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Ways to test for contact with a scammer

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Ways to test for contact with a scammer

Postby Stealth » Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:22 pm

Besides this test ... ianscammer" onclick=";return false;
There are other ways you can test the person you are in contact with.

I often used these methods when baiting so as to collect more evidence of the scammer and I figure it might be helpful for those who are potentially falling prey to a scammer to use as well.

1.) If they claim to be from whatever geographical location, look up that location on a map, look at the names of the nearest river or tourist attraction and then deliberately make up a fake name for a river or attraction and ask them something like "Oh yes, I know where that is, that's right near such and such river isn't it? Example: They claim to be from Providence Rhode Island USA. I look it up, and say "That's where the famous Thomas Jefferson museum is, right?" They usually agree but wait....there is no Thomas Jefferson museum there, I made it up. A real person would never agree to your made up land marks or tourist attractions.

2.) They claim a certain occupation. Research that occupation. Then make up something that said occupation does NOT do. Claim that you know people of their line of work does the thing you made up. Of course some one really in that line of work would never agree to this, however the scammer probably will since they don't know much about it either. (One time I got one pretending to be a doctor, admit to administering phencyclidine very often to patients. Little did dummy know, that's the medical term for Angel dust (PCP) lol)

3.) Strike up discussions on national news, semi-famous stars, political debates, new well known tv shows from your country, or from the country they claim to be in (if they claim to be some place other than nigeria at the time) and notice their reactions. While not everyone may know of everything you bring up, real people WILL know and recognize some of the discussions and show an interest that doesn't revolve around vague claims of knowing while attempting to change subject.

4.) If they claim they are from the military, research authentic ranks and divisions then make up a fake rank or division and ask them if they've reached that rank, or have worked within your fake division. A real military man will know there is no such thing.

5.) Ask lots of questions, and count the number of times your questions go ignored, while the person responds only with asking you a question or subject switch. Or the answer will be vague and then an attempt to switch gears but keep on them.

6.) Approach said person with a different ID and see if they stay consistent.

7.) Confuse them. Act like they told you something about something that YOU made up. For instance, next time you talk to them say something like "So how bad was that storm last week, as I recall you said a storm was coming..." Since many of them have trouble keeping track of what they say to whom, they are bound to answer in an affirmative manner to your question.

Now, I will warn, this is helpful, and many can be caught up in these ways, however, this isn't fool proof. Some have learned to be far more savvy in their games than ever before. Probably due to the mistake people make in confronting them and ratting out to them everything they've done wrong that proves what they really are. So don't assume even if one can pass these tests, that they are legit as some might be savvy enough to research before they speak. Go back to the basics of what has been shared about detecting them in the first place (such as the test in the link) and other places, no matter what, and never give them money no matter what BS sob story they can muster up.
"Scam signs"

ATTN GUESTS!!Telling your mugu that he/she is busted will accomplish absolutely nothing but teaching them how to be better at scamming/victimizing, as well as cause other victims unnecessary duress. Unless this is what you hope to cause, do NOT confront them!

Ways to test for contact with a scammer



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Re: Ways to test for contact with a scammer

Postby Marisa » Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:54 pm

Very nice!! Thanks!! :applause: I will make it a sticky.

I also want to add: during at least the first conversations, when you are not sure with whom you are dealing yet, don't give too much of your own information, but instead, try to squeeze a lot of info from them. Reading chat transcripts (even from baiters!) I am often surprised how talkative are victims (or baiters), they tell scammers the lenghty stories about themsleves (even if those stories are made up, who cares?), thoroughly answer all scammers questions, do all talking, while scammers just mumble few words "yes baby", "ok", "tell me more" etc... It should be vice versa!!!! You should be mumbling few words, while scammers should be doing all talking!!! They are not even reading your stories, they are just chatting with other victims while you waste your time, typing long sentences.


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