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Anastasiia; <>

Scammers from Russia, Ukraine, or any other former Soviet Union countries.
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Anastasiia; <>

Postby IceFM » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:56 pm

..... from DMF-Spam in german

Hi there ..!!!
I think you're beautiful man, and I was happy to be communicating with you ..
I hope that you are interested and you want serious relationship?
I decided to get to know because I think that we have common expectations in the future ..
Seeking anstandiger man ready for a serious relationship.
If you have any other opinions on this occasion, then do not get to know. Can not me answers ...
I just need more serious and anstandiger man for family ...
And I very much hope that you are interested in the creation relationship ??
I open woman. Without harmful habits ....
If you are interested in the continuation of communication, please write me at my email:
I was happy to continue with you acquaintance! I wait your letter. Anastasiia ....

Received: from (unknown [])
From: Anastasiia T <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 12:33:24 +0300

M247 LTD Brussels Infrastructure
M247 Brussels NOC
Wezembeekstraat 2
1930, Zaventem


Виолетта Даниленко
118 лет, :shock: :shock: :-o :silly: Оренбург, Россия

https:/ / ...... married ...... 10 Pics only ...... Fake

https:/ /вконтакте

http:/ /

.... I think, here we come the RPO nearer:

........ Таня Михайлова/Tanya Mihailova from Sankt Petersburg

https:/ / ...... 2924 Pics

https:/ /
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Anastasiia; <>



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Re: Anastasiia; <>

Postby IceFM » Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:35 pm

...... again in german

Good day. How are you? How are you today? As for me,
I All is well and I have just got your message
nice! Thanks for your answer, it means a lot to me!

I have received your letter in the dating agency my town. me
It has been said that you are searching for your soul mate. And
do you want to build a serious relationship.

Dating on the Internet is very popular People are looking at Russia
Their love over the Internet. My mother tongue Russia, but I
may good German. I have studied German at school and

Some information about me: My name is Anastasiya. I am now 31
Year old. He was born on 14 September 1988th My natural
hair color is dark But sometimes I dye my hair. I am
171 cm tall and weigh 57kg, I live in a small but old
Russian city, Zavodoukovsk. Tyumen region. I'm working at the moment
Nurse at Children's Hospital.
I have never been married
and I have no children and now my heart is open to new ideas

I always try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I still have
never smoked in life and did drugs. And I do not drink
Alcohol. I'm just trying healthy and healthy food to eat, but
it is it does not always work :)))) sometimes you can be a little
delicious get food, but not very helpful :) I love it,
To listen to music. The My taste in music is very diverse. I like
everything from the classics genre of blues. Russia is a huge
Country and I like it This trip is about new and unknown cities
to visit! But I've never been in other countries. I like new
Guys, I'm always doing is interesting. I like to
communicate to share common interests Find similar
or other characteristics.

My real and main goal is to find love. I have a lot
Love in my heart and I'm ready to share my love to love someone
give the unique and special. I have a lot I have good
Hear love stories and I want to try, what to see Bring
me Now I'm open to change my life

These are some information about me :), please tell me something
To you, in your life I would be interested everything
knows about you :)

Have a nice day and answer your questions.
I'm waiting send them some of my photos and will be glad
to see if you can send your photos to me!


Received: from [] ([])
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 23:10:12 +0300
From: "настя" <>

OSJC SeverTransCom
Alexey V. Novikov
37, Pobedy st.,
Yaroslavl, Russia, 150040


CDSM-6453.jpg ..... 04.05.19 .... Петроградский район

CDSM-9837.jpg ...... 06.07.17

..... RPO confirmed
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Re: Anastasiia; <>

Postby IceFM » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:15 pm

Hi xxxxxx !!!

How are you all? Everything good I was happy when I get a letter
saw you! I was glad to read your letter! A conversation with
To have them, is great!

Tell sir appreciate? What qualities should have a wife?
As for me, I am an ordinary person, I guess
human qualities and character features such as honesty, sense
of humor and optimism. People who are in a relationship,
must complement each other, be a whole. You have to
love each other, do not worry. You need to be safe
His moments his support and assistance.

I want to tell you about my family. Now I live with my
Mother, Her name is Nadezhda. I also have an older sister -
Kristina. She lives separately. My mother 68 years old and you and
Retirees, my sister is 37 years old and work as
Engineer. My sister has a husband and a daughter, Your Name
Vera is 9 - year old girl, I love my niece very much, and you
is an very curious, cheerful, smart kid. We are in a
very good relationship with my sister, we try with your in
To stay contact. And the other to visit as often as possible.
Sometimes they come with your family to us, sometimes visit my
Mother and I you. By the way, my sister is thrilled with the
Photo, made these photos that I sent you. In front
12 years ago we had died a tragedy in the family, our father
from lung cancer. It's war very difficult for us, we love all
our father very much. It was an emotionally difficult moment in my
Life, and it was hard for my sister and especially for my
Mother. My father means a lot to my mother and me
Kristina. Mama always said that you and your father two parts
a whole are! And there is no other person more on the ground!
It was a hard time, but we did it. are furthermore
very important people for me my aunt (my mother's sister)
and my uncle. Si live in the village, there is a wonderful nature. If
we visit, I go with my uncle (in summer) for mushrooms,
not too long ago we were fishing with him. And I ended
help flowers care. That's fascinating. I love this time :)
Family speak?

I want you to know that I like our age difference!
For me, it's good that you're older than me. My father was
older than my mother! And lived an amazing life! I
want a man in my life with a lot of life experience, I
I'm sure he an important role in the construction
solid relationships play. This man White sure!

Do you like traveling? Have you visited other countries? As I
said I was never outside Russia ... I think it should be very
interesting its world to see the various locations of and more
To learn about the different cultures, to see other countries.

I'm going to finish my letter, I wish you a beautiful
Day! You know, I am waiting for your answer!

your Anastasiya

Received: from [] ([])
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 19:44:23 +0300
From: "настя" <>

OSJC SeverTransCom
Alexey V. Novikov
37, Pobedy st.,
Yaroslavl, Russia, 150040



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