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Fabian Reever -

African scammers posing as military personnel.
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Fabian Reever -

Postby nana243 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:52 pm

This is a military scam. He uses different names. He said he was in the middle east. He lost his wallet with his credit card... and then please send me money i will pay you with interested... Be careful! He is a scam

He said he is a capitain in the navy. I am going to copy some of the conversation with the number:
I went to The United States Naval Academy (USNA), Annapolis.
+1 (703) 213-5370: It is a four-year coeducational federal service academy.
That’s where everything started honey, I so much love the Navy uniforms back then when I was in high school.

I said this and the account is still there!
And since we started our relationship I decided to delete my account

I lost my credit cards in the combat zone. And i cant request for a new one from here. Im just managing the little money i have with me now.

And then he sent this:

Reserve Bank of India

Dear. Mr. Reever Fabian,

Welcome to Reserve Bank of India e-mail services, you are currently in contact with Online international remittance department Private Banking Section.
We wish to inform you in person that you tried to make remittance/transfer But your operations/ transfer was automatically stop as you are required to provide TRANSFER CODE number; this is called Minimum Authorized of transfer different/Digital signature code of transfer.

All deposit funds in Online account has a COST OF TRANSFER CODE to enable effect transfer and carry out of the banking services that may be demand by customers, to enable us obtain the code for easy transfer/transaction the Minimum Authorize of transfer different/Digital signature code of transfer must be process.

We hereby bring to your notice that we received a telex notification from our system that you must make 0.02% of your total sum in question as charges for the processing/procurement of the said code, as this will enable Central Bank issued an approval for the TRANSFER CODE number for the disbursement of your funds to any of your designated account through our online banking facilities.

Furthermore, you are therefore obliged to remits payment of 0.02% of the total sum in questions($720.00 USD) which is Seven hundred and twenty united state dollars. being for the administrative/procurement Services, our respect following the fact that we do not reserve to make any form of deduction or tampering with the fund as a regard to the insurance bond policy acting on your funds. 0.02% of ($500,000.00 USD).
There also a Fidelity Bonds & Surety Bonds covering all funds unclaimed with us. This is agreement reach by the corresponding bank and we, funds may be covered by what's called a banker's blanket bond, which is a multipurpose insurance policy a bank purchases to protect itself from embezzlement and other causes of disappearing funds. The banker's blanket bond ensures that customers' funds are protected under those circumstances. You have to make the payment and scan and send copy of your payment slip to this department for have to send to us ($720.00 USD) Through western union or money gram or ria money. For Your Cost Of Transfer Code(C.O.T)

Upon this regards and confirmation of this payment been made and properly endorsed by brokers, we shall however expedite action to effect process and obtain the TRANSFER CODE immediately and proceed with the payment immediately.

Best wishes and thanking you for your kind co-operation. We, the management staff of the Reserve Bank wish to apologize for the inconvenience it might have caused you.
Your handling of this matter with utmost urgency will be highly appreciated and we thank you for Banking with us.

सादर /With regards
विदेशी मुद्रा विभाग /Foreign Exchange Department
भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक /Reserve Bank of India
नई दिल्ली /New Delhi

I was thinking maybe, you help me pay the $720, I will then transfer back to you when they fix the problem
I’m ready to pay 50% interest, there is urgent transfer I want to make
I have more than $500,000 USD in that account, and now I’m just looking for where/who will help me pay jist $720 USD



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Fabian Reever -



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Re: Reever

Postby nana243 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:24 pm

More pictures.
Military: in the middle east
Name: Fabian Reever


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