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W5 Documentary about Scam in Toronto

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W5 Documentary about Scam in Toronto

Postby IceFM » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:24 pm

.... a Newbie from Canada registered just now and mentioned as Reason to come here: w5 Documentary
after little Search; it must be this: ... -1.4663964

...add. Comment:
I've watched just now all 4 Parts of this Story. This story end up with worsed result: Suicide of the Victim. As usual, the Authorities didn't do anything coz of "Privacy" of the Victim and they need Permission ..... but how can Victim give Permission when she's dead coz she lost all and everything and 1.000.000$???????
Interesting also the Interview with the RPO as they told him that his Pics are abused and that this woman was 2 years in Love with him, lost 1 Mill. and killed herself on the end .....

.... to watch all this, one must have strong nerves and when one think that one have "seen" all things in 12 years here .... totally wrong!
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W5 Documentary about Scam in Toronto


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Re: W5 Documentary about Scam in Toronto

Postby FrumpyBB » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:25 am

W5 is a Canadian weekly TV magazine with a running time of over fifty years. I have only read the text version of it so far following the link, have not watched the series of four episodes yet but they have gone to great length researching into it. Police could not investigate the victim´s computer but a relative offered it to the TV team and they discovered chats, texts, photos and evidence that she has tried to sell everything to follow up the money demands.
The outcome of this scam is indeed tragic. The victim in Canada has committed suicide.

....add. Comment:

.....W5 didn't answer till today of my Mail to this report ....Ice
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