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This site and Google: everything posted here gets there!

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 5:49 am
by Marisa
Please keep in mind: everything you post on this board gets in Google. And gets there darn fast!! So please, DO NOT post your real names and e-mails on this board. DO NOT choose a username that discloses your real name. If you are posting e-mail from a scammer, or chat transcript, make sure you edit out your own name, e-mail address or Yahoo screenname. The administration of this site is not going to do it for you. If you fail to do so, please don't contact me later, all upset: "My information is in Google!! My scammer will know I posted him!" Yes, it will be in Google, and yes, probably he will know. Because YOU carelessly posted your own info here! Please, post info about scammers, not about yourself!

If you accidently chose a username that is your real name, or if you can be recognized by it, just send me a PM and I will change your username for you.

If you don't post any recognizable info linked to your identity, it is absolutely safe to post your scammer, because they talk to many people at the same time, telling everybody the same rubbish. You are not "exclusive". So, there is no way they can tell which one of their victims posted them. Just do it safe!

Another related question that people keep asking: don't the scammers Google their own names and e-mails? They can find out they are posted here! The answer is very simple: do YOU often Google your own name and e-mail? When was the last time you did? The scammers are just like everybody else: some do Google, some don't. OK, so some will Google themselves and find out they are listed, so what? That shouldn't stop us from reporting them and warning others!

Besides, they have many scams running this very moment, and with this very name. They cannot change their name and yahoo ID in the middle of a running scam, that will look suspicious. Even if they do, still too late, if a victim smells rat and starts digging, they will Google everything: old ID, new ID... And after the scam is over, the scammers will change it anyway, for the NEXT victims. But the CURRENT victims will Google and find out they are being scammed. And maybe this will save them. You SHOULD post all info you have on scammers: their e-mails, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.. We are doing this site for victims, not for scammers, and not for fun. This site is a scamlist.