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Russian Vacation scams

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:35 am
by Marisa
This is a relatively new type of scam that started blooming since many countries opened their borders to Russians and Ukrainians, and they are now not required to get visa to visit these countries. In particular: Turkey, Egypt, Greece and several Eastern European countries.

Turkey, Greece and Egypt have some nice sea resorts very popular among Russians and Ukrainians. But... any vacation requires money. That's when foreign men become handy. As a wallet.

This type of scam is similar to pro-dating, but with a twist: the girls don't want you to come visit them in their home country, but instead offer to meet for a vacation elsewhere. Of course, everything will be on your expense, and once vacation is over, you will be dumped. Also, don't expect it to be a paradise vacation: in many cases, the girls demand separate rooms, there will be no sex, no fun, you will be lonely and miserable, paying for somebody else's fun. There were cases when men even got robbed on such vacations.

Actually, there are many Russian sites dedicated to vacation sponsoring, where Russian girls place ads about seeking a "sponsor" for a vacation. But while on Russian sites they are being quite straightforward with Russian men about "no strings attached", with foreigners they are not always honest about it. They are luring foreigners into such vacations with false promises of "serious relationship".

Beware of it. NEVER accept a Russian or Ukrainian girl's proposal to meet at some other third country for a "vacation". You are at HIGH risk to run into a vacation scammer. ALWAYS visit the girl in her home country first.

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