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Russian Visa-ticket scams

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 3:18 am
by Marisa
What it is about: a girl falls in love with you within few weeks of correspondence and wants to come visit you in your country. But for that she needs money for visa and tickets.

Please remember: this is ALWAYS a scam. Especially when it comes to countries where visa is very hard to obtain for young unmarried and not wealthy Russians and Ukrainians: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the countries where Schengen visa is required.

No real Russian girl will ever ask you for money or suggest to visit unknown man in his country first. You should NEVER offer it, too. Do not invite Russian girls to your country! By doing so, you are calling for trouble. If you are serious about finding a Russian girl, be prepared that you will have to visit her in her homecountry first.

This type of scam is usually pulled by Russian scammers, but some Ukrainians do it, too. The scammers are mostly young Russian males from Yoshkar Ola with pictures stolen from innocent Russian girls. They rarely use modeling pictures.

Signs of scam:

- they contact you first on a dating site and give their email address in the first message.

- the messages are written in a bad English run through an online translator making little to no sense, sometimes with few misspelled untranslated Russian words left in (i.e. negligence, being in a hurry, mass-mailing). The real girls, even with poor English skills, usually pay more attention to what they send to men.

- their profile disappears from a dating site shorty after you get their message, or is already gone. That means they were booted off by site's administration for scam and spam, or using stolen CC.

- they contact you on the sites where paid membership with a credit card is required to contact other members (i.e. using stolen CC).

- they don't read your letters and don't answer your questions, or answer in a small postscriptum at the end.

- they have TheBat! in email headers while claiming to be computer illiterate and writing from an Internet cafe

- their IP addresses don't correspond their claimed location (city or even country) or are of Yoshkar Ola, Russia or Lugansk, Ukraine

- they fall in love too quickly

- they want to come visit you in your country

- they do NOT want you to come visit them first with different excuses

- they ask for money

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