taught me what a woman
should be like. Be able to cook, maintain cleanliness in the house, be
able to listen and think before talking . Be elegant, but not
affordable. Do not be afraid of obstacles and be confident in my
abilities. I only recently realized that thanks to my grandmother's
upbringing, I became who I am now. I was curious to know more about
your family. I've always wanted a brother or sister, I'm happy for
you! I've been thinking for a long time that it's time to create a
strong family. It is important for me to find mutual understanding
with my man. I think that in relations there should not be secrets. We
need to work together on everything. Of course, the choice of a life
partner should be approached responsibly. I want a life partner. A
partner with whom I will live in mutual understanding and harmony.
Have common dreams and desires, live enjoying every moment spent
together. The last time the fate often gives me surprises. I thought
that my way to success would be more difficult, but I easily managed
to establish my business through the Internet. I am selling different
Souvenirs from Ukraine. I cooperate with several online stores and
send products to them. Frankly this business brings to me several
times more than my job administrator in fitness centre.
Not so long
ago, another positive event happened in my life. I found a nice man, a
friend on the Internet. I'm talking about you xxxxxx. I like our
epistolary connection. It's nice that we both get positive emotions
from our communication. I'm very interested in you and I want to
imagine what kind of friendship we could have. Can you imagine that?
I'd be very interested to know your mind. What do you think about our
serious relationship? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to live in
illusions and be disappointed if I'm not interesting to you as a
woman. I am convinced that in life there is something that can not be
measured by money, although it is important to live in prosperity. I
do not care about the abundance of money, but I like all want to live
in comfort and eat well. Buying fresh food in Kharkov is not cheap,
but you can not save on health.
I want a long and full of positive
emotions and unforgettable events life. Perhaps some of my desires may
seem crazy, but only success is the visible difference between madness
and courage. I believe that all my wishes will come true. But it's not
enough just to believe. We must always make an effort to achieve our
goal. It is important not to give up and move forward, to be able to
find the strength to overcome difficulties. There were moments when I
wanted to move away from the problems. But I'm not that kind of
person. I don't run from complexity. When I started my business, I
thought a few times to quit, but found the strength to continue and
now my business brings good income.
Maybe I was very passionate about
work and that's why I'm still single. I don't want to look back, but
I'm serious about meeting you, and I think you should know about my
sad experience. My ex-relationship really hurt me. I felt that he
became cold to me, and could not understand why. I tried to talk to
him, but the conversation always ended in a scandal. Then I caught him
cheating, although objectively speaking, he had no reason to do that
to me. We had regular, various sex, and I always did everything in
order that it was always satisfied in the desires. It really hurt my
heart. His betrayal destroyed all my warm feelings in an instant. I
couldn't forgive him and left him. I have long regarded this as the
past and I live in the present, looking only to the future. I don't
keep my bad memories from the past in my memory and try to forget the
sad moments, erase it from my life. Unfortunately, it is not easy, but
I am sure that this is the right way. Now I decided it was time to
start a family. My business is working properly and I have to think
about my future. Not so long ago I didn't know that somewhere far away
there is such an interesting xxxxxx man. Your words and thoughts are
available to me. A man should be like that. More restrained and
strong. My grandmother always said that one word men should be
stronger than five women words. I agree with her, but we should not
forget that a man needs to love and respect the opinion of his women.
A man should give his presence a sense of peace and security. Roy, I
want to be honest with you. I have a desire to write to you without
stopping, but I understand that my message is already very big. Maybe
it's time to finish my letter, I plan to go with my friend Valentina
to the cafe soon. Today is warm summer weather. I thought for a long
time what kind of underwear to choose, but I decided that I would not
wear underwear. I think it's nothing special. I'm sure every woman has
ever walked without underwear. This creates a playful mood, and gives
a sense of additional freedom. Although I can say that the Thong does
not prevent me from feeling free. I think I'm distracted, it's time to
finish my letter. I hope you didn't get bored reading this. I'll wait
for your answer, hug, Alexa. P.S. Few of my photos to keep you

....... delivered over
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 17:01:41 +0400







..... by her Tattoo we'll get her sooner or later .... I've Time
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Re: Alexa; <>

Postby IceFM » Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:36 pm

..... already Drama queen ..... lets give her some slaps that she becomes again normal ....

Hi xxxxxx. Thank you for your letter. To be honest, I didn't want to
answer because I see you haven't read my previous letters. I get it
because you don't comment on my feelings. I'm sharing something very
personal and private with you. You're not interested in all this? Are
you shy? I thought maybe that was it, but you still don't answer my
questions. Maybe you're not interested. I take our acquaintance
seriously, and I can't understand your behavior. Answering your
questions, trying not to miss anything you have to say for me. But you
don't appreciate it. I always tell you what's important to me in a
relationship. Every time I wait for your letter with the hope to see
the answers to my questions, but this does not happen. I think you
don't care about our future. That was the only conclusion I could draw
from your behavior. I realized that our interests are very different,
you're not ready in a serious relationship with a girl like me. I
don't have time for meaningless correspondence. Good luck in life!

....... delivered over
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 16:56:41 +0400
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