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Senegal scammers

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:26 am
by Marisa
Have you ever got messages from the young "girls" (20-25 yo) claiming to be bisexual, from "newyork" or "alabama", with pictureless profile, or with flowers instead of a picture, saying something like: "dear, I saw your profile today on site XXX and became interested in you?" I bet you did. That's Senegal. These messages are sent to both: males and females, all ages, all locations, with pictures and without. Females usually get mad and respond "hey, I am not a lesbian", but unfortunately men occasionally get suckered.

Senegal scammers are the worst mass-mailers on the websites. If not stopped by a site's administration, they can send out hundreds, even thousands of messages in one go. They can mass-mail the entire site, both genders. They also use spamming bots.

Most sites block Senegal, but they register through proxies. They are real pests. They are everywhere, not only on the dating sites, but on friendships sites, software sites, gamers sites, they scam everything that moves: even other Africans and each other. They are the real scamming machines.

But luckily for us, they are boring, automated and predictable. Strictly speaking, it is not a romance scam, but a plain old 419. It starts as a romance scam, meaning they contact people on the dating sites and talk about relationship, even send some pictures of black girls in email, but after the first contact the scam turns into 419: "I am a poor girl presently in a refugee camp in Senegal, but inherited millions from my late father, and need help transferring them to your country. If you help me, I will be entirely yours, we will get married, be rich, and live happily ever after".

The infinity of examples of Senegal scam and how it works you can find in our Black female section. But the major initial signs are:

- no picture or flowers on profile
- location New York or "newyork", age 20-25
- bisexual
- no info in profile, or just constant repetition of some phrase, for example "am a good girl, am a good girl, am a good girl", or "i will tell you later, i will tell you later, i will tell you later"
- phrases in a message: "i became interested in you" , "i saw your profile today at (" and "Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life"

If you get anything like that, discard it as a SPAM. That's a Senegal 419 scam.