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Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:14 pm
by IceFM
..... german TV channel "RTL" shows tonight from 20:15 - 22:15!!! a Report about african Romancescammer with fake Profiles in Datingpages. "Tamer Bakiner - Der Wahrheitsjäger"


Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:40 pm
by IceFM
.... after a half Hour I switched to another Channel coz this report was too stupid and I had fed up. This "Investigator" said self that he didn't know anything about Romancescammer and had "to learn about this Business". This one have noticed that he don't have no clue. Instead to inform about "our" Business ...... :evil: :evil: :evil:
They had two older Vics and he "investigate" decided to investigate the matter on the spot and for this he selected Kenya as Scammer Stronghold Nr. 1 in the World ..... thats the first Nonsense. In all the years I never had a case from Kenya. So, he decide to travel to Kenya and to look and meet for a Scammerboss in Mombasa coz he wanted to learn the "Scammer Business". The Travel was accompanied with defamation from him about the Country. I've lived there and had my Wedding there and I know what is dangerous there but I've known this already 1996.
I've only seen in a Spot that both "Investigator" had to run away like rabbits from the Scammer ......
Half Hour was enough and it was a typical RTL-Report ..... they don't know anything about Scams and how Scammer work but they cann fill 2 hours with Nonsense and Fairytales..... atleast "Investigator" and his workmate had a nice Time on the Beach, also when they had to run away from the Scammer ..... we know since Years that they're dangerous when you interfere in her work, nevertheless where they're based. Its also a suicide order to look for them on site.
I'm sure they're cured now after this Trip and they'll be better informed and prepared next Time.