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About The bat!

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 6:01 am
by Marisa
OK, about The Bat!

Please remember: The Bat! is a red flag, but is NOT a proof of scam. It only DOES prove scam if she claims to write from an Internet cafe, or any other public computer, like library. The Bat! + the public computer is impossible, means she is lying.

But if she admits to write from home PC or work, and there are NO other red flags, she pretty much can be a real girl.

I often hear people saying "I never seen a single REAL Russian girl using The Bat!", but it usually comes from baiters who never speak to any real Russian girls in the first place, they only deal with scammers. Yes, most of my Russian friends don't use The bat! either, but that doesn't automatically mean anything.

I just had a success story on my datingnmore site: this July an American guy married a girl from Belarus whom he met on my site. And guess what? she was using The Bat!

But!! There are VERY important differences.

1) she never claimed to use an Internet cafe. She always told him she was writing from home.
2) she worked at the advertising company, and often had to take work at home. You can imagine what volume of mail advertising companies send? ;)
3) she was neither from Mari El, nor Lugansk
4) her IP always matched her city, as it should
5) she didn't contact him, he found her and contacted her first. She was a good girl, and never mass-mailed men on my site
6) he didn't meet her on a heavily infested site, like MBN or DMF. He met her on my site, which he trusted.

And of course there were never any stupid translators, or scripted letters. It was a normal correspondence of two normal people from the very beginning.

So please, take all these above factors into consideration.

The key is IP address. It MUST match location. Then goes from which area she is (discard Mari El and Lugansk once and forever from your searches! there are thousands of other FSU cities to choose from), also who contacted whom first, on which site, what do her letters sound like, etc..

Only use The Bat! as a proof of scam if she lies and claims to use an Internet cafe. Besides, I often see scammers who don't use The Bat!. Or at least they somehow hide it in headers. Still scammers though...