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Profile of a Nigerian scammer

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:37 am
by Pinky

I have found that some victims can actually find compassion for these turds and return to their scam with the intent of helping them anyway. This is not right and here's the reasons why:

Most scammers are between the ages of 17 and 25. The average age from my experience is 23.

They've been educated to the equivalent of a public high school education in the US. Most would be less than average students. On an IQ scale, with 70 or less being mentally impaired and 120 or above being intelligent, I would guess the average scammer's IQ to be around 100.

Keep in mind that most Africans are not educated beyond grammar school because parents have to pay for anything further. Still these boys have been given more education than the average African.

There is a lack of jobs in West Africa. These boys are middle class and expected to work. They are also not very intelligent and can't make it in better paying positions. Couple that with a lazy attitude and being raised in a culture used to being supported by charity and you get young men who won't do menial labor and expect handouts and easy money.

They often claim to be religious. Most claim to be Catholic or Christian. These are the prevalent religions that have in the past sponsored massive relief and charity campaigns in Africa so of course the recipients of that charity are going to adapt to that brand of faith in order to keep the donations and aid coming. These boys do know a little about religion and will use that knowledge generously throughout their scams, but they do NOT have the faith. This allows them to publicly speak the words and deceptively abuse all religious doctrine. There are Muslim scammers too but generally they keep their religious rhetoric to themselves because they believe westerners fear Islam.

Most scammers who are busted by their victims will eventually admit that they lied and offer to come clean because they really love you. This is ALWAYS a continuation of the scam.

The scammers rarely use the money they steal to support other family members. They buy electronics, cell phones, cars, computers, land and jewelry (not necessarily in that order). They may stimulate their economy, but they are generally greedy and self-serving.

The last brand of scammer is the neurotic, pathological liar who scams because they enjoy the power and ego trip. They are immensely insecure and have no sense of self worth other than what they feel when they successfully deceive another. They do take pleasure in knowing they cause others pain. They will excuse and justify themselves with claims of retribution for past social injustices, i.e., slavery, etc., but this is more lies they tell.

Re: Profile of a Nigerian scammer

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:04 pm
by Marisa
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