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Looking for news article about scam victim visited Africa

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Looking for news article about scam victim visited Africa

Postby mariko » Tue May 08, 2018 1:13 pm

I am looking for news articles from reliable sources, about what happened to the scam victims when they visited Africa after they came to know that they were being scammed by African scammers.

As far as I know what I heard from some Anti-scam activist friends, some victims may be raped, kidnapped, or killed or suffered any other negative happenings. On the other hand, I came to know a victim who came back from Ghana without any troubles and met her scammer there in Accra.

Looking for news article about scam victim visited Africa



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Re: Looking for news article about scam victim visited Africa

Postby FrumpyBB » Sun May 13, 2018 9:21 pm

Most that I have heard of have visited their scammer in West Africa after he has come through with the truth.
Which from my POV has turned the former "white male fake profiles scammer" into a visa seeker, which is nothing illegal nor immoral, so I cannot tell or judge this ;) even if there are examples that the former love scammers continued to do their trade but now from the new location.

Apart from that, one baiter from Germany has, out out of pure interest, gone to visit her (scambaited! she was not a victim) love scammer and his relative´s internet cafe, and friends and surroundings, taking them along for trips throughout Ghana in a friendly "getting to know the country" manner. This ended in a self-published book publication and is more a sociology study and a traveling book and everyone seems to have had a lovely time with no hard feelings in retrospect (let alone, arrests). This is possibly very atypical, the author claims the scammers in the cafe did not know she was their baiting victim. :)

No links at hand, I´m afraid, of victims who met the criminals in still good belief overseas. As you know, standard scam procedure is, when the victim indeed flies overseas, they meet noone and instead receive numerous "distress calls"...flying home and desillusioned (and poorer thanks to all the fake emergency calls...).

Some of former victims who are going to seek the truth in a detective manner may be spread across the various news postings but these are almost always recovery scams they are following, after replying an "email from FBI or Interpol with promises"...

The well-known report of a murdered 419 scam victim was about a US-American/Greek advance fee fraud victim who did not survive his trip to his scammers in South Africa and whose body was found burnt and mutilated in Durban; NB that was in 2004. ... r-20041231

Besides, I tend to remember only forum nicknames, so I remember TheWildGeese (Norwegian lady who flew to meet "him" at an airport in the UK as planned but which never happened and on the way home she found out...), t(h)or(h)ild (Swedish lady who actually married her own scammer, whose British relative years later reported he continued to scam and married another ....). And the baiter who wrote the book is Dana - not published in English and IMO more a travel and meeting people blog.

So, people have been there but nobody has ever met, to list a few, a real Uwe, Raven or David Young. The hope was always shattered before (even if only minutes before).

I´m not aware of any murder connected to meeting a love scammer (meaning: meeting the strangers responsible for the fake profile that the victim thought they were talking to), and cannot produce any news link here (fortunately!).

I´m sure there are love scam victims who have committed suicide...but we/non-relatives/the forum may never find out about these :(
Please try your best to block ALL your scammer´s still incoming messages and calls!

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