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How does scammers make money off of iTunes cards?

How African Romance Scams Work
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How does scammers make money off of iTunes cards?

Postby paultheuglydog » Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:43 am

I don't know how many of the women scammers have asked me to send them iTunes cards. When they start begging me for money I always block them.

How does scammers make money off of iTunes cards?


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Re: How does scammers make money off of iTunes cards?

Postby FrumpyBB » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:05 am

I could imagine, it´s possibly easier to than cash money transfer, and it just doesn´t quite sound like "money request" = easier to justify to the "target". Probably the boys just sell it in their (West African) community later.
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

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The scammers vs. Why is "he" still doing it?

Why is alerting the man in the pictures DANGEROUS?

Please click why confronting my scammer is terribly wrong :)

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Re: How does scammers make money off of iTunes cards?

Postby Igulinka » Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:18 pm

To my best knowledge scammers ask for Itunes, Amazon, Vanilla, PayPal cards because those can be used all over the world online by activating them and use PIN codes on the back of the card - no questions ask. They can be used for cash advances at ATM or purchases online. Other gift cards purchased in US must be used online or retail shopping within territorial US area . Also the cards which can be used all over the world are reloadable and scammer may ask next victim to refill the gift card online. When victim will agree to do it , info online will show the location where card was purchased ( US) but not the location where money was spent or merchandise shipped. Scammers try to be very clever but fortunately for us they are not.

Tips to avoid becoming the victim of a scam
If you are NOT purchasing an item from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or an Apple Music membership, do NOT make a payment with iTunes Gift Cards. There's no other instance in which you'll be asked to make a payment with an iTunes Gift Card.
Do not provide the numbers on the back of the card to someone you do not know.
Immediately report potential scams to your local police department as well as the FTC (
Confronting the scammer is WRONG!!! DON'T enlighten criminals with your wisdom. REPORT & BLOCK.
PHOTO VICTIM - "Do not confront the owner of the pictures, as they are victims themselves! You will only serve to further the terror and harm !" Silence Is Golden!!! I speak Polish.

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