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Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 1:17 am
by IceFM
German TV "RTL-Extra" showed today again na Report about Romancescam through Facebook. Typical Scenario; Military Doctor in Kabul needs Money for visiting Victim in germany and for sending Parcel with personal Docs through Security company. How usual, to receive this parcel the Vics have to send Money and they've send Money......
as they didn't had Money, they're threaten from the Scammer. Also one woman lost contact to her Family coz of sending lots of money..... and she got nothing. Other woman send money through WU and as she became suspicious coz of different Adresses, they Scammer told her that they know where she lives etc.
Now this two german Vics wants to fight against Romancescammer and in this moment started the Drama...... at the first they had nothing else to do as to contact the RPO from the pics ...... he said on the Phone that almost 25 Vics called him to treat for Scams which he have never done coz Pics are stolen ......
The rest from "from her Fight against Scammer" is also naive and hair-raising .......
Shown Razzia from EEFC in Nigeria is the Standard video and immemorial

.... Report starts on the end from Min. 40 till the end (15 min.) ... 041/player